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Dateline NBC Episode Guide

04x?? - 06/09/97

First aired: Jun/09/1997
Guest star: Farrah Fawcett (Herself)

1325 :13x25 - Jan 1, 2006

First aired: Jan/01/2006

Keith Morrison reports on the mysterious death of a teenager at an Arizona wilderness camp designed to give wayward teens a fresh start.

1326 :13x26 - Jan 8, 2006

First aired: Jan/08/2006

Dateline investigates the mystery of a young model turned attorney and her attorney boyfriend, who both disappeared on a boat trip. Also, Dateline goes undercover to find sexual predators on the Internet.

1327 :13x27 - The McCaughey Septuplets; 30 Year Old Rape Case; Broadway Dancer Murdered

First aired: Jan/15/2006

On November 19, 2005, they had a birthday. See how the miracle seven are doing today. Online questions are posed and answered.
Also, 30 years ago a brutal rape of a young woman; will today’s technology and DNA help bring it to a close? What does the victim think?
Finally, a young, promising actress and dancer on Broadway is killed. Who would have done this and why?

1328 :13x28 - Horror Movie Reality

First aired: Jan/20/2006

A horror story that would make a good movie if it weren’t so true. A hopeful film producer’s wife ends up murdered after the movie he and his partner/coworker is filmed.

Dennis Murphy reports tonight on a mystery with such unbelievable twists and turns that it seems more like the scary movie that might be the motivation behind the brutality. The crime scene was an apparent set up, but with real blood and a real murder.

1329 :13x29 - Supermarket Sweep; Until Death Do Us Part

First aired: Jan/22/2006

If you dare, take a tour of major supermarket chains and see what you might not usually look for. Bugs in the flour, rotting fish, even worse! An undercover investigation that will possibly change the way you shop.
Also, like many couples facing the end of their marriage, they were locked in battle pursuing their divorce. When the wife turns up dead, the husband insists it was an accident. Family and friends insist otherwise.

1330 :13x30 - Did Police Delay Help Murderer?

First aired: Jan/27/2006

1409 :14x09 - To Catch a Predator III

First aired: Feb/03/2006

Chris Hansen continues his stunning, undercover report and sting that exposes the darkest side of the internet . Throughout I and II, men repeatedly showed up for ‘dates’ arranged online with young, underage boys. Who these men were, was unbelievable. Religious leaders, school teachers, even a homeland security agent. Tonight, the story continues with even more disturbing footage and events.

1410 :14x10 - For Better or Worse, or Poison? Also: Who Killed Imette?

First aired: Mar/04/2006

Previous Dateline episodes investigated people who were involved in hiring hit men. From husbands trying to get rid of wives to women taking particular pleasure in imagining their husbands killed, the piece was disturbing and revealing. These were ordinary people who could be living next door, working in the adjoining cubicle, even working as a prison guard (as one woman was while trying to get an inmate to kill her husband, also a prison guard). Tonight’s report goes even deeper with an interview of a couple who was actually involved in such dark doings. A veteran Houston, Texas firefighter, married for 30 years, is caught on tape trying to murder his wife with poison. Tonight’s episode is a culmination of a year’s worth of those tapes and an interview with the man, Richard Thomas. Stay tuned for a surprise ending to this story.

Also tonight, criminology student Imette St. Guillen ended up a victim of a killer she would normally be studying and learning to profile. She walked out of a Manhattan bar and into the hands of a murderer.

1411 :14x11 - Murder 5 Doors Down

First aired: Mar/11/2006

When Fern Moringiello found love in middle age, it seemed all just too perfect–a million dollar home on the water and outgoing, intelligent, respected husband. But when she turns up dead, initial evidence points to him, but as you’ll see, not all things are necessarily as they seem.

1412 :14x12 - Sharon Stone & Stone Phillips

First aired: Mar/19/2006

Stone Phillips sits down at home with Sharon Stone in a revealing, amusing and serious interview. With her sequel to Basic Instinct upcoming, she has made it in a tough industry and through some incredible challenges in her personal life and is talking about it all tonight.

1413 :14x13 - Special Delivery: the Hitman Brings Roses

First aired: Mar/25/2006

Nearly 20 years ago, the wealthy husband with the younger, socialite wife, appears to be stunned and saddened by her murder in the foyer of their posh home. She lay in a pool of blood and pink roses delivered by the hitman.

1414 :14x14 - Michael Shiavo: About Terri

First aired: Mar/26/2006

For the first time since his wife’s controversial world-wide newsworthy case of having her life support ended after years of coma, Michael sits down with Dateline tonight in an exclusive interview.

1415 :14x15 - The Mystery of the Jesus Papers; also, Sole Survivor

First aired: Apr/02/2006

Author of the newest controversial book, The Jesus Papers, Michael Baigent discusses the possibility that the crucifiction of Jesus was not what it seemed to be. Having previously written Holy Blood, Holy Grail, which implied that Jesus married, Baigent is behind the lawsuit that is currently against the publishers of The Da Vinci Code (for copyright infringement.

Also part of tonight’s episode is an exclusive interview with the lone survivor of the West Virginia Mine tragedy, Randy McCloy.

1416 :14x16 - "The Mystery of the Jesus Papers" (continues)

First aired: Apr/09/2006

More from author Michael Baigent about his latest and perhaps most controversial book, The Mystery of the Jesus Papers which claim that Jesus may have survived the crucifixion.

1417 :14x17 - High School Party Injustice; Searching for Jesse James; Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali and Parkinson’s; Crash Tests

First aired: Apr/15/2006

The high school party was supposed to be another happy memory for these teens, so when a girl was raped, why did she and her family feel the system failed them?

Chris Hansen takes us on a whirlwind look back over the life and infamy of a boy who was perhaps destined to be bad when he was named Jesse James Hollywood. Now an international fugitive, he is anything but glamorous after coldblooded murder, drug deals and kidnapping.

Katie Couric sits down with Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali to discuss the latest with regard to Parkinson’s disease.

Chief Consumer correspondent, Lea Thompson, gives us the latest in Dateline’s famous auto crash tests.

1418 :14x18 - Outbreak!

First aired: Apr/23/2006

Tonight, Ann Curry takes a look at what measures are in place to deal with any possible outbreak of a virus like the bird flu. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, United Nations, University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Biosecurity and more experts are consulted and interviewed for this in-depth look at the options and safeguards in place.

1419 :14x19 - To Catch a Predator 4

First aired: Apr/26/2006

Dateline didn’t exactly know what they were uncovering when they first did this exposé. With law enforcement increasingly involved, internet predators are flocking to the bait set-up and they seem to want to explain themselves.

1420 :14x20 - A Tale of Two Sisters (a.k.a. Twin Revenge - Twin Sisters)

First aired: Apr/29/2006

One twin simply disappears and her sister resolves to find out why. Assuming the twin’s identity, what she did was not just dangerous and the stuff movies are made of, but the reason the entire mystery was solved. Keith Morrison reports.

1421 :14x21 - Angelina Jolie; How Safe is Your Salad?

First aired: Apr/30/2006

Visit Namibia, Africa with Ann Curry to take a closer look at what Angelina Jolie is doing, along with Brad Pitt, these days.

Also, as easy as they are to just pick up and tear open to serve, when you buy bagged salads, how safe are you? Lea Thompson reports.

1422 :14x22 - To Catch a Predator (continuing feature)

First aired: May/03/2006

One of Dateline’s most successful undercover sting operations has caught countless predators who troll for their victims online. Tonight, find what parents can and should be doing to protect their children. Even kids who think they’re too smart to become prey are surprised to find out who is really behind that chat room screen name. More men are caught with consistently less than creative excuses.

1423 :14x23 - Murder at Sam Donaldson's Ranch

First aired: May/06/2006

In 2004, the shocking news about a multiple murder on Sam Donaldson’s ranch stunned fans of this well-respected newsman. Of course, he wasn’t there and had nothing to do with it, but as John Larson reports tonight, the resulting trial was no less controversial than the crime.

1424 :14x24 - Cruise Control: Scientology to Katie

First aired: May/07/2006

In the year since Tom Cruise appeared jumping on Oprah’s couch and slamming the host of The Today Show for being ‘glib’, Dateline has dug in from Rome, Italy to Toledo, Ohio in an attempt to uncover answers to what people are asking, from Scientology to his relationship with Katie Holmes, as only Dateline can do, with Hoda Kotb reporting.

1425 :14x25 - To Catch a Predator (continuing feature)

First aired: May/10/2006

Dateline continues its undercover investigations into how easily internet predators reach children online. Repeatedly setting up ‘dates’ with these grown men, hidden cameras catch the (alleged) criminal’s reaction and excuses, and law enforcement laying in wait catch the (alleged) criminals.

1426 :14x26 - May 13, 2006 Missing !

First aired: May/13/2006

Stories and investigations into five different people across the U.S. who have simply disappeared.

1427 :14x27 - To Catch a Predator (Series Finale)

First aired: May/17/2006

Dateline's successful, sometimes dramatic, undercover reality series that has been working with law enforcement and internet watchdogs, wraps up tonight.

There is always the possibility that another series of these stings will be done in the future.

1428 :14x28 - Impassioned and Inspired

First aired: May/21/2006

The tables are turned on Oprah as Ann Curry interviews this talk show icon about everything from her spirituality to her status. Oprah claims that The Color Purple changed her life and continues to inspire her as it gains audiences as a Tony nominated musical.

In the ‘Earthquake’ segment, find out what steps are in place for federal reaction to the expected catastrophic earthquake in the San Francisco area. After Katrina, have rescue and relief agencies learned anything? Dateline’s Hoda Kotb teams up with the University of CA at Berkeley and historians to review previous quakes, current events and what scientists claim are sure to come.

1429 :14x29 - To Catch a Predator (Follow-up)

First aired: May/24/2006

Find out what happened to various predators caught in Chris Hansen’s infamous Dateline series that set traps across the country for grown men seeking children for encounters. Tonight, what happened to some of the men from Queens, NY, Fairfax, VA, Riverside, CA, Greenville, OH and Fort Myers, FL.

1430 :14x30 - Secrets to Breaking the Code

First aired: May/26/2006

Who better than Dateline investigators to break down the code and explore the mystery prompting the blockbuster movie, The DaVinci Code?

1431 :14x31 - Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau

First aired: Jun/02/2006

Josh Mankiewicz sits down with the odd couple trying to stretch their 15 minutes of fame into 15 years (although it’s still a bit short right now). Mary Kay was his teacher and mentor when he was just a teen. She served time in jail, but immediately upon release, despite orders to stay away from him, she not only saw him, but became pregnant by him.

Vili and his mother did the book deal and sued the school system, but quickly (reportedly) burned through any money they received. When Vili became of age, he and Mary Kay married in an astonishing twist of reality that kept tabloids very happy. Tonight, Josh Mankiewicz has what appears to be a virtually unrestricted interview with the couple who are hoping to have even more children together.

1432 :14x32 - Murder Mystery

First aired: Jun/03/2006

Hoda Kotb follows the clues and surprising twists surrounding the murder of a respected member of a good community. Her life may not have been what it seemed.

1433 :14x33 - Prescription or Poison?

First aired: Jun/04/2006

Chris Hansen, fresh off his undercover series that caught online predators across the country, now takes his hidden cameras into the drug trade–not so much the street illegals we always hear about, but the counterfeit prescription drugs that are regularly shipped to the U.S.

1434 :14x34 - Two Hour Special

First aired: Jun/11/2006

Stone Philips goes back to 2002 when Navy SEAL Neil Roberts fell out of a helicopter in a highly hostile area of Afghanistan. His chances of survival were extremely slim, but with the heroism of other U.S. soldiers and Roberts’ own determination, the story did not end the way it might have been expected to.

1435 :14x35 - Their Father the 'Father'

First aired: Jun/12/2006

After their mother commits suicide, this family never stopped asking why and looking for answers. What they’d end up finding would not only turn their own lives upside down, but the Catholic church as well.

1436 :14x36 - Britney Spears Interview Special

First aired: Jun/15/2006

An unusually candid and revealing interview with Spears, especially in light of the recent deluge of publicity surround her new baby and recent addition of a ‘manny’ (male nanny).

1437 :14x37 - Britney Spears Interview Revisited

First aired: Jun/16/2006

1441 :14x41 - To Catch a Predator: New Updates

First aired: Jun/18/2006

1442 :14x42 - Honeymoons Gone Bad

First aired: Jun/19/2006

Thirty years ago a honeymooning groom leaves his wedding bed to murder an ex-girlfriend, using his new wife as his alibi.

Also, what's the latest information on the overboard groom and why did his new wife wake up in a ship's hallway, with no idea what happened?

1443 :14x43 - The Paris Hilton Police Tapes

First aired: Jun/23/2006

1444 :14x44 - From Russia With Love

First aired: Jun/25/2006

1444 :14x44 - Web of Deceit

First aired: Jul/09/2006

One woman adopts her unborn baby to multiple couples. A Dateline sting catches her and gives the couples opportunity to confront her.

1445 :14x45 - Audrey's Story

First aired: Sep/01/2006

For Audrey Kishline, having a husband and two kids, being famously controversial for 15 minutes, and appearing as a guest on Oprah weren’t enough to protect her from her personal demons. Audrey’s journey from role model to liar to killer has brought her back to a snowy mountain pass in Washington state.

1501 :15x01 - Murder in the Moonlight

First aired: Sep/08/2006

A man is accused of killing his beautiful wife on a moonlit beach walk and then shooting himself to cover up the crime, Dennis Murphy reports.

1502 :15x02 - America Remembers: 9/11 Controllers

First aired: Sep/09/2006

NBC News will air Tom Brokaw's award-winning report, "America Remembers: 9/11 Controllers," featuring Brokaw's exclusive interview with 20 air traffic controllers from around the country who handled the hijacked planes on September 11th, 2001. On the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks, this special report broadcast these controllers speaking out for the first time about how they discovered the terrorist plot, as it was unfolding and struggled to contain it.

1503 :15x03 - Flight 93

First aired: Sep/11/2006

Marking the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, former co-anchor, Jane Pauley, returns to "Dateline," to update her 2001 report, "Flight 93." New interviews with family members who lost loved ones in the flight, and new audiotapes will be added to the report that details the heroic events on board the hijacked plane that was crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pa.

1504 :15x04 - To Catch a Predator: Harris County (Part 1)

First aired: Sep/13/2006

Chris Hansen is back with another series of reports on men who target young teenagers over the Internet.

