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 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1501 15x01 08/Sep/2006 Murder in the Moonlight
1502 15x02 09/Sep/2006 America Remembers: 9/11 Controllers
1503 15x03 11/Sep/2006 Flight 93
1504 15x04 13/Sep/2006 To Catch a Predator: Harris County (Part 1)
1505 15x05 13/Sep/2006 Crossing the Line
1506 15x06 15/Sep/2006 Inside the World of Infomercials
1507 15x07 22/Sep/2006 To Catch a Predator: Harris County (Part 2)
1508 15x08 23/Sep/2006 The Paris Hilton Tapes
1509 15x09 29/Sep/2006 To Catch a Predator: Petaluma (Part 1)
1510 15x10 30/Sep/2006 The Milkshake Murders (a.k.a. A Tale of Two Brothers)
1511 15x11 06/Oct/2006 To Catch a Predator: Petaluma (Part 2)
1512 15x12 07/Oct/2006 Recent School Shootings
1513 15x13 11/Oct/2006 Death on the Lake
1514 15x14 18/Oct/2006 Death & the Dentist
1515 15x15 21/Oct/2006 Circle of Friends
1516 15x16 25/Oct/2006 Family Ties
1517 15x17 01/Nov/2006 Madonna's Confessions
1518 15x18 08/Nov/2006 Fatal Attraction
1519 15x19 11/Nov/2006 Death in the Hills
1520 15x20 25/Nov/2006 Murder by Stairs
1521 15x21 02/Dec/2006 Killer Charisma
1522 15x22 09/Dec/2006 To Catch a Predator Today; Circle of Friends
1522 15x22 02/Jan/2007 The Lady in the Lake
1523 15x23 09/Jan/2007 Body of Evidence (a.k.a. Bigamy Murder)
1524 15x24 16/Jan/2007 Nevada Control Murder
1525 15x25 20/Jan/2007 Subway Pusher
1526 15x26 23/Jan/2007 Till Death Do Us Part: Murder on Hearthglow Lane
1527 15x27 30/Jan/2007 To Catch a Predator: Long Beach (Part 1)
1528 15x28 03/Feb/2007 Death and the Dentist; Tara Conner
1529 15x29 06/Feb/2007 To Catch a Predator: Long Beach (Part 2)
1530 15x30 10/Feb/2007 The Death of a Centerfold
1531 15x31 13/Feb/2007 To Catch a Predator: Murphy, Texas (Part 1)
1532 15x32 20/Feb/2007 To Catch a Predator: Murphy, Texas (Part 2)
1533 15x33 24/Feb/2007 Anna Nicole Smith: Inside the Legal Battle
1534 15x34 25/Feb/2007 Last Days of a Secret Agent (a.k.a. The Man Who Knew Too Much)
1535 15x35 27/Feb/2007 To Catch a Predator: Flagler Beach, Florida (Part 1)
1536 15x36 04/Mar/2007 How Paris Helped Solve a Crime
1537 15x37 06/Mar/2007 To Catch a Predator: Flagler Beach, Florida (Part 2)
1538 15x38 07/Mar/2007 Wild Bill: Breaking and Entering
1539 15x39 11/Mar/2007 Killer Instinct
1540 15x40 13/Mar/2007 To Catch a Predator: Behind the Scenes
1541 15x41 18/Mar/2007 Honey, You're on Hidden Camera
1542 15x42 20/Mar/2007 To Catch a Con Man: On the Trail of a Nigerian Spam Scammer
1543 15x43 25/Mar/2007 Irradiation, Gross-ceries, Download This!, 50 Shots
1544 15x44 27/Mar/2007 To Catch an ID Thief
1545 15x45 01/Apr/2007 Thief of Hearts
1546 15x46 03/Apr/2007 To Catch an ID Thief (2)
1547 15x47 07/Apr/2007 What Lies Beneath
1548 15x48 08/Apr/2007 A Deadly Mission
1549 15x49 10/Apr/2007 To Catch a Car Thief
1550 15x50 15/Apr/2007 Don Imus: After the Fall
1551 15x51 15/Apr/2007 The Deadly Case of Mr. Hyde
1552 15x52 16/Apr/2007 Tragedy at Virginia Tech
1553 15x53 17/Apr/2007 Massacre at Virginia Tech
1554 15x54 22/Apr/2007 American in Nicaraguan Jail: Unfairly Jailed?
1555 15x55 24/Apr/2007 The Great Pretender (a.k.a. Imposter)
1556 15x56 29/Apr/2007 The Man Behind the Mask
1557 15x57 01/May/2007 A Killing in Carrollton
1558 15x58 04/May/2007 Dangerous Liaisons
1559 15x59 06/May/2007 What the Camera Saw
1560 15x60 08/May/2007 Missing
1561 15x61 11/May/2007 Scenes from a Murder
1562 15x62 13/May/2007 Miracle Workers
1563 15x63 15/May/2007 Caretaker or Murderer?
1564 15x64 18/May/2007 Murder in the Moonlight (a.k.a. Shots in the Dark update)
1565 15x65 19/May/2007 Murder or Self-Defense? (a.k.a. Susan Polk update)
1566 15x66 20/May/2007 Tony Blair Interview
1567 15x67 22/May/2007 The Accused
1568 15x68 23/May/2007 Angelina Jolie: Straight from the Heart
1569 15x69 10/Jun/2007 Anatomy of a Murder Update
1570 15x70 17/Jun/2007 American in Secret Military Prison in Iraq
1571 15x71 18/Jun/2007 William & Harry
1572 15x72 20/Jun/2007 The Murders on Lovers Lane
1573 15x73 24/Jun/2007 Rescue on Roberts Ridge
1574 15x74 27/Jun/2007 Cape Fear
1575 15x75 02/Jul/2007 15 Years: A Stone Phillips Retrospective
1576 15x76 08/Jul/2007 Season 15, Episode 76
1577 15x77 09/Jul/2007 Season 15, Episode 77
1578 15x78 15/Jul/2007 Episode 78
1579 15x79 16/Jul/2007 Episode 79
1580 15x80 18/Jul/2007 To Catch an ID Thief
1581 15x81 22/Jul/2007 To Catch an ID Thief (2)
1582 15x82 23/Jul/2007 Episode 82
1583 15x83 25/Jul/2007 Internet Predators (2)
1584 15x84 29/Jul/2007 Episode 84
1585 15x85 30/Jul/2007 Episode 85
1586 15x86 01/Aug/2007 Episode 86
1587 15x87 05/Aug/2007 In the Shadow of Justice
1588 15x88 06/Aug/2007 Episode 88
1589 15x89 13/Aug/2007 Episode 89
1590 15x90 15/Aug/2007 Episode 90
1591 15x91 20/Aug/2007 Dead Men Talking
1592 15x92 22/Aug/2007 Episode 92
1593 15x93 29/Aug/2007 Episode 93
1594 15x94 31/Aug/2007 Diana: The People's Princess
1595 15x95 03/Sep/2007 Wild Bill Stanton: Watching Your Back
1596 15x96 05/Sep/2007 Episode 96
1597 15x97 10/Sep/2007 Episode 97
1598 15x98 12/Sep/2007 Phil Spector, Facing the Music

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Classification: News
Genre: Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 24, 1992
Episode Order: 39
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