1505 :15x05 - Crossing the Line

First aired: Sep/13/2006

In a candid interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, airing at 9 PM/ET, Debra LaFave speaks out about the 2004 criminal case that made her perhaps the most infamous school teacher in America. LaFave, the young, attractive teacher who pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious battery and is currently serving a sentence of house arrest, reveals new details to Lauer about the case and her sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student.

1506 :15x06 - Inside the World of Infomercials

First aired: Sep/15/2006

Dateline decided the best way to get inside this world was to make one ourselves, for a product that would never be sold. Introducing 'Moisturol,' a skin moisturizer. We had no scientific evidence that it works, but could we get an infomercial made anyway?

1507 :15x07 - To Catch a Predator: Harris County (Part 2)

First aired: Sep/22/2006

Chris Hansen is back with another series of reports on men who target young teens over the Internet. Next investigations take place in Georgia and Northern California.

1508 :15x08 - The Paris Hilton Tapes

First aired: Sep/23/2006

In an hour-long report, "The Paris Hilton Tapes," "Dateline" airs the never-before-heard audiotapes of Los Angeles Police Department detectives interviewing Paris Hilton as a witness, pressing her about what she knew or had been told, about the 2004 burglary of Joe Francis, the controversial creator of "Girls Gone Wild." Keith Morrison reports.

1509 :15x09 - To Catch a Predator: Petaluma (Part 1)

First aired: Sep/29/2006

Part one of Dateline's hidden camera investigation in Petaluma, Calif., on men who target young teenagers over the Internet. After chatting online about sex and then making a date, a total of 29 men show up at "Dateline's" undercover house only to be confronted by "Dateline's" Chris Hansen.

1510 :15x10 - The Milkshake Murders (a.k.a. A Tale of Two Brothers)

First aired: Sep/30/2006

Two brothers are murdered at different times and in different places, but both under strange circumstances – one after some sketchy business deals, the other after drinking a mysterious milkshake. How did the separate lives of two brothers end in murder? Dennis Murphy reports.

1511 :15x11 - To Catch a Predator: Petaluma (Part 2)

First aired: Oct/06/2006

Part two of Dateline's hidden camera investigation in Petaluma, Calif., on men who target young teenagers over the Internet. After chatting online about sex and then making a date, a total of 29 men show up at "Dateline's" undercover house only to be confronted by "Dateline's" Chris Hansen.

1512 :15x12 - Recent School Shootings

First aired: Oct/07/2006

In an NBC News exclusive, Meredith Vieira will sit down with John Michael and Ellen Keyes, the parents of Emily Keyes, the sixteen-year-old student who was tragically killed when a shooter entered her Colorado high school last month. Keyes was a student at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado where the shooting occurred. She was one of the six teenage girls taken hostage by Duane Morrison when he attacked the school on September 27.

1513 :15x13 - Death on the Lake

First aired: Oct/11/2006

Chris Hansen continues his investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a Michigan couple after a romantic boat trip on Lake Huron with a newly obtained audiotape of the last phone call made from the boat and exclusive interviews with family members who have never spoken publicly before.

1514 :15x14 - Death & the Dentist

First aired: Oct/18/2006

A woman in the midst of a bitter divorce is found shot in the head. Her family is adamant that she was murdered, but evidence suggests suicide. However, when new information is revealed about her husband's past, her grief-stricken family sees their opportunity for justice to be served. Rob Stafford reports.

1515 :15x15 - Circle of Friends

First aired: Oct/21/2006

Two girls, one boy and a twisted teen love triangle. How did jealousy among friends lead to a horrifically brutal murder? Rob Stafford reports.

1516 :15x16 - Family Ties

First aired: Oct/25/2006

Keith Morrison reports on the 2004 execution-style murder of a young chemistry scholar in Santa Barbara, Calif., and the bizarre investigation and trial that ensued. In the report, the victim’s ex-wife discusses the murder in her first televised interview.

1517 :15x17 - Madonna's Confessions

First aired: Nov/01/2006

Madonna talks in detail about her controversial adoption of a 1-year-old Malawi baby, her recent concert tour, and the continued scrutiny over her religious beliefs.

1518 :15x18 - Fatal Attraction

First aired: Nov/08/2006

Loved by many, attractive, bright and kind -- Mary Lynn Witherspoon lived a sweet, southern life anybody could envy -- until a young man obsessed by her decided to take it away. Keith Morrison reports.

1519 :15x19 - Death in the Hills

First aired: Nov/11/2006

1520 :15x20 - Murder by Stairs

First aired: Nov/25/2006

1521 :15x21 - Killer Charisma

First aired: Dec/02/2006

1522 :15x22 - To Catch a Predator Today; Circle of Friends

First aired: Dec/09/2006

1522 :15x22 - The Lady in the Lake

First aired: Jan/02/2007

1523 :15x23 - Body of Evidence (a.k.a. Bigamy Murder)

First aired: Jan/09/2007

1524 :15x24 - Nevada Control Murder

First aired: Jan/16/2007

1525 :15x25 - Subway Pusher

First aired: Jan/20/2007

1526 :15x26 - Till Death Do Us Part: Murder on Hearthglow Lane

First aired: Jan/23/2007

1527 :15x27 - To Catch a Predator: Long Beach (Part 1)

First aired: Jan/30/2007

1528 :15x28 - Death and the Dentist; Tara Conner

First aired: Feb/03/2007

1529 :15x29 - To Catch a Predator: Long Beach (Part 2)

First aired: Feb/06/2007

1530 :15x30 - The Death of a Centerfold

First aired: Feb/10/2007

1531 :15x31 - To Catch a Predator: Murphy, Texas (Part 1)

First aired: Feb/13/2007

1532 :15x32 - To Catch a Predator: Murphy, Texas (Part 2)

First aired: Feb/20/2007

1533 :15x33 - Anna Nicole Smith: Inside the Legal Battle

First aired: Feb/24/2007

1534 :15x34 - Last Days of a Secret Agent (a.k.a. The Man Who Knew Too Much)

First aired: Feb/25/2007

1535 :15x35 - To Catch a Predator: Flagler Beach, Florida (Part 1)

First aired: Feb/27/2007

1536 :15x36 - How Paris Helped Solve a Crime

First aired: Mar/04/2007

1537 :15x37 - To Catch a Predator: Flagler Beach, Florida (Part 2)

First aired: Mar/06/2007

1538 :15x38 - Wild Bill: Breaking and Entering

First aired: Mar/07/2007

1539 :15x39 - Killer Instinct

First aired: Mar/11/2007

1540 :15x40 - To Catch a Predator: Behind the Scenes

First aired: Mar/13/2007

1541 :15x41 - Honey, You're on Hidden Camera

First aired: Mar/18/2007

1542 :15x42 - To Catch a Con Man: On the Trail of a Nigerian Spam Scammer

First aired: Mar/20/2007

1543 :15x43 - Irradiation, Gross-ceries, Download This!, 50 Shots

First aired: Mar/25/2007

1544 :15x44 - To Catch an ID Thief

First aired: Mar/27/2007

1545 :15x45 - Thief of Hearts

First aired: Apr/01/2007

1546 :15x46 - To Catch an ID Thief (2)

First aired: Apr/03/2007

1547 :15x47 - What Lies Beneath

First aired: Apr/07/2007

1548 :15x48 - A Deadly Mission

First aired: Apr/08/2007

1549 :15x49 - To Catch a Car Thief

First aired: Apr/10/2007

1550 :15x50 - Don Imus: After the Fall

First aired: Apr/15/2007

1551 :15x51 - The Deadly Case of Mr. Hyde

First aired: Apr/15/2007

1552 :15x52 - Tragedy at Virginia Tech

First aired: Apr/16/2007

1553 :15x53 - Massacre at Virginia Tech

First aired: Apr/17/2007

1554 :15x54 - American in Nicaraguan Jail: Unfairly Jailed?

First aired: Apr/22/2007

1555 :15x55 - The Great Pretender (a.k.a. Imposter)

First aired: Apr/24/2007

1556 :15x56 - The Man Behind the Mask

First aired: Apr/29/2007

1557 :15x57 - A Killing in Carrollton

First aired: May/01/2007

1558 :15x58 - Dangerous Liaisons

First aired: May/04/2007

Dateline NBC investigates the life of Victoria Corderi, a wealthy socialite who has been accused of having one of her lovers murder another one of her lovers.

1559 :15x59 - What the Camera Saw

First aired: May/06/2007

1560 :15x60 - Missing

First aired: May/08/2007

1561 :15x61 - Scenes from a Murder

First aired: May/11/2007

1562 :15x62 - Miracle Workers

First aired: May/13/2007

1563 :15x63 - Caretaker or Murderer?

First aired: May/15/2007

1564 :15x64 - Murder in the Moonlight (a.k.a. Shots in the Dark update)

First aired: May/18/2007

1565 :15x65 - Murder or Self-Defense? (a.k.a. Susan Polk update)

First aired: May/19/2007

1566 :15x66 - Tony Blair Interview

First aired: May/20/2007

1567 :15x67 - The Accused

First aired: May/22/2007

1568 :15x68 - Angelina Jolie: Straight from the Heart

First aired: May/23/2007

1569 :15x69 - Anatomy of a Murder Update

First aired: Jun/10/2007

A death row case is re-examined in light of new evidence. Reported by Keith Morrison.

1570 :15x70 - American in Secret Military Prison in Iraq

First aired: Jun/17/2007

Five stories are covered in this two-hour episode: an American named Donald Vance was held in a secret military prison in Iraq for 97 days; Steve Carell discusses his new movie Evan Almighty; a Seattle mother thinks her estranged husband is stalking her, and the mystery of how he is doing it is solved; the Vietnamese American community in New Orleans have had great success recovering from Hurricane Katrina; and a homeless, uninsured 63-year-old woman is dropped off on the streets by a hospital.

1571 :15x71 - William & Harry

First aired: Jun/18/2007

Matt Lauer has the first American interview with Prince William and Prince Harry. Topics include the 10th anniversary of the death of their mother, Princess Diana; and their thoughts on America.

1572 :15x72 - The Murders on Lovers Lane

First aired: Jun/20/2007

Stone Phillips reports from Florence, Italy on how a best-selling American author found himself under investigation in Italy's most notorious unsolved murder case.

1573 :15x73 - Rescue on Roberts Ridge

First aired: Jun/24/2007

In March 2002, during a battle called Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan, a Navy Seal named Neil Roberts fell from a helicopter as it attempted to land on a mountaintop controlled by al Qaeda fighters. "Rescue On Roberts Ridge" is the story of the soldiers who were sent in to find Roberts and bring him home. Reported by Stone Phillips, the two-hour, award-winning broadcast presents a minute-by-minute account of what those soldiers faced when their own chopper was shot down and for the first time on television, viewers will be able to watch, just as the U.S. commanders did that day, spy plane footage of the downed chopper as the enemy closed in.

1574 :15x74 - Cape Fear

First aired: Jun/27/2007

Correspondent Dennis Murphy travels to Cape Cod to investigate the mysterious January 2002 murder of single mother and fashion writer Christa Worthington.

1575 :15x75 - 15 Years: A Stone Phillips Retrospective

First aired: Jul/02/2007

A retrospective on the journalistic endeavors of Stone Phillips reflecting on the anchor's memorable interviews, past stories and hard-hitting investigations during his 15 years of “Dateline NBC” reporting.

1576 :15x76 - Season 15, Episode 76

First aired: Jul/08/2007

Ann Curry examines the mysterious November 2006 poisoning death of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko. Curry's report includes an interview with Litvinenko's widow, Marina. Also: Dennis Murphy scrutinizes the case of a U.S. woman who vanished after becoming involved with an Englishman who claimed to be a secret agent.

1577 :15x77 - Season 15, Episode 77

First aired: Jul/09/2007

Correspondent Keith Morrison studies the case of Matthew Winkler, a small-town Tennessee preacher who was killed in March 2006.

1578 :15x78 - Episode 78

First aired: Jul/15/2007

Keith Morrison chronicles how a former San Diego youth minister materialized as the main suspect in his wife's vanishing. In a second report, secrets bubble to the surface in a tight-knit community when a popular woman goes missing. Hoda Kotb reports.

1579 :15x79 - Episode 79

First aired: Jul/16/2007

Correspondent Natalie Morales journeys to Knoxville to conduct an interview with Eric McLean, who is charged in the March 2007 shooting death of his teacher wife's alleged student lover.

1580 :15x80 - To Catch an ID Thief

First aired: Jul/18/2007

Part 1 of 2. Correspondent Chris Hansen investigates alleged Internet predators in a hidden-camera report from Ocean County, N.J.

1581 :15x81 - To Catch an ID Thief (2)

First aired: Jul/22/2007

In the investigation “To Catch an ID Thief,” correspondent Chris Hansen reports on identity theft and attempts to expose an alleged global ID-theft ring.

1582 :15x82 - Episode 82

First aired: Jul/23/2007

Hoda Kotb journeys to idyllic Nantucket, Mass., to report on a fairy-tale courtship that was shattered by murder. Included: the ensuing trial.

1583 :15x83 - Internet Predators (2)

First aired: Jul/25/2007

The conclusion of correspondent Chris Hansen's investigation of alleged Internet predators in Ocean County, N.J.

1584 :15x84 - Episode 84

First aired: Jul/29/2007

Meredith Vieira journeys to Scotland to conduct an interview with J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter book series. Rowling addresses the Potter craze and her life before the fame of Potter. In addition, Chris Hansen provides a hidden-camera exposé on the global counterfeit prescription-drug trade.

1585 :15x85 - Episode 85

First aired: Jul/30/2007

Correspondent Keith Morrison analyzes the attempted murder of a mother of three, who was left paralyzed after being shot by an alleged hired hit man in October 1997.

1586 :15x86 - Episode 86

First aired: Aug/01/2007

Chris Hansen provides a high-tech, hidden-camera report on iPod thievery and the perpetrators behind the crimes.

1587 :15x87 - In the Shadow of Justice

First aired: Aug/05/2007

“In the Shadow of Justice” analyzes the case of David Lemus, whose conviction in the November 1990 murder of New York City nightclub bouncer Marcus Peterson was overturned in 2005.

1588 :15x88 - Episode 88

First aired: Aug/06/2007

Dennis Murphy chronicles the life, cross-country travels and alleged criminal exploits of a mother of three with various aliases.

1589 :15x89 - Episode 89

First aired: Aug/13/2007

Hoda Kotb files a report on a woman who went to valiant measures to protect her family from a former boyfriend.

1590 :15x90 - Episode 90

First aired: Aug/15/2007

Correspondent Keith Morrison investigates the mysterious 2006 vanishing of John Elwin, a Hawaii-based businessman.

1591 :15x91 - Dead Men Talking

First aired: Aug/20/2007

In “Dead Men Talking,” correspondent Victoria Corderi joins Louisville detectives and medical examiners as they utilize forensic technology to investigate various crimes scenes.

1592 :15x92 - Episode 92

First aired: Aug/22/2007

Correspondent Dennis Murphy examines the stabbing death of an Iowa pediatrician.

1593 :15x93 - Episode 93

First aired: Aug/29/2007

1594 :15x94 - Diana: The People's Princess

First aired: Aug/31/2007

In “Diana: The People's Princess,” Hoda Kotb files a report on Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-97) on the 10th anniversary of her death.

1595 :15x95 - Wild Bill Stanton: Watching Your Back

First aired: Sep/03/2007

In “Wild Bill Stanton: Watching Your Back,” security consultant Bill Stanton explores measures for protection against various crime

1596 :15x96 - Episode 96

First aired: Sep/05/2007

Keith Morrison journeys to Buffalo to explore the September 2006 murder of Joan Diver, a mother of four.

1597 :15x97 - Episode 97

First aired: Sep/10/2007

Dennis Murphy offers a study of the brutal July 2007 home-invasion murders of a mother and her two daughters in Cheshire, Conn.

1598 :15x98 - Phil Spector, Facing the Music

First aired: Sep/12/2007

Correspondent Keith Morrison explores the crime case of Phil Spector, updating developments in the famed music producer's trial. Spector is charged in the February 2003 shooting death of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson at his California home.

Matt Lauer Reports: Senator Larry Craig

First aired: Oct/16/2007

Dateline NBC speaks with Larry Craig and Suzanna Craig; the couple have been devastated ever since Larry Craig filed a guilty plea in relation to him soliciting sex in an airport restroom. The two of them share their personal stories and attempt to explain just what happened, as well as how they’ve coped with the harassment that they’ve received since the story broke.

1599 :16x02 - SU1705

First aired: Oct/28/2007

Matt Lauer provides an overview of the 2007 film “American Gangster,” a 1970s-era crime drama depicting the life of crime kingpin Frank Lucas. The report features interviews with the film's stars, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, plus director Ridley Scott, producer Brian Grazer, the real-life Lucas and real-life lawman Richie Roberts.

1602 :16x03 - WE1712

First aired: Dec/12/2007

Ann Curry's 11th report on Iowa's McCaughey septuplets features a visit with the children and their parents, Kenny and Bobbi. The siblings were born Nov. 19, 1997. Topics include the children's views on family, school, friendship, religion and world events.

1603 :16x04 - FRI1713

First aired: Dec/21/2007

Hoda Kotb interviews Drew Peterson, the former police officer swirling at the center of an investigation into the October 2007 vanishing of his wife, Stacy. In addition, Dennis Murphy and profiler Clint Van Zandt journey to Italy to study the November 2007 murder of 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher.

1604 :16x05 - FRI1714

First aired: Dec/28/2007

Stone Phillips oversees a two-year investigation into the black-market trade of fraudulent passports and ID papers. In addition, Chris Hansen corners alleged Internet stalkers in Bowling Green, Ky., in the 12th edition of "To Catch a Predator."

1605 :17x01 - Going for Gold

First aired: Jan/13/2008

Matt Lauer previews the 65th annual Golden Globe Award show, featuring interviews with nominees James McAvoy, Sally Field, Ellen Page, Amy Adams, Kyra Sedgwick, William Shatner, Nikki Blonsky and Patricia Arquette, among others. Kathy Griffin adds commentary to the proceedings.

1606 :17x02 - SU1717

First aired: Jan/20/2008

An investigation of global adoption scams is conducted by Victoria Corderi. Also, an interview with Eric Volz, who's conviction was overturned in December 2007, after being locked up in Nicaragua for the November 2006 slayhing of his girlfriend.

1607 :17x03 - FRI1722

First aired: Feb/22/2008

A look at the ever changing case of Natalee Holloway, a teen who disappeared in Aruba while on a cruise in 2005. Features interviews with Holloway's parents, as well as a Holloway friend and the leader of the search party.

1608 :17x04 - FRI1723

First aired: Feb/29/2008

An investigation of a missing woman and the evidence points to her husband as the prime suspect. Also, an investigation of a man who was charged with murder and the disappeared as a fugitive.

1609 :17x05 - 10 Scariest Escapes From Death

First aired: Mar/02/2008

A look at harrowing stories of survival caught on videotape is the feature of Hoda Kotb's report on the "10 Scariest Escapes From Death." Also, the case of Madeline McCann, a British girl who disappeared while on a family vacation in May of 2007.

1610 :17x06 - FRI1724

First aired: Mar/07/2008

A South Carolina teen, Elizabeth Shoaf, recalls the terrorizing details of her September 2006 abduction and being held captive in a booby trapped bunker.

1611 :17x07 - FRI1725

First aired: Mar/14/2008

a look at the 2005 stabbing death of Adam Anhang, a Canadian executive, and his father's arduous request for justice. Also, a father's search for his missing 3 year old.

1612 :17x08 - SU1725

First aired: Mar/16/2008

An updated story of the conjoined twins Charity and Kathleen Lincoln. Also, a killer is tracked down by using the children of the murder victim.

1613 :17x09 - FRI1726

First aired: Mar/21/2008

A young man who had once been declared dead by doctors, makes a remarkable recovery.

1614 :17x10 - FRI1726

First aired: Mar/28/2008

Two families face their own tragedies when their teen daughters are involved in a car crash, killing one and seriously injuring the other, and leading to an amazingly, shocking story.

1615 :17x11 - SU1727

First aired: Mar/30/2008

A look at ten of the most shocking crimes which were caught on tape, reeled off by Hoda Kotb.

1616 :17x12 - Fri1728

First aired: Apr/04/2008

1617 :17x13 - SU1728

First aired: Apr/06/2008

A look into the life and career of Britney Spears, as told by family friends, reporters and paparazzi, along with Spears' former band director.

1618 :17x14 - Tricks of the Trade

First aired: Apr/13/2008

Questionable insurance schemes played against senior citizens are investigated by correspondent Chris Hanson with the use of a hidden camera.

1619 :17x15 - Fr1730

First aired: Apr/18/2008

1620 :17x16 - SU1730

First aired: Apr/20/2008

This episode will feature green-themed stories, including a detailed report on the snow melting in the mountains of Bolivia. Also, a segment which compares a pair of families, one which uses green products and another which has stuck with the conventional commodities. Also, a look at refurbishing mattresses.

1621 :17x17 - Fr1731

First aired: Apr/25/2008

1622 :17x18 - SU1731

First aired: Apr/27/2008

Keith Morrison interviews members of the Yearning for Zion polygamist ranch in Texas. The ranch house was raided on April 3 after learning of alleged abuse.

1623 :17x19 - Fr1732

First aired: May/02/2008

A group of wannabe models signed up and performed the grueling physical challenges and off camera interactions for a reality show which they later discovered was only a hoax.

1624 :17x20 - SU1732

First aired: May/04/2008

Celebrities shocking behavior caught on tape is the feature of this report by correspondent Hoda Kotb.

1625 :17x21 - Fr1733

First aired: May/09/2008

Recalling the 1990 shooting death of a Michigan comic book store owner, Barbara George. Dennis Murphy chronicles the progress of the case, resulting in a suspect in the murder and a subsequent trail.

1626 :17x22 - Fr1734

First aired: May/16/2008

1627 :17x23 - SU1734

First aired: May/18/2008

Hoda Kotb takes a look at the best known video footage of UFO's.

1628 :17x24 - MO1735

First aired: May/19/2008

A look at a newlywed bride who drowned in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia while on a dive during her honeymoon.

1629 :17x25 - Fr1735

First aired: May/23/2008

Mike Taibbi explores a cold case dealing with the May 1981 shooting death of a Minnesota mother. Included is interviews with her children. Also, a story about a group of college students who made a documentary about a murder from decades ago which caused the authorities to re-examine the cold case.

1630 :17x26 - SU1735

First aired: May/25/2008

Keith Morrison reports on a former Vietnam vet who is devoting his time in helping returning soldiers from the war in Iraq cope with their psychological scars. Also, Dennis Murphy revisits a case in which a pair of brothers had both died of strange circumstances and at different times and locations.

1631 :17x27 - MO1736

First aired: May/26/2008

Bethany Correira, was a 21 year old college student who disappeared in Alaska, and chronicles the local detectives hopes of closing this cold case.

1632 :17x28 - FR1737

First aired: May/30/2008

A detailed look at six women caught on tape as they try to hire men posing as hit men. A second report is an investigation about a missing aircraft mechanic.

1633 :17x29 - SU1736 Terror at the Mall / The Case of the South Hill Rapist

First aired: Jun/01/2008

Dennis Murphy reports on the police investigation into a series of high-profile mysterious crimes where some victims were carjacked from a high-end mall in Boca Raton, and others last seen at the mall were later found murdered. In a rare on-camera interview, the second victim comes out from behind the shadows for the first time to speak out about what happened to her in August 2007 at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton. Then, police are on a desperate hunt to find a serial rapist as woman after woman are being brutally raped in the town of Spokane, Wash., almost 40 victims in all. Is it the work of one predator who strikes and vanishes? After years of searching, one woman is finally able to identify her attacker, but can they prove he was really the infamous South Hill Rapist? Sara James reports.

1634 :17x30 - FR1738 The Detective's Daughter / The Hunt for The Missing Marine

First aired: Jun/06/2008

A profile of the disappearance and death of Marine lance corporal Maria Lauterbach, including interviews with her friends and family. Also, a look at the effectiveness of the 911 system, featuring the kidnapping of a mother.

1635 :17x31 - SU1737

First aired: Jun/08/2008

Keith Morrison features a cold case detective from Buffalo, who is dedicated himself to proving the wrongly accused.

1636 :17x32 - FR1739

First aired: Jun/13/2008

1637 :17x33 - MO1739

First aired: Jun/16/2008

An investigative search for Los Angeles homicide detectives as they look for numerous young women who may have become the victim of a predator.

1638 :17x34 - FR1740

First aired: Jun/20/2008

A story about the lengths law enforcement officers are going to in protecting a woman who has been threatened by her imprisoned husband to be killed by a hitman. Also, two women tell their accounts of a series of killing in which occurred decades earlier.

1639 :17x35 - SU1739

First aired: Jun/22/2008

An investigation behind the late night murder of a young man and how the secrets of his marriage were subsequently bared. An interview is conducted with the woman who's name keeps swirling around the case.

1640 :17x36 - FR1741

First aired: Jun/27/2008

1641 :17x37 - SU1740

First aired: Jun/29/2008

A recount of the "10 Scariest Escapes from Death" which had been caught on video. Also, an investigation of a woman who fell from a 140 foot cliff at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan, June 2006.

1642 :17x38 - FR1742

First aired: Jul/04/2008

An exploration of the increase of deadly tornadoes which have hit the U.S. so far in 2008, including a look at the early warning system for severe weather.

1643 :17x39 - SU1741

First aired: Jul/06/2008

Chris Hansen reveals a number of remarkable calls to 911. Also, an investigation of a missing young soccer mom now that evidence has come to the surface.

1644 :17x40 - Mo1742

First aired: Jul/07/2008

The story of a scuba diving couple who found themselves stranded on the open waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef for over 19 hours.

1645 :17x41 - FR1743

First aired: Jul/11/2008

A report on 2 marriages which ended with a murder, in which all were caused by one single incident.

1646 :17x42 - You Might Be Rich

First aired: Jul/14/2008

A look at the world of unclaimed funds. The gang explains that many Americans are unaware of money that they may rightfully own, such as unclaimed funds, old bank accounts and forgotten stocks. Includes the stories of four families who found surprising windfalls.

1647 :17x43 - FR1744

First aired: Jul/18/2008

Handsome, multi-millionaire Ted Ammon, went through a nasty divorce and ended up beaten to death in his East Hampton cottage. There are a pair of suspects. One is a complete stranger from the beach and the other is Danny Pelosi, the victim's ex-wife's new boyfriend. Next, a report on the international manhunt for Fredrick David Russell, who disappeared just before going to trial for vehicular manslaughter.

1648 :17x44 - SU1743

First aired: Jul/20/2008

A story about an unusual friendship which arose between two women after one woman was hired to kill the other.

1649 :17x45 - Mo1744

First aired: Jul/21/2008

A look at the jobs that are done by tower climbers, including climbing high to install and maintain high tech communications towers for cell phones, internet and broadcast systems. Also, meet a crew boss who is a single mother and a former cheerleader.

1650 :17x46 - FR1745

First aired: Jul/25/2008

1651 :17x47 - Mo1745

First aired: Jul/28/2008

A presentation of 10 dramatic, white knuckle rescues which were made.

1652 :17x48 - FR1746

First aired: Aug/01/2008

The recap of a story an eccentric multi-millionaire real estate heir who was acquitted of murder charges. Also, a look at a Long Island psychiatrist who was believed to have plotted to kill a number of patients.

1653 :17x49 - SU1746

First aired: Aug/03/2008

A look inside of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection bureau, as they take care of America's defense against terrorism, drug smugglers and illegal immigration.

1654 :17x50 - FRI1750

First aired: Sep/05/2008

Dennis Murphy reports on hedge fund manager's case who was allegedly involved in fraud and then disappeared.

1655 :17x51 - FRI1751

First aired: Sep/12/2008

An investigation of the cases of two men who both claim to be a member of the Rockefeller family, and both have had run ins with the law. Included is a jail house interview with one of the men.

1656 :17x52 - MO1752

First aired: Sep/15/2008

A report from London chronicles the stoppage of an alleged large scoped terrorist plot. Included is a detailed report of the global investigation which stopped it, interviews with both British and American officials, and the efforts used to end recruitment by terrorist groups.

1657 :17x53 - FRI1752

First aired: Sep/19/2008

An interview with Eric McLean, who killed his student-teacher wife's 18 year old lover, in a March 2007 shooting. Also, a report of a Seattle prosecutor.

1658 :18x01 - FR1811 The Mystery of Meredith's Murder

First aired: Dec/05/2008

The case of a US college student who was charged with the murder of her British housemate while studying in Italy.

1659 :18x02 - FR1812 When Caylee Vanished

First aired: Dec/12/2008

Dennis Murphy discusses the case which has occupied the headlines this week, Caylee Anthony's disappearance from back in July 2008. A talk is had with Caylee's grandparents concerning the findings this week and their daughter's possible involvement.

1660 :18x03 - FR1813 The Evictors/Rick Warren/Missing No More/Along Came a Spider

First aired: Dec/19/2008

Author/Evangelical pastor Rick Warren is interviewed about his book and political views, along with his recent family crisis. Then, a look at families who have been effected by the recent housing crisis. Lastly, a murder investigation arises from a widows suspicious behavior.

1661 :18x04 - FR1815 Killer Instinct

First aired: Jan/02/2009

1662 :18x05 - FR1816 Deadly Deception (aka Accused Radio Host)

First aired: Jan/09/2009

1663 :18x06 - FR1817 Miracle on the Hudson: What Went Right

First aired: Jan/16/2009

A minute-by-minute look at the landing of US Airways flight 1549 in New York's Hudson River. Includes interviews with some of the survivors and their rescuers.

1664 :18x07 - SU1817 This Moment, This Time/10 Inspiring Everyday Heroes

First aired: Jan/18/2009

Ann Curry takes a glimpse at what President Barack Obama will have in front of him when he takes office, through insights from pundits, scholars and newsmakers. Plus, Hoda Kotb reports on everyday heroes in the second installment.

1665 :18x08 - FR1818 Deadly Dealing

First aired: Jan/23/2009

Chris Hansen investigates female college student became a drug informant and was killed during a botched drug bust.

1666 :18x09 - SU1818 10 Most Incredible Close Calls/Beyond the Sea (Update)

First aired: Jan/25/2009

Hoda Kotbe introduces 10 near death experiences, all caught live on camera. The extremely close calls include a child getting stuck between huge boulders, a base jump gone horribly wrong, a roof top fire rescue, a girl trapped under concrete, another girl - and then her rescuer - trapped under ice, an aircrew man sucked into a friggin' jet engine, a sinking cruise ship and a diver stuck in a shark cage WITH an 18 foot Great White!. In the second hour, Keith Morrison reviews the case of Olivia Newton John's missing boyfriend, Patrick McDermott. But was his disappearance due to falling overboard, committing suicide, or faking his own death in order to avoid court proceedings brought by an ex-wife? Also, the husband-and-wife team that owns the fishing boat McDermott supposedly fell from speaks about Patrick for the first time.

1667 :18x10 - FR1819 Fighting For Sean

First aired: Jan/30/2009

Meridith Vieira investigates a case of global kidnapping which has affected a New Jersey community.

1668 :18x11 - FR1820 Justice For Sparkle

First aired: Feb/06/2009

Justice For Sparkle

1669 :18x12 - SU1820 The Run of His Life/Where's the Money/Life in the Corner Office

First aired: Feb/08/2009

Chris Hansen takes a closer look at the financial bailout package from the government which is hoping with give a jump-start to the economy. Also included is the measures which are being implemented to keep people from abusing the stimulus money.

1670 :18x13 - TU1821 The Octuplets' Mother: Her Story

First aired: Feb/10/2009

An interview by Ann Curry with the mother who recently gave birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman on Jan. 26, shedding light on her headline grabbing story.

1671 :18x14 - FR1821 Deadly Affair

First aired: Feb/13/2009

Correspondent Josh Mankiewicz follows officials as they track down a killer of a wife and mother. The investigation goes back and forth as her husband and daughter have different views on what happened.

1672 :18x15 - SU1821 10 Wild Rides/Escape From Brushy Mountain

First aired: Feb/15/2009

Chris Hanson shows us ten of the most death-defying moments which were caught on film, including a daredevil's crash and a skier taking on an avalanche. Then, a camping trip in Virginia turns into a frightening test of survival.

1673 :18x16 - FR1822 Deadly Sanctuary

First aired: Feb/20/2009

An investigative report on the death of a female parishioner inside the office of the county church, which shocked the congregation and left them suspicious to why this happened. Was this death a murder or maybe a suicide? Correspondent Keith Morrison reports.

1674 :18x17 - SU1822 Black Box Mystery: The Crash of the Concorde/Reality Bites (Update)

First aired: Feb/22/2009

Peter Greenberg examines the deadly flight of the supersonic Concorde which came down in France, killing all 113 on board on July 2000. Complete with first hand accounts, the report looks into the controversies which still surround the crash today. Also, Chris Hanson gives his report on a reality show which had gone wrong.

1675 :18x18 - FR1823 Mystery on a Moonlit Road

First aired: Feb/27/2009

After discovering an old family secret, a woman decides to research the details of her father's murder from decades earlier.

1676 :18x19 - FR1824 With Friends Like These

First aired: Mar/06/2009

Correspondent Keith Morrison reports on what happened when some L.A. down-and-out men met up with a pair of elderly ladies known for helping the homeless, and something else.

1677 :18x20 - FR1825 Deadly Dreams

First aired: Mar/13/2009

Keith Morrison investigates the claims that a sleepwalking man killed his paramour.

1678 :18x21 - SU1825 Fighting For Sean Update/George Clooney on Dafur/Michael Phelps Interview

First aired: Mar/15/2009

Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps is interviewed by Matt Lauer. Also, Ann Curry chats with George Clooney about his cause of ending the Dafur crisis while on a trip to the border of Chad and Sudan. Plus, Meridith Vieira reflects on a father's struggles to bring his son to the U.S. from Brazil.

1679 :18x22 - FR1826 Flying High at Cocktail Cove

First aired: Mar/20/2009

A report about Michael Schrenker, a financial advisor who faked his own death in January 2009, after being charged with financial fraud, by deliberately ditching the airplane he was piloting.

1680 :18x23 - SU1826 Inside The Financial Fiasco: Mortgage Madness

First aired: Mar/22/2009

Correspondent Chris Hanson begins the first of a three part series on the recent economic crisis. This report will explore the bad effects of a risky home loan. This story is punctuated with insight from insiders and those who told of the wrongdoings.

1681 :18x24 - FR1827 Inside the Financial Fiasco: Debt Trap

First aired: Mar/27/2009

Part two of Chris Hanson's three part of his economic reports. Today's report follows families who are on the edge of bankruptcy and exposes shady illegal activities allegedly used by some collection agency.

1682 :18x25 - SU1827 10 Most Incredible Close Calls (2)

First aired: Mar/29/2009

Originally scheduled Part 3 of Inside The Financial Fiasco (see SU1828) did not air. Instead, Hoda Kotbe re-introduces 10 near death experiences, all caught live on camera. The extremely close calls include a child getting stuck between huge boulders, a base jump gone horribly wrong, a roof top fire rescue, a girl trapped under concrete, another girl - and then her rescuer - trapped under ice, an aircrew man sucked into a friggin' jet engine, a sinking cruise ship and a diver stuck in a shark cage WITH an 18 foot Great White!. (Original Airdate: January 25, 2009. SU1818)

1683 :18x26 - FR1828 Death of a Heartsong

First aired: Apr/03/2009

Keith Morrison explores how a murder ripped apart a seemingly happy couples marriage.

1684 :18x27 - SU1828 Inside the Financial Fiasco: Promises, Promises

First aired: Apr/05/2009

Chris Hansen concludes his three part series on the recent financial crisis with a look at the unsavory sales schemes which prey upon vulnerable customers.

1685 :18x28 - FR1829 Unsolved Case Squad

First aired: Apr/10/2009

Correspondent Josh Mankiewicz and a team of investigators attempt to crack a pair of murder cases.

1686 :18x29 - SU1829 Dystonia/Model School Scam/The Mysterious Music Man

First aired: Apr/12/2009

First, Hoda Kotb reports on how 13-year-old Sam Gladen battled a medical mystery - Dystonia - and decides to undergo brain surgery. Then, Chris Hanson files an undercover report which scrutinizes a modeling company. Plus, Dennis Murphy investigates a scam from on online-dating company based in Philadelphia.

1687 :18x30 - FR1830 Disappearance at the Dairy Queen

First aired: Apr/17/2009

Dennis Murphy reports on how devoted a policeman and his intern were to solve the mysterious disappearance of a young Michigan girl.

1688 :18x31 - FR1831 A Long, Dark Stretch of Road

First aired: Apr/24/2009

Dennis Murphy investigates a case where a lawyer was injured after being shot and his wife was killed on a darkened road in Westchester County, NY.

1689 :18x32 - SU1831 A Step Too Far/You Might Be Rich (1)

First aired: Apr/26/2009

Money lays in state treasuries all over the country as unclaimed funds. Tiki Barber sets out to help return some of this property to it's rightful owners. In addition, Sara James profiles an Arctic adventurer.

1690 :18x33 - FR1832 The Surfer & The Bird Rock Bandits

First aired: May/01/2009

The death of a 24-year old surfer is investigated by Keith Morrison.

1691 :18x34 - SU1832 You Might Be Rich! (2)/How Lucky Can You Get?

First aired: May/03/2009

An unsuspecting family learn from Donald Trump and Tiki Barber that they are recipients of a large sum of unclaimed money. Also, Chris Hansen tests California lottery retailers to see whether they are complying or not.

1692 :18x35 - FR1833 Your Cheating Heart/Deadly Suspicion

First aired: May/08/2009

Hoda Kotb looks into the subject of infidelity, and whether some men and women are born to cheat. Also, Dennis Murphy investigates the January 2008 disappearance of a woman vacationing in the Caribbean.

1693 :18x36 - SU1833 Kevin Johnson, Mayor/Macy the Racer/Tesla Motors/Agape World Inc./Maria Lauterbach update/Ikaria island

First aired: May/10/2009

First, an interview with Kevin Johnson, NBA star turned Mayor of Sacramento. Next, a profile of Macy Causey, an 8-year-old 3rd generation race car driver. Plus, a look at Tesla Motors electric cars. Then, Chris Hanson examines a smaller Ponzi scheme affecting everyday people (Nicholas Cosmo, Agape World Inc.). Then, an update on murdered marine Maria Lauterbach. Finally, Hoda Kotb visits the island of Ikaria, where residents live long and healthy lives.

1694 :18x37 - FR1834 The Party's Over

First aired: May/15/2009

Authorities are puzzled when a woman disappears from the Caribbean vacation home she and her husband built in an attempt to heal their marital woes. Dennis Murphy investigates.

1695 :18x38 - SU1834 Afghan Education/Cody McCasland, Hero/Slumdog Stars/Farrah's Story update/The Last Dance

First aired: May/17/2009

First, Ann Curry examines the efforts being made to educate women in Afghanistan. Next, Keith Morrison introduces us to Cody McCasland, a 7-year old who had both his legs amputated above the knee. Also, an update of the child actors who appeared in the motion picture, "Slumdog Millionaire." Plus, a further look at Farrah Fawcett's cancer story. Finally, an in-depth investigation of the murder of a wealthy Colorado man.

1696 :18x39 - FR1835 The Stripper & The Steelworker

First aired: May/22/2009

A stripper and a steelworker end up in the trial of their lives after a fisherman is found murdered, as reported by Keith Morrison.

1697 :18x40 - SU1835 The Spy Who Loved Me/The Mystery of the Missing Millionaire

First aired: May/24/2009

Dennis Murphy reports about an American living in Britain and a suave Englishman who claims to have been a spy. In addition, Murphy investigates a hedge-fund manager believed to have been involved in fraud.

1698 :18x41 - MO1836 Justice for Julia/A Father's Mission

First aired: May/25/2009

Dennis Murphy reports on a woman's death who was in the middle of an abusive relationship and whether her husband's hand was involved in the crime. Additionally, Keith Morrison investigates when a son is named the prime suspect in a murder of a couple and even his father believes he was guilty. In the end, the father tries desperately to clear his son's name.

1699 :18x42 - FR1836 Fatal Visions

First aired: May/29/2009

Correspondent Josh Mankiewicz investigates the case of the 2001 drowning of a woman inside her own bathtub which has seen many twists and turns throughout the years.

1700 :18x43 - SU1836 On tour with Taylor Swift

First aired: May/31/2009

Dateline gets an exclusive backstage pass with the country pop mega star. Reported by Hoda Kotb.

1701 :18x44 - FR1837 Mystery in the Deep Blue Sea

First aired: Jun/05/2009

A newlywed bride drowns while diving at the Great Barrier Reef during her honeymoon in Australia. Was this just an accident by a novice scuba diver or did her husband play a role in her demise? Dennis Murphy reports.

1702 :18x45 - SU1837 Inside Iran/The Year of Living Dangerously/Fighting For Sean(3)

First aired: Jun/07/2009

Ann Curry takes a look at the politics, people, and history of Iran as she explores a side of the country rarely seen. Next, Dennis Murphy reports about a wife who finds herself trapped inside her husband's mysterious and secretive life - a world filled with intrigue and deception that would take a decade for her to escape from. Finally, an update - David Goldman has been trying to gain custody of his son Sean, ever since his wife took him to Brazil back in 2004. Now after five years, will the father and son be reunited?

1703 :18x46 - MO1838 The Trouble on the Hill

First aired: Jun/08/2009

The quiet roads within the canyons lay the homes of three feuding neighbors, all which are loved and made great accomplishments in their lives. Who knew what these neighbors were capable of doing?

1704 :18x47 - SU1838 The Many Faces of Clark Rockefeller

First aired: Jun/14/2009

A look into the case of Clark Rockefeller, a German born man whose real name is Christian Carl Gerhartsreiter and has been living under an assumed name after kidnapping his daughter during an supervised visitation.

1705 :18x48 - MO1839 Vegas Undercover

First aired: Jun/15/2009

Chris Hansen follows a day out at work with the Las Vegas police as they are watched on camera. Included is an officer spotting would-be pimps by acting as a first-time prostitute; the auto-theft team tracks "bait cars" which they want to be stolen; and a man gives information to police concerning his counterfeiting-money scam.

1706 :18x49 - FR1839 The Secrets in the Box/The Last Voyage (update)

First aired: Jun/19/2009

Keith Morrison reports about 2 daughter's trying to discover why their mother mysteriously disappeared. Their father claims that she ran off with another man. Or is he just covering himself from a crime? 16 years later, the truth will be revealed. Then, in 2004 at Newport Beach,California, Tom and Jackie Hawks were killed as they tried to sell their boat. Josh Mankiewicz reports on the latest in the case and interviews a young man who showed interest in buying the boat and later was named as their killer.

1707 :18x50 - SU1839 Top 5 of 10 Most Incredible Close Calls

First aired: Jun/21/2009

Hoda Kotbe re-introduces the top 5 of 10 near death experiences, all caught live on camera in this half-hour version of SU1818 originally aired on January 25, 2009. The extremely close calls include a girl - and then her rescuer - trapped under ice, an aircrew man sucked into a friggin' jet engine, a sinking cruise ship and a diver stuck in a shark cage WITH an 18 foot Great White!.

1708 :18x51 - MO1840 Where there's smoke...

First aired: Jun/22/2009

Correspondent Rob Stafford examines a case of one man being left for dead in his garage, and another man gone missing, making investigators wonder whether these are coincidental or if a couple's plan to start a new life has gone awry.

1709 :18x52 - TH1840 American Legend: Michael Jackson / Farrah Fawcett: The Life & Death Of An Angel

First aired: Jun/25/2009

1710 :18x53 - FR1840 Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop

First aired: Jun/26/2009

1711 :18x54 - SU1840 Homeless/Regressive Disease/Slumdog Stars/Michael Jackson Questions

First aired: Jun/28/2009

Hoda Kotb gives a report about a mother trying to save her children from a rare disease by learning all about pharmacology and medicine.

1712 :18x55 - MO1841 Living With Michael Jackson (2003)

First aired: Jun/29/2009

Dateline NBC airs a one-hour edit of Martin Bashir's 2003 Granada Television documentary "Living with Michael Jackson". The film spans of 8 months of Jackson's life, from May 2002 to January 2003. Jackson admitted sharing his bed with children in the documentary. Bashir is now an NBC news anchor, but was at ITV in the UK at the time of filming.

1713 :18x56 - FR1841 Michael Jackson: Remember The Time

First aired: Jul/03/2009

Hoda Kotb introduces a revealing 2 hour look back at the life of Michael Jackson. First, extended cuts of Matt Lauer's interview with Jermaine Jackson at the Neverland Ranch. Next, Josh Mankiewicz provides an in-depth look at the life and career of the pop superstar including preparations for his upcoming re-launch. Finally, Keith Morrison examines the future of Michael's children. The program ends with a montage of classic Jackson song and dance moves.

1714 :18x57 - SU1841 10 Inspiring Everyday Heroes

First aired: Jul/05/2009

Hoda Kotb reports on everyday heroes. We learn about ten people who saved lives, such as the Arizona teenager who overcame his fear of heights to rescue his autistic little brother.

1715 :18x58 - MO1842 Michael Jackson: Gone Too Soon

First aired: Jul/06/2009

Hoda Kotb hosts. First, Josh Mankiewicz reveals the latest details about the death of Michael Jackson, and his funeral perperations. Hoda presents some rare words from Michael's October, 2001 online audio chat as part of the promotion for the then soon-to-be released Invincible album and tour. (His first new album in six years.) Dennis Murphy performs some forensic accounting with a look at his finances and the potential for Jackson memorabilia sales and the future of Neverland Ranch. Next, Josh Mankiewicz speaks with friends and family recalling a fun (and lonely) side of Michael Jackson that few have seen, plus some hopes for the come-back tour. Then, Hoda Kotb presents a behind-the-scenes look at the 1983 Thriller music video including recent interviews with Ola Ray and others who worked on the production. Finally, a look at the global response to Michael Jackson's passing.

1716 :18x59 - TU1842 A Farewell To Michael Jackson

First aired: Jul/07/2009

A look back at the days events from Michael Jackson's memorial services, held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

1717 :18x60 - FR1842 Crossing The Line

First aired: Jul/10/2009

Two kids grew up in South Boston as the best of friends and took divergent paths. John Connolly became one of Boston's most celebrated FBI agents, and his old buddy James "Whitey" Bulger became a notorious mobster. Connolly makes a deal with his friend Bulger to become an informant for the FBI and the FBI will overlook his illegal gambling operation. But what kind of devil's deal did he make since the FBI will have overlooked serious mob crimes. Dennis Murphy investigates the crimes and court trial that became the basis for the Martin Scorsese film "The Departed."

1718 :18x61 - MO1843 The Mystery in Manson Tunnel

First aired: Jul/13/2009

Keith Morrison investigates the death of a student from UCLA, scrutinizing whether witchcraft, cult activity or possibly the pair of roommates had a hand in the crime.

1719 :18x62 - FR1843 The Family Business

First aired: Jul/17/2009

The case of a murdered Boston contractor ends in a deadlocked jury, the second trial starts in an attempt to find justice.

1720 :18x63 - SU1843 The Girl in the Little Blue Dress

First aired: Jul/19/2009

Correspondent John Larson updates the case of the disappearance of a 3-year old girl, following her determined father's quest to retrieve her.

1721 :18x64 - FR1844 Kidnapped Heiress: The Patty Hearst Story/The Mystery of the Lost Weekend

First aired: Jul/24/2009

Josh Mankiewicz recalls the case of the 1974 Patty Hearst kidnapping by a little known group called the SLA - Symbionese Liberation Army. Mankiewicz talks with another man who claims he was held by the SLA and telling his story for the first time.

In an unexplainable case, an unassuming elementary school vice principal known for his kindness, was charged with killing his wife and children.

1722 :18x65 - SU1844 The Detective's Daughter

First aired: Jul/26/2009

A kidnapped mother finds a way to call 911 without being detected by her captor. Other witnesses, including a driver who saw the crime as it happened, also make a call to 911 and plead for help. But was it a system breakdown which prevented the police from locating her?

1723 :18x66 - MO1845 Star-Crossed: The Tucson Developer Murder

First aired: Jul/27/2009

Josh Mankiewicz reports about a popular, well-connected businessman who died after his car exploded. It was first believed to have been the work of the mob, but when a large insurance payout was sent to Europe, the prime suspect becomes the ex-wife, who is living there.

1724 :18x67 - FR1845 Michael Jackson: Inside The Final Hours / Dangerous Liaisons

First aired: Jul/31/2009

Josh Mankiewicz reports on the latest happenings from he Michael Jackson death, including inside information of Jackson's lifestyle and a new report on what Jackson's personal doctor told police he did and didn't do the day Jackson died. Then, Rob Stafford investigates the death of football star's girlfriend, and the investigators believe the killer is someone he has known.

1725 :18x68 - SU1845 How Lucky Can you Get?

First aired: Aug/02/2009

Chris Hansen tests California lottery retailers to see whether they are complying or not.

1726 :18x69 - MO1846 A Stranger in the House

First aired: Aug/03/2009

A serial killer may be on the loose, causing an investigation after the murder of one woman and the later another woman is killed.

1727 :18x70 - FR1846 Terror at the Mall / Rosemary & the Motorcycle Man

First aired: Aug/07/2009

A string of violent crimes against patrons of a local mall in a wealthy neighborhood leave the Investigators wondering if their isn't a serial killer on the loose. Dennis Murphy reports. Also, when a real estate agent disappears, her husband makes claims that she has left town, but her friends are not believing the story. A lawyer learns what may have happened to her, but is bound by attorney-client privilege. After nine years the lawyer can now finally reveal what has he knows. Keith Morrison reports.

1728 :18x71 - SU1846 Back To Woodstock

First aired: Aug/09/2009

Looking back 40 years to Woodstock. Includes rare home movies, archival footage and splendid musical highlights.

1729 :18x72 - MO1847 No Safe Place

First aired: Aug/10/2009

Keith Morrison reports on the slayings of Bud and Melanie Billings in their home in Pensacola home in early July. Why was this couple, the celebrated parents of 17 children, 13 by adoption and 9 with special needs, the target? Many questions are raised such as the motive and a look at the suspects. He also talks with Ashley Markham who's telling the inspirational story of her mother Melanie Billings in-depth for the first time.

1730 :18x73 - FR1847 Deadly Dealing / Down by the River

First aired: Aug/14/2009

Chris Hanson examines the case of a female college graduate who was used as an informant for a drug bust, which went wrong and she ended up dead. Additionally, Heda Kotb tells the story of a mother's ten year quest for justice in the wake of the disappearance of her 11-year old son.

1731 :18x74 - MO1848 The Mystery at Chalk Creek

First aired: Aug/17/2009

Dennis Murphy reports about a a woman who was killed after falling into a creek while on a fishing trip with her new husband.

1732 :18x75 - FR1848 Obsession / Murder in the Family

First aired: Aug/21/2009

First, Hoda Kotb gives her report concerning the unexplained and unexpected death of 24-year-old Michelle Herdon, a death which baffled investigators for over two years. The murder would end up having Propofol as the means of death, the same drug believed to have killed singer Michael Jackson. Then, Dennis Murphy investigates the case of Maggie Locascio, a woman who was about to escape from her overpowering husband and begin a new life. But suddenly her life was cut short. The case saw a son versus his father in deciding who was responsible for the murder.

1733 :18x76 - MO1849 In the Bedroom

First aired: Aug/24/2009

Josh Mankiewicz reports on a man whose dead body was found in his bedroom may have been part of a lethal love triangle.

1734 :18x77 - FR1849 Disappearance Before Dawn / Flying High at Cocktail Cove (updates)

First aired: Aug/28/2009

Dennis Murphy reports on a mysterious case of a young groom who vanishes on his honeymoon cruise. Next, Keith Morrison gives an update on Marcus Schrenker, a financial adviser facing financial fraud who deliberately ditched the plane he was piloting on January 2009, in order to fake his own death.

1735 :18x78 - SU1849 A Dose of Controversy

First aired: Aug/30/2009

Matt Lauer takes an unprecedented look at the emotional debate surrounding vaccines and the suggested link to autism. Includes an interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who first came across the possible connection; plus investigative journalist Brian Deer and pediatrician Paul Offit.

1736 :18x79 - MO1850 The Mysterious Death of a Titan

First aired: Aug/31/2009

Lester Holt examines the death of ex-NFL QB Steve McNair, who was killed July 2009. Included is a look at McNair's final hours of life.

1737 :18x80 - FR1850 The Man Behind the Mask

First aired: Sep/04/2009

Sara James reports about Donna Palomba, a mother of two, recalls her horrific experience of being raped in her own home by a masked man. The broadcast examines the events which followed and how they divided the Waterbury, Conn. community, and how one detective believed her story while the others felt she lied.

1738 :18x81 - SU1850 Mukhtar Mai / American Character / Debt Trap (update)

First aired: Sep/06/2009

First, Ann Curry interviews Mukhtar Mai in Pakistan, who is lending a hand in the next generation of women in her village by building schools and a center for abused women. Next, Tom Brokaw heads across U.S. Highway 50 to find the American Character in this brief promo of his series airing on the USA network. Lastly, Chris Hanson revisits the debt epidemic in the USA and interviews families who are nearly bankrupt. With the use of hidden cameras, Hanson exposes the dirty tactics in which some collection agencies will use and the steps taken by authorities to crack down on debt collectors who violate the law.

1739 :18x82 - MO1851 Second Chances

First aired: Sep/07/2009

The national media attention was focused on Alex and Derek King in 2003 after confessing to murdering their father. The boys, 12 and 13 years old at the time, were two of the youngest kids to ever be charged as adults for murder and arson. Now, Keith Morrison gives the boys their first ever interviews, where they speak of their crime and of their lives today.

1740 :18x83 - FR1851 Cause for Alarm

First aired: Sep/11/2009

A report by Dennis Murphy concerning a puzzling shooting inside the peaceful suburban home of a young elementary school and her cheating husband which not only divided their family and neighbors, but also a jury.

1741 :18x84 - FR1852 Behind Closed Doors: Bad Chemistry / The Mystery in the Master Bedroom

First aired: Sep/18/2009

A pair of reports by Keith Morrison and Dennis Murphy finds the correspondents investigating two of is a seemingly perfect couple, and the other is a newlywed pair ... that ends with death.

1742 :19x01 - FR1901 The Michael Jackson Tapes: A 'Dateline' Exclusive

First aired: Sep/25/2009

Meridith Vieira interviews Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who was a trusted confidant of the late Michael Jackson, where he talks about his love of children, celebrities, his fears and childhood via tape recordings.

1743 :19x02 - FR1902 In Plain Sight: A Dateline Investigation

First aired: Oct/02/2009

Keith Morrison reports on Jaycee Dugard's rescue after 18 years of being a kidnapped victim. Questions have been raised about why the alleged kidnapper was not caught sooner along with the latest developments of the case.

1744 :19x03 - FR1903 Through the Pouring Rain

First aired: Oct/09/2009

Keith Morrison reports on rape victims who help capture the man who assaulted them after he evaded police for 14 years.

1745 :19x04 - FR1905 When the Smoke Clears

First aired: Oct/23/2009

A burned cigarette becomes the key piece of evidence to a 20-year-old murder case.

1746 :19x05 - FR1906 The Mystery at Lost Dog Road

First aired: Oct/30/2009

A man's wife and son die while on vacation, but people begin to doubt that their deaths were an accident.

1747 :19x06 - FR1908 The Friday the 13th Mystery

First aired: Nov/13/2009

Childhood sweethearts are murdered on Friday the 13th.

1748 :19x07 - FR1909 The Night Mary Jane Disappeared

First aired: Nov/20/2009

A 3-year-old girl is the key to solving a crime.

1749 :19x08 - FR1911 The Trial of Amanda Knox

First aired: Dec/04/2009

The murder trial of college student Amanda Knox goes to the jury in Italy.

1750 :19x09 - FR1912 The Secret Life of Tiger Woods

First aired: Dec/11/2009

The latest information about the professional golfer; alleged mistress Jaime Jungers is interviewed. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

1751 :19x10 - FR1913 The Trouble at Twin Wrecks

First aired: Dec/18/2009

When a school headmistress and her husband go diving in the Caribbean, only one survives; authorities investigate whether the death was an accident or a murder. Dennis Murphy reports.

1752 :19x11 - FR1916 Bringing Sean Home: The Untold Story

First aired: Jan/08/2010

David Goldman is interviewed by Meredith Vieira about being reunited with his son in Brazil on Christmas Eve after a 5 year custody battle.

1753 :19x12 - SU1916 The Passenger in Seat 19A / Vegas Undercover (Update)

First aired: Jan/10/2010

Dateline investigates the events that led up to the thwarted Christmas terrorist attack; later, a look at an undercover operation in Las Vegas.

1754 :19x13 - FR1917 The Mystery at Empire Lake

First aired: Jan/15/2010

Keith Morrison investigates the mysterious disappearance of Michele Harris, a young mother of four.

1755 :19x14 - FR1918 Ten Amazing Crimes Caught on Tape

First aired: Jan/22/2010

1756 :19x15 - SU1918 Critical Condition / A Matter of Time

First aired: Jan/24/2010

First, Ann Curry reports on three seemingly insured families caught in the health care crisis. Then Keith Morrison investigates the case of a transplant surgeon accused of trying to hasten a patient's death in order to harvest his organs.

1757 :19x16 - FR1919

First aired: Jan/29/2010

1758 :19x17 - SU1919

First aired: Jan/31/2010

1759 :19x18 - FR1920

First aired: Feb/05/2010

1760 :19x19 - FR1924

First aired: Mar/05/2010

1761 :19x20 - Mystery at Bootleggers Cove

First aired: Mar/07/2010

1762 :19x21 - FR1925

First aired: Mar/12/2010

1763 :19x22 - FR1926

First aired: Mar/19/2010

1764 :19x23 - SU1926

First aired: Mar/21/2010

1765 :19x24 - FR1927

First aired: Mar/26/2010

1766 :19x25 - SU1927

First aired: Mar/28/2010

1767 :19x26 - FR1928

First aired: Apr/02/2010

1768 :19x27 - SU1928

First aired: Apr/04/2010

1769 :19x28 - FR1929

First aired: Apr/09/2010

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are the center of the attention when a late-night team of burglars called "Bling Ring" comes in and robs them.

1770 :19x29 - SU1929

First aired: Apr/11/2010

1771 :19x30 - FR1930

First aired: Apr/16/2010

1772 :19x31 - SU1930

First aired: Apr/18/2010

1773 :19x32 - FR1931

First aired: Apr/23/2010

1774 :19x33 - SU1931

First aired: Apr/25/2010

1775 :19x34 - Th Girl With The Blue Mustang

First aired: Apr/30/2010

1776 :19x35 - SU1932

First aired: May/02/2010

1777 :19x36 - FR1933

First aired: May/07/2010

1778 :19x37 - SU1933

First aired: May/09/2010

1779 :19x38 - FR1934

First aired: May/14/2010

1780 :19x39 - FR1935

First aired: May/21/2010

1781 :19x40 - SU1935

First aired: May/23/2010

1782 :19x41 - FR1823/FR1813

First aired: May/28/2010

1783 :19x42 - FR1832

First aired: May/30/2010

1784 :19x43 - FR1937

First aired: Jun/04/2010

1785 :19x44 - FR1938

First aired: Jun/11/2010

1786 :19x45 - SU1938

First aired: Jun/13/2010

1787 :19x46 - FR1939

First aired: Jun/18/2010

1788 :19x46 - FR1940

First aired: Jun/25/2010

1789 :19x47 - SU1940

First aired: Jun/27/2010

1790 :19x48 - MO1843/FR1739

First aired: Jul/02/2010

1791 :19x49 - FR1942

First aired: Jul/09/2010

1792 :19x50 - SU1942

First aired: Jul/11/2010

1793 :19x51 - MON1943

First aired: Jul/12/2010

1794 :19x52 - FR1943

First aired: Jul/16/2010

1795 :19x53 - SU1942

First aired: Jul/18/2010

1796 :19x54 - MON1944

First aired: Jul/19/2010

1797 :19x55 - FR1944

First aired: Jul/23/2010

1798 :19x56 - SU1943

First aired: Jul/25/2010

1799 :19x57 - MON1945

First aired: Jul/26/2010

1800 :19x58 - FR1945

First aired: Jul/30/2010

1801 :19x59 - SU1944

First aired: Aug/01/2010

1802 :19x60 - MO1946

First aired: Aug/02/2010

1803 :19x61 - FR1946

First aired: Aug/06/2010

1804 :19x62 - FR1947

First aired: Aug/13/2010

1805 :19x63 - SU1945

First aired: Aug/15/2010

1806 :19x64 - MO1948

First aired: Aug/16/2010

1807 :19x65 - FR1948

First aired: Aug/20/2010

1808 :19x66 - SU1946

First aired: Aug/22/2010

1809 :19x67 - FR1949

First aired: Aug/27/2010

1810 :19x68 - MO1950

First aired: Aug/30/2010

1811 :19x69 - FRI1830

First aired: Sep/03/2010

1811 :19x69 - FR1905

First aired: Sep/05/2010

1812 :19x70 - MO1951

First aired: Sep/06/2010

1813 :19x71 - FR1951

First aired: Sep/10/2010

1814 :19x72 - MO1952

First aired: Sep/13/2010

1815 :19x73 - FR1952

First aired: Sep/17/2010

1816 :20x01 - FR2001

First aired: Sep/24/2010

1817 :20x02 - FR2002

First aired: Oct/01/2010

1818 :20x02 - FR2003

First aired: Oct/08/2010

1819 :20x04 - FR2004

First aired: Oct/15/2010

1820 :20x05 - FR2005

First aired: Oct/22/2010

1821 :20x06 - FR2006

First aired: Oct/29/2010

1822 :20x07 - Fr2007

First aired: Nov/05/2010

1823 :20x08 - Fr2008

First aired: Nov/12/2010

1824 :20x09 - Fr2009

First aired: Nov/19/2010

1825 :20x10 - Fr2010

First aired: Nov/26/2010

1826 :20x11 - Fr2011

First aired: Dec/03/2010

1827 :20x12 - Fr2012

First aired: Dec/10/2010

1828 :20x13 - Fr2013

First aired: Dec/17/2010

1829 :20x14 - Fr2017

First aired: Jan/07/2011

1830 :20x15 - SU2016

First aired: Jan/09/2011

1831 :20x16 - FR2018

First aired: Jan/14/2011

1832 :20x17 - FR2019

First aired: Jan/21/2011

1833 :20x18 - SU2019

First aired: Jan/23/2011

1834 :20x19 - FR2020

First aired: Jan/28/2011

1835 :20x20 - Su2019

First aired: Jan/30/2011

1836 :20x21 - FR2021

First aired: Feb/04/2011

1837 :20x22 - SU2020

First aired: Feb/06/2011

1838 :20x23 - FR2022

First aired: Feb/11/2011

1839 :20x24 - SU2021

First aired: Feb/13/2011

1840 :20x25 - FR2023

First aired: Feb/18/2011

1841 :20x26 - Su2022

First aired: Feb/20/2011

1842 :20x27 - FR2023

First aired: Feb/25/2011

1843 :20x28 - SU2023

First aired: Feb/27/2011

1844 :20x29 - FR2024

First aired: Mar/04/2011

1845 :20x30 - SU2024

First aired: Mar/06/2011

1846 :20x31 - FR2025

First aired: Mar/11/2011

1847 :20x32 - SU2025

First aired: Mar/13/2011

"Path of Destruction" goes to Alabama to interview survivors and examine the destruction caused by a series of tornadoes that recently ripped through the area. "Royal Wedding" goes to London to look at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

1848 :20x33 - FR2026

First aired: Mar/18/2011

1849 :20x34 - SU2026

First aired: Mar/20/2011

1850 :20x35 - FR2027

First aired: Mar/25/2011

1851 :20x36 - SU2027

First aired: Mar/27/2011

1852 :20x37 - FR2028

First aired: Apr/01/2011

1853 :20x38 - SU2028

First aired: Apr/03/2011

1854 :20x39 - Fr2029

First aired: Apr/08/2011

1855 :20x40 - SU2029

First aired: Apr/10/2011

1856 :20x41 - FR2030

First aired: Apr/15/2011

1857 :20x42 - SU2030

First aired: Apr/17/2011

1858 :20x43 - FR2031

First aired: Apr/22/2011

1859 :20x44 - SU2031

First aired: Apr/24/2011

1860 :20x45 - FR2032

First aired: Apr/29/2011

1861 :20x46 - SU2033

First aired: May/01/2011

1862 :20x47 - Fr2033

First aired: May/06/2011

1863 :20x48 - SU2033

First aired: May/08/2011

1864 :20x49 - Fr2034

First aired: May/13/2011

1865 :20x50 - SU2034

First aired: May/15/2011

1866 :20x51 - FR2035

First aired: May/20/2011

1867 :20x52 - SU2035

First aired: May/22/2011

1868 :20x53 - FR2036

First aired: May/27/2011

1869 :20x54 - SU2036

First aired: May/29/2011

1870 :20x55 - FR2037

First aired: Jun/03/2011

1871 :20x56 - SU2037

First aired: Jun/05/2011

1872 :20x57 - SU2038

First aired: Jun/12/2011

1873 :20x58 - FR2039

First aired: Jun/17/2011

1874 :20x59 - FR2040

First aired: Jun/24/2011

1875 :20x60 - SU2040

First aired: Jun/26/2011

1876 :20x61 - FR2041

First aired: Jul/01/2011

1877 :20x62 - SU2041

First aired: Jul/03/2011

1878 :20x63 - FR2042

First aired: Jul/08/2011

1879 :20x64 - SU2042

First aired: Jul/10/2011

1880 :20x65 - FR2043

First aired: Jul/15/2011

1881 :20x66 - SU2043

First aired: Jul/17/2011

1882 :20x67 - FR2044

First aired: Jul/22/2011

1883 :20x68 - SU2044

First aired: Jul/24/2011

1884 :20x69 - FR2045

First aired: Jul/29/2011

1885 :20x70 - SU2045

First aired: Jul/31/2011

1886 :20x71 - FR2046

First aired: Aug/05/2011

Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC reports "The Mystery of Halloween Night", the night when an respected sports editor was killed.

1887 :20x72 - SU2046

First aired: Aug/07/2011

Detailing the Iraq War by talking to three different families, Tom Brokaw takes you to an American Soldier, an family living in Iraq and a family wanting to return to their homeland of Iraq.

1888 :20x73 - FR2047

First aired: Aug/12/2011

1889 :20x74 - SU2047

First aired: Aug/14/2011

1890 :20x75 - FR2048

First aired: Aug/19/2011

1891 :20x76 - SU2048

First aired: Aug/21/2011

1892 :20x77 - FR2049

First aired: Aug/26/2011

1893 :20x78 - MO2050

First aired: Aug/29/2011

1894 :20x79 - FR2050

First aired: Sep/02/2011

1895 :20x80 - SU2051

First aired: Sep/04/2011

1896 :20x81 - FR2051

First aired: Sep/09/2011

1897 :20x82 - FR2052

First aired: Sep/16/2011

20th Anniversary Special

First aired: May/22/2012

1898 :21x01 - FR2101

First aired: Sep/23/2011

1899 :21x02 - FR2102

First aired: Sep/30/2011

1900 :21x03 - FR2103

First aired: Oct/07/2011

1901 :21x04 - FR2104

First aired: Oct/14/2011

1902 :21x05 - FR2105

First aired: Oct/21/2011

1903 :21x06 - FR2106

First aired: Oct/28/2011

1904 :21x07 - FR2107

First aired: Nov/04/2011

1905 :21x08 - FR2108

First aired: Nov/11/2011

1906 :21x09 - FR2109

First aired: Nov/18/2011

1907 :21x10 - FR2110

First aired: Dec/02/2011

1908 :21x11 - FR2111

First aired: Dec/09/2011

1909 :21x12 - FR2112

First aired: Dec/16/2011

1910 :21x13 - FR2113

First aired: Dec/23/2011

1911 :21x14 - FR2114

First aired: Dec/30/2011

1912 :21x15 - FR2115

First aired: Jan/06/2012

1913 :21x16 - SU2116

First aired: Jan/08/2012

Interviews with Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Hudson and Ceelo Green.

1914 :21x17 - FR2117

First aired: Jan/13/2012

1915 :21x18 - FR2118

First aired: Jan/20/2012

1916 :21x19 - SU2118

First aired: Jan/22/2012

1917 :21x20 - FR2119

First aired: Jan/27/2012

1918 :21x21 - FR2120

First aired: Feb/03/2012

1921 :21x21 - FR2121

First aired: Feb/10/2012

1922 :21x22 - SU2121

First aired: Feb/12/2012

1923 :21x23 - FR2122

First aired: Feb/17/2012

1924 :21x24 - FR2123

First aired: Feb/24/2012

1925 :21x25 - SU2123

First aired: Feb/26/2012

1926 :21x26 - FR2124

First aired: Mar/02/2012

1927 :21x27 - SU2124

First aired: Mar/04/2012

1928 :21x28 - FR2125

First aired: Mar/09/2012

1929 :21x29 - SU2125

First aired: Mar/11/2012

What qualities do you look for in a significant other? She was a hard-working professional. He was charming & confident. Lester Holt profiles the couple at the center of Friday night's Dateline mystery.

1930 :21x30 - FR2126

First aired: Mar/16/2012

1931 :21x31 - SU2126

First aired: Mar/18/2012

1932 :21x32 - FR2127

First aired: Mar/23/2012

1933 :21x33 - SU2127

First aired: Mar/25/2012

1934 :21x34 - Silent Witness

First aired: Mar/30/2012

1935 :21x35 - SU2128

First aired: Apr/01/2012

1936 :21x36 - FR2129

First aired: Apr/06/2012

1937 :21x37 - SU2129

First aired: Apr/08/2012

1938 :21x38 - FR2130

First aired: Apr/13/2012

1939 :21x39 - SU2130

First aired: Apr/15/2012

1940 :21x40 - FR2131

First aired: Apr/20/2012

1941 :21x41 - SU2131

First aired: Apr/22/2012

1942 :21x42 - FR2132

First aired: Apr/27/2012

1943 :21x43 - SU2132

First aired: Apr/29/2012

1944 :21x44 - FR2133

First aired: May/04/2012

1945 :21x45 - SU2133

First aired: May/06/2012

1946 :21x46 - FR2134

First aired: May/11/2012

1947 :21x47 - SU2134

First aired: May/13/2012

1948 :21x48 - FR2135

First aired: May/18/2012

1949 :21x49 - FR2136

First aired: May/25/2012

1950 :21x50 - SU2136

First aired: May/27/2012

1951 :21x51 - FR2137

First aired: Jun/01/2012

1952 :21x52 - SU2137

First aired: Jun/03/2012

1953 :21x53 - FR2138

First aired: Jun/08/2012

1954 :21x54 - SU2138

First aired: Jun/10/2012

1955 :21x55 - FR2139

First aired: Jun/15/2012

1956 :21x56 - FR2140

First aired: Jun/22/2012

1957 :21x57 - SU2140

First aired: Jun/24/2012

1958 :21x58 - FR2142

First aired: Jul/06/2012

1959 :21x59 - SU2142

First aired: Jul/08/2012

1960 :21x60 - FR2143

First aired: Jul/13/2012

1961 :21x61 - SU2143

First aired: Jul/15/2012

1962 :21x62 - FR2144

First aired: Jul/20/2012

1963 :21x63 - SU2144

First aired: Jul/22/2012

1964 :21x64 - FR2148

First aired: Aug/17/2012

1965 :21x65 - SU2148

First aired: Aug/19/2012

1966 :21x66 - FR2149

First aired: Aug/24/2012

1967 :21x67 - FR2150

First aired: Aug/31/2012

1968 :21x68 - SU2150

First aired: Sep/02/2012

1969 :21x69 - FR2151

First aired: Sep/07/2012

1970 :21x70 - FR2152

First aired: Sep/14/2012

1971 :21x71 - FR2153

First aired: Sep/21/2012

1972 :22x01 - FR2201

First aired: Sep/28/2012

1973 :22x02 - Secrets in the Snow

First aired: Oct/05/2012

1974 :22x03 - FR2203

First aired: Oct/12/2012

1975 :22x04 - FR2204

First aired: Oct/19/2012

1976 :22x05 - FR2205

First aired: Oct/26/2012

1977 :22x06 - FR2206

First aired: Nov/02/2012

1978 :22x07 - FR2207

First aired: Nov/09/2012

Dateline offers a special report on the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It visits areas of New York and New Jersey that are struggling to restore power and repair damage. It also interviews people who have been hit hard by the disaster and looks at an effort to stop the New York Marathon.

1979 :22x08 - FR2208

First aired: Nov/16/2012

1980 :22x09 - FR2209

First aired: Nov/23/2012

1981 :22x10 - FR2210

First aired: Nov/30/2012

1982 :22x11 - FR2211

First aired: Dec/07/2012

1983 :22x12 - Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

First aired: Dec/14/2012

1984 :22x13 - Holiday How-To Guide

First aired: Dec/21/2012

1985 :22x14 - FR2214

First aired: Dec/28/2012

1986 :22x15 - FR2215

First aired: Jan/04/2013

1987 :22x16 - SU2215

First aired: Jan/06/2013

1988 :22x17 - FR2216

First aired: Jan/11/2013

1989 :22x18 - FR2217

First aired: Jan/18/2013

1990 :22x19 - FR2218

First aired: Jan/25/2013

1991 :22x20 - TU2219

First aired: Jan/29/2013

1992 :22x21 - FR2219

First aired: Feb/01/2013

1993 :22x22 - FR2220

First aired: Feb/08/2013

1994 :22x23 - SU2220

First aired: Feb/10/2013

1995 :22x24 - FR2221

First aired: Feb/15/2013

1996 :22x25 - SU2221

First aired: Feb/17/2013

1997 :22x26 - FR2222

First aired: Feb/22/2013

1998 :22x27 - SU2222

First aired: Feb/24/2013

1999 :22x28 - FR2223

First aired: Mar/01/2013

2000 :22x29 - SU2223

First aired: Mar/03/2013

2001 :22x30 - SU2224

First aired: Mar/10/2013

2002 :22x31 - SU2225

First aired: Mar/17/2013

2003 :22x32 - SU2226

First aired: Mar/24/2013

2004 :22x33 - SA2227

First aired: Mar/30/2013

2005 :22x34 - WE2228

First aired: Apr/03/2013

2006 :22x35 - WE2229

First aired: Apr/10/2013

2007 :22x36 - WE2230

First aired: Apr/17/2013

2008 :22x37 - WE2231

First aired: Apr/24/2013

2009 :22x38 - FR2232

First aired: May/03/2013

2010 :22x39 - FR2233

First aired: May/10/2013

2011 :22x40 - WE2234

First aired: May/15/2013

2012 :22x41 - FR2234

First aired: May/17/2013

2013 :22x42 - WE2235

First aired: May/22/2013

2014 :22x43 - WE2236

First aired: May/29/2013

2015 :22x44 - FR2236

First aired: May/31/2013

2016 :22x45 - Against All Odds

First aired: Jun/05/2013

2017 :22x46 - FR2237

First aired: Jun/07/2013

2018 :22x47 - WE2238

First aired: Unaired

2019 :22x48 - FR2238

First aired: Jun/14/2013

2020 :22x49 - FR2239

First aired: Jun/21/2013

2021 :22x50 - WE2240

First aired: Jun/26/2013

2022 :22x51 - FR2240

First aired: Jun/28/2013

2023 :22x52 - FR2241

First aired: Jul/05/2013

2024 :22x53 - FR2242

First aired: Jul/12/2013

2025 :22x54 - FR2243

First aired: Jul/19/2013

2026 :22x55 - FR2244

First aired: Jul/26/2013

2027 :22x56 - FR2245

First aired: Aug/02/2013

2028 :22x57 - FR2246

First aired: Aug/09/2013

2029 :22x58 - FR2247

First aired: Aug/16/2013

2030 :22x59 - FR2248

First aired: Aug/23/2013

2031 :22x60 - FR2249

First aired: Aug/30/2013

2032 :22x61 - FR2250

First aired: Sep/06/2013

2033 :22x62 - FR2251

First aired: Sep/13/2013

2034 :22x63 - FR2252

First aired: Sep/20/2013

2035 :22x64 - FR2301

First aired: Sep/27/2013

2036 :22x65 - Deadly Intent

First aired: Oct/04/2013

2037 :22x66 - Burning Suspicion

First aired: Oct/11/2013

Authorities investigate when a woman is found dead in her burning house. Correspondent: Keith Morrison.

2038 :22x67 - Miles from Nowhere

First aired: Oct/18/2013

Keith Morrison reports on the recent shoot-out in the California mountains.

2039 :22x68 - Under A Halloween Moon

First aired: Oct/25/2013

A Halloween turns tragic when a fiancée is killed at a bar. The investigation proves difficult when it's discovered all suspects were in costume.

2040 :22x69 - FR2306

First aired: Unaired

2041 :22x70 - Secrets & Lies

First aired: Nov/06/2013

The death of a wife found in the burned ruins of a country house in a picturesque town along the Delaware River is investigated.

2042 :22x71 - Miracle on the Sunset Dive

First aired: Nov/08/2013

"Miracle on the Sunset Dive" examines the mid-air plane collision over Wisconsin in which nine skydivers and two pilots survived. Included: interviews; and details behind video that captured the accident. Matt Lauer reports.

2043 :22x72 - Secrets in Pleasant Grove

First aired: Nov/13/2013

Exploring the trial of Utah doctor Martin MacNeill, who's accused of drugging and drowning his wife in their bathtub in April 2007. Keith Morrison reports.

2044 :22x73 - The Wrong Man

First aired: Nov/15/2013

2045 :22x74 - Secrets in Seattle

First aired: Nov/20/2013

The 2006 murder of Nicole Pietz and her mother's search for justice are explored by correspondent Dennis Murphy. Included: dramatic courtroom moments.

2046 :22x75 - Nowhere to Hide

First aired: Nov/22/2013

The September 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya, is the subject. Included: the stories of two mothers caught in the crossfire. Kate Snow reports.

2047 :22x76 - Killing in Cobb County

First aired: Nov/29/2013

A masked man kills a young mother and leaves her 5-year-old son for dead.

2048 :22x77 - Missing Marie

First aired: Dec/06/2013

The vanishing of a wife and mother is investigated in a case that comes with a surprise revelation. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

2049 :22x78 - Unstoppable

First aired: Dec/13/2013

The 1999 cold-case shooting death of a wife found on her driveway is investigated. Included: the years-long struggle of the victim's friends to bring her killer to justice. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

2050 :22x79 - Toxic

First aired: Dec/27/2013

2051 :22x80 - A Killing in Cottonwood

First aired: Jan/03/2014

A mother of five is found dead in her bedroom after her son's baseball game. The family is convinced a crazed killer is on the loose, but detectives wonder if it could have been something else? Keith Morrison reports.

Going for Gold

First aired: Jan/10/2014

2052 :23x01 - Breathless

First aired: Jan/05/2014

Lester Holt takes a personal journey investigating the link between poverty and childhood asthma.

2053 :23x02 - Deadly Deceit

First aired: Jan/17/2014

2054 :23x03 - Trapped

First aired: Jan/19/2014

2055 :23x04 - In the Dead of Night

First aired: Jan/24/2014

2056 :23x05 - Mystery on Lockhart Road

First aired: Jan/31/2014

2057 :23x06 - The Race of His Life

First aired: Feb/28/2014

2058 :23x07 - Survivors of the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya, share their stories.

First aired: Mar/02/2014

2059 :23x08 - Something Wicked

First aired: Mar/07/2014

The vanishing of a 16-year-old girl is investigated in a case marked by a dark secret and betrayal. Andrea Canning reports.

2060 :23x09 - Twist of Fate; Danger on Diamond Mountain

First aired: Mar/09/2014

2061 :23x10 - The House on Sumac Drive

First aired: Mar/14/2014

2062 :23x11 - At Close Range

First aired: Mar/21/2014

An investigation into the sudden murder of a school superintendent.

2063 :23x12 - The Mystery on Bridle Path

First aired: Mar/28/2014

Investigative journalism show focusing on a true crime story.

2064 :23x13 - Graduation Night

First aired: Apr/04/2014

When Mary Evans attempted to connect with old neighborhood friends on Facebook, she had no idea it would dredge up a shocking, long buried truth. Friday, on an all-new Dateline.

2065 :23x14 - Capsized

First aired: Apr/13/2014

Investigative journalism show focusing on a true crime story.

2066 :23x15 - Two Shots Fired

First aired: Apr/18/2014

A 24-year-old mother's violent death in St. Augustine, Florida sets off a battle between her family and a powerful local Sheriff.

2067 :23x16 - The Road Home

First aired: Apr/20/2014

Sam Granillo survived the 1999 shooting at Columbine as a 17-year-old junior. As the 15 year anniversary approached, Sam to embark on a 10 day journey, visiting the sites of other school shootings and meeting with survivors in an effort to find tools for healing.

2068 :23x17 - Deadly Denial

First aired: Apr/25/2014

Raven Abaroa and his wife Janet were a young couple with a promising future. Everything changed when Raven came home one night to see his wife stabbed to death in their home. With little hard evidence to work with, detectives began digging into the couple’s complicated past. Josh Mankiewicz reports new details in the case.

2069 :23x18 - Swept Away

First aired: Apr/27/2014

An epic love story. Two young people from opposite sides of the world, find themselves falling in love on the eve of one of the biggest natural disasters in recent memory. Will their love survive? Will they survive?

2070 :23x19 - The Promise

First aired: May/02/2014

Two tenacious daughters set out on a quest to fulfill a promise they made to their mom fourteen years ago. Watch as these daughters-turned-detectives try to solve the mystery surrounding their mother’s death.

2071 :23x20 - Kidnapping victim Michelle Knight talks about her ordeal

First aired: May/04/2014

2072 :23x21 - Vanished

First aired: May/09/2014

2073 :23x22 - Extreme Escapes / Mystery in South Beach

First aired: May/11/2014

Moments of amazing athletic adventures caught on tape; a young woman is found dead in Miami four days after her wedding.

2074 :23x23 - Twelve Minutes on Elm Street

First aired: May/16/2014

The shooting deaths of two unarmed teens during a 2012 home break-in is investigated in a case that divides a small Minnesota town. Correspondent: Kate Snow.

2075 :23x24 - Deadly Connection

First aired: May/23/2014

2076 :23x25 - Secrets of Cottonwood Creek

First aired: May/30/2014

A married couple's afternoon hike ends with a tragic drowning. Andrea Canning reports.

2077 :23x26 - A Bronx Tale

First aired: Jun/06/2014

Dateline’s cameras followed Eric Glisson as he fought to prove his innocence and expose a miscarriage of justice in New York City.

2078 :23x27 - Scary Mary Presiding

First aired: Jun/08/2014

An iron-fisted judge nicknamed "Scary Mary" uses fear, tough love and humor to try to save the addicts who come into her Michigan drug court, including a 15-year-old who is battling a pot habit, her teachers and her own mother.

2079 :23x28 - Mystery on Sunrise Drive

First aired: Jun/20/2014

A real-estate developer is killed by a car bomb. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

2080 :23x29 - One Summer Night

First aired: Jul/11/2014

The investigation into the brutal carjacking of a mother of seven in the Ohio countryside.

2081 :23x30 - Family Business

First aired: Jul/18/2014

Money and greed tear two close-knit California families apart.

2082 :23x31 - The Man Who Wasn't There

First aired: Jul/25/2014

Intruders break into a family's home.

2083 :23x32 - Bad Blood

First aired: Aug/01/2014

Identical twins find their mother's dead body in their home, located in a gated community; detectives uncover a hidden diary and clues buried in the victim's past.

2084 :23x33 - Unbreakable

First aired: Aug/08/2014

Rebecca Musser recalls her life living as a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and being forced into a polygamous marriage at age 19 to the church's prophet, a man more than four times her age.

2085 :23x34 - Twisted

First aired: Aug/15/2014

When an Iowa woman, alone with her three children, is attacked, the confrontation turns deadly.

2086 :23x35 - Honeymoon Homicide

First aired: Aug/22/2014

A young woman is found dead in Miami four days after her wedding.

2087 :23x36 - Into the Wild

First aired: Aug/24/2014

Friends and family fear the worst when a 17-year-old girl training to be a pilot disappears over Montana during a solo flight.

2088 :23x37 - Mystery in Orange County

First aired: Sep/05/2014

When a veteran disappears, detectives uncover a cryptic 911 call placed before she went missing.

2089 :23x38 - Deadly Valentine

First aired: Sep/12/2014

A missionary's wife and mother of three is found dead on Valentine's Day.

2090 :23x39 - The Charleston Affair

First aired: Sep/19/2014

An ex-con says he was hired to commit a murder as a wealthy banker goes through a bitter divorce.

ESCAPE: The Wreck of the Costa Concordia

First aired: Mar/01/2015

Six survivors of the 2012 Costa Concordia shipwreck off the coast of an Italian resort island share their stories.

ESCAPE: Cedar Fire

First aired: Mar/08/2015

Survivors of the largest wildfire in California history share their stories.

ESCAPE: Swept Away

First aired: Mar/15/2015

Survivors of the tsunami that devastated Thailand in 2004 including supermodel Petra Nemcová share their stories

ESCAPE: Indian Ocean Tsunami

First aired: Mar/22/2015

Survivors of the tsunami that devastated Thailand in 2004 including supermodel Petra Nemcová share their stories.

2091 :24x01 - Before Dawn

First aired: Sep/26/2014

The investigation into the death of a pregnant woman reveals secret lives and feuds.

2092 :24x02 - The Wire

First aired: Oct/03/2014

A determined detective tries to crack a cold case involving a murdered nurse and scant evidence.

2093 :24x03 - While She Was Sleeping

First aired: Oct/10/2014

A wealthy resort town is in shock when a well-known member of the glamorous community is found dead. Who could have committed such a crime?

2094 :24x04 - The Carrollton Plot

First aired: Oct/17/2014

A wife and mother survives an attack in her home and a shot to the head.

2095 :24x05 - Mystery in Orange County

First aired: Oct/24/2014

The vanishing of a female Army veteran is investigated. The case includes a cryptic 911 call that helps uncover the truth. Correspondent: Josh Mankiewicz.

2096 :24x06 - Secret Lives

First aired: Oct/31/2014

The vanishing of a young wife and mother is investigated in a case that comes with unforeseen secrets of betrayal. Andrea Canning reports.

2097 :24x07 - Someone Was Out There

First aired: Nov/07/2014

Over the course of a year, violent crimes are committed against two women from the same church.

2098 :24x08 - The Root of All Evil

First aired: Nov/14/2014

A young real estate investor and father is found dead in the kitchen of his home. Who could have committed such a crime?

2099 :24x09 - Mystery on the Early Shift

First aired: Nov/21/2014

When a wife and mother is found dead in a Kentucky warehouse where she worked, detectives soon zero in on one person of interest.

2100 :24x10 - Death in the Driveway

First aired: Nov/28/2014

In a quiet Southern town, on a cold and rainy night, police find a prominent lawyer brutally murdered and his girlfriend bound in duct tape. Who could have done it?

2101 :24x11 - Poison

First aired: Dec/12/2014

A cold case heats up and a twisted truth emerges when a wife dies of strange symptoms months after being hospitalized and surviving a similar problem. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

2102 :24x12 - Starting Over

First aired: Jan/04/2015

Inspirational people who overcame challenges include Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn, Olympic champion Amy Van Dyken-Rouen and former Miss Teen USA and cyber-safety advocate Cassidy Wolf; escaping from risky situations; a healthier diet.

2103 :24x13 - After Midnight

First aired: Jan/04/2015

Campus cops make a terrible discovery in a dorm room after a boyfriend's weekend visit goes horribly wrong.

2104 :24x14 - Secrets of the Snake River

First aired: Jan/09/2015

The disappearance of a young mother leads to a massive search across the Pacific Northwest. With an estranged husband, ex-boyfriend and a suspicious neighbor.

2105 :24x15 - Deadly Betrayal

First aired: Jan/16/2015

When a loving mother is found brutally stabbed to death, police quickly determine who held the knife. But was it part of a cold-blooded conspiracy?

2106 :24x16 - The Unusual Suspect

First aired: Jan/23/2015

Police suspect a serial killer when two women and their teenage daughters are murdered in Maryland; during the search for clues, it's revealed that a master thief is the key to solving the mystery.

2107 :24x17 - The Mystery Man

First aired: Jan/25/2015

A woman seeks the truth when her whirlwind romance turns into a mystery with government agents, cryptic messages and international spies.

2108 :24x18 - Obsession

First aired: Jan/30/2015

A college student with a passion for music is mysteriously found dead in her parents' Wisconsin home. Clues lead investigators to her theatre group and a new crime that exposes the truth.

2109 :24x19 - What Lies Beneath

First aired: Feb/06/2015

A decades-old cold case centers on the vanishing of a woman in South Florida. Dennis Murphy reports.

2110 :24x20 - River of Lies

First aired: Feb/13/2015

A realtor is attacked and left for dead when he's lured to a home showing, resulting in numerous twists and turns. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

2111 :24x21 - Vendetta

First aired: Feb/27/2015

2112 :24x22 - In Broad Daylight

First aired: Mar/06/2015

When a California housewife is murdered in broad daylight, the suspected killer claims it was a burglary gone awry.

2113 :24x23 - Dateline: The Real Blacklist

First aired: Mar/12/2015

A conspiracy-theme case centers on the 2006 poisoning death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. Host: Richard Engel.

2114 :24x24 - Infatuation

First aired: Mar/13/2015

A young art student from Texas is found murdered in her bed with no sign of forced entry, indicating that she knew her killer.

2115 :24x25 - Robert Durst: Inside the Long, Strange Trip

First aired: Mar/19/2015

Dennis Murphy looks deeply into the baffling murder case of New York real estate heir Robert Durst and chronicles the long journey to uncover the truth.

2116 :24x26 - Deadly Twist

First aired: Mar/20/2015

The murder of a California mother reopens a mystery surrounding the death of another woman decades earlier. Keith Morrison reports.

2117 :24x27 - The Desperate Hours

First aired: Mar/22/2015

Wealthy Mexican Publishing Tycoon is kidnapped

2118 :24x28 - The Fugitive Millionaire

First aired: Mar/26/2015

A report on John McAfee, a computer mogul who remains a person of interest to police in a murder investigation. Included: an interview with McAfee. Keith Morrison reports.

2119 :24x29 - Lethal Weapon

First aired: Apr/02/2015

A successful young doctor collapses at her home and is rushed to the Emergency Room, leaving friends and colleagues puzzled. When her blood tests reveal cyanide poisoning, it shocks the medical community and launches a criminal investigation.

2120 :24x30 - The Last Dance

First aired: Apr/03/2015

A beloved kindergarten teacher and mother of two finds a new lease on life after shedding hundreds of pounds. When she suddenly vanishes from her home.

2121 :24x31 - Hope & Heartbreak

First aired: Apr/05/2015

A hidden-camera investigation centers on private adoption. Andrea Canning reports.

2122 :24x32 - Bible Stories: The New Blockbuster

First aired: Apr/05/2015

Natalie Morales interviews Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey, executive producers of "A.D. The Bible Continues." Included: a behind-the-scenes look at the series in Morocco; interviews with cast members; and footage of Downey and Burnett on a promotional tour.

2123 :24x33 - A Perfect Spot

First aired: Apr/09/2015

2124 :24x34 - Fatal Attraction; Family Affair

First aired: Apr/10/2015

Fatal Attraction - When a Houston doctor ingests a lethal chemical found all over his hospital, friends and colleagues wonder if it's an accident, a suicide attempt or a deliberate poisoning. Investigators soon uncover a dangerous love triangle - and a dramatic new theory of the crime.

Family Affair - When a man suddenly disappears in New Jersey, his whereabouts remain a mystery until a car erupts in flames in a nearby town, leading to a major break in a case with many twists and turns.

2125 :24x35 - On the Brink

First aired: Apr/12/2015

Kate Snow puts the focus on young adults living with autism and their families' efforts to find specialized support and services for them.

2126 :24x36 - True Lies

First aired: Apr/16/2015

A mother is murdered in her own bed. The mystery deepens when her husband and her son accuse the other of being the killer with two dramatically different stories. Dennis Murphy reports.

2127 :24x37 - Deadly Deceit

First aired: Apr/17/2015

Suspicions arise when a man's wife dies in a house fire and then a second tragedy claims his son's life.

2128 :24x38 - On the Trail of the Pink Panthers

First aired: Apr/19/2015

Keith Morrison investigates a notorious group of jewel thieves known as the Pink Panthers, who have pulled off brazen and disturbing high-profile heists around the globe.

2129 :24x39 - Queen of the Country

First aired: Apr/23/2015

The death of the matriarch of a prominent Texas family is investigated. Correspondent: Josh Mankiewicz.

2130 :24x40 - The Promise

First aired: Apr/24/2015

The vanishing of a 20-year-old honors student is investigated in a mystery that would take more than 20 years to solve. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

2131 :24x41 - Deadly Exchange

First aired: Apr/30/2015

German foreign exchange student and soccer player Diren Dede's dreams of studying in America came true when he began his junior year at a Montana high school. But when he decides to play a reckless teenage game, the consequences turn deadly.

2132 :24x42 - Angels & Demons

First aired: May/01/2015

Mysterious deaths inside a traveling commune are investigated in a case that would span over 10 years. Dennis Murphy reports.

2133 :24x43 - Tom Brokaw: A Lucky Life Interrupted

First aired: May/07/2015

Tom Brokaw discusses his journey battling cancer and casts light on his 2015 memoir, "A Lucky Life Interrupted." Included: an intimate look inside Brokaw's family life via conversations about his diagnosis with his wife and children.

2134 :24x44 - Secrets on Hot Springs Drive

First aired: May/08/2015

A mother and wife is murdered in a Georgia home invasion. When her friend and neighbor is shot the following night, investigators unearth disturbing secrets that suggest the cases may not be a coincidence. Reporter: Dennis Murphy.

2135 :24x45 - Secret Lives

First aired: May/14/2015

When a young mother and wife disappears, detectives uncover surprising secrets of betrayal in a small upstate New York town. Does her online life hold the key to this mystery or is the answer closer to home?

2136 :24x46 - The Secret

First aired: May/15/2015

Patricia Esparza believed she had escaped poverty and abuse, attending elite schools and becoming a respected psychology professor. But a dark secret comes back to haunt her when a determined investigator and prosecutor in Orange County work to solve a 20-year-old murder case.

2137 :24x47 - Deadly Game

First aired: May/17/2015

When a woman goes missing in a small town in rural Michigan, her husband becomes the primary suspect. But eyewitnesses and surveillance cameras support his alibi that he was in Virginia the day she disappeared - more than 700 miles away.

2138 :24x48 - The Evil To Come

First aired: May/28/2015

Successful businesswoman Peggy Nadell is found murdered in her Rockland County home. With no forensic evidence, police use wiretaps and data analysis to search for her killer. Investigators follow the faint trail of an "untraceable" late night call and are led to someone very familiar.

2139 :24x49 - The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom

First aired: May/29/2015

A single mother of three vanishes, and multiple suspects emerge when police discover she may have been living a double life. Keith Morrison reports.

2140 :24x50 - Shattered

First aired: May/31/2015

Foul play is suspected in the apparent hit-and-run death of a kindergarten teacher found on a Virginia road.

2141 :24x51 - Dangerous Liaisons

First aired: Jun/04/2015

When a 33-year-old Catholic high school tutor in Grand Rapids, Michigan is charged with having an illegal relationship with a 15-year-old student, her stunning defense leads to an emotional courtroom battle.

2142 :24x52 - Growing Hope

First aired: Jun/07/2015

Over a six month period, NBC News correspondent Harry Smith reports on the potential lifesaving benefits of medicinal marijuana and the emotional journey three Virginia families must take to help their children who suffer from life threatening seizures.

2143 :24x53 - My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger

First aired: Jun/07/2015

Would your kids know what to do if they were approached by a stranger or a man they've met once before?

2144 :24x54 - The Devil in Disguise

First aired: Jun/12/2015

An ex-Navy man marries the love of his life. Five months later his new bride finds him dead on their bedroom floor. With no apparent cause of death, family and authorities are left puzzled. His wife suspects he was poisoned, but who would want him dead?

2145 :24x55 - Out of the Shadows

First aired: Jun/14/2015

NBC News National Correspondent Kate Snow shares the remarkable stories of children as they learn to adapt to their limitations and highlights their personal experiences at Camp Sundown, an international haven where kids with light-sensitivity disorders can go to not feel alone in the dark.

2146 :24x56 - My Kid Would Never Do That: Party Safety and Sex

First aired: Jun/14/2015

The second installment of Dateline's award-winning series with Natalie Morales tests teens in what looks like tricky situations at a party space. Teens will hear from the founder of The Date Safe Project, providing guidance and solutions to teens for healthy dating and bystander intervention.

2147 :24x57 - Secrets on Shalimar Way

First aired: Jun/18/2015

When beautiful, beloved Leslie Neulander dies suddenly after what appears to be an accidental fall in the shower, two friends join forces to seek justice on her behalf. It would take more than two years for the truth to come out - with one friend believing Leslie guided their investigation from the grave.

2148 :24x58 - Robert Durst: The Lost Years

First aired: Jun/19/2015

Keith Morrison takes viewers inside the twisted saga of the infamous New York real estate heir and accused murderer. This Dateline special reveals stories from chapters in Durst's life, little known by the public until now.

2149 :24x59 - Crisis on Campus

First aired: Jun/21/2015

Andrea Canning reports on several female college students who allege they were sexually assaulted. Additional perspectives from college administrators and government officials illuminate how students and universities are learning to deal with the explosive issue of campus sexual assaults.

2150 :24x60 - My Kid Would Never Do That: Gun Safety

First aired: Jun/21/2015

What's the best way to educate young kids and teens about gun safety? The third installment of Dateline's award-winning series with Natalie Morales tests kids in gun safety scenarios, as their parents watch on hidden cameras.

2151 :24x61 - Game Night

First aired: Jun/25/2015

In 2011, Russell Faria found his wife Betsy dead on the living room floor in their home outside of St. Louis. Investigators soon zeroed in on Russell, but was the story as simple as it seemed? Keith Morrison reports surprising new developments in this case.

2152 :24x62 - While He Was Sleeping

First aired: Jun/26/2015

When a successful luxury car dealer is murdered in his sleep, detectives soon focus in on one of the victim's many lovers. But with little hard evidence to go on, the investigation stalls - until a year later, when one lucky clue breaks the case wide open.

2153 :24x63 - Avalanche

First aired: Jun/28/2015

A special edition of Dateline, NBC News' Richard Engel tells the harrowing stories of the climbers that survived the deadly Nepal earthquake in April 2015.

2154 :24x64 - My Kid Would Never Do That: Cyberbullying

First aired: Jun/28/2015

The final installment of Dateline's award-winning series tackles cyberbullying and takes a fresh spin on the hidden-camera test by turning the tables on the parents.

2155 :24x65 - Miami Heat

First aired: Jul/10/2015

A Miami woman finds her husband shot dead and her 18-month-old son badly wounded. One month later, she kills the man she suspects is involved in the crime. She claims it was self-defense, but evidence surfaces years later that causes investigators to take a second look.

2156 :24x66 - Shining Star

First aired: Jul/17/2015

A brilliant young woman rose from poverty to become a successful criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When her life is cut short one terrible night in her office, investigators scour her roster of clients and follow a string of strange clues. Would those clues lead them to her killer?

2157 :24x67 - Indiscretion

First aired: Jul/31/2015

The cold-case murder of a young woman found in her Baltimore home is investigated, with a DNA breakthrough leading to surprising suspects. Dennis Murphy reports.

2158 :24x68 - Finding Savanna

First aired: Aug/07/2015

A mother disappears with her 11-month-old daughter after losing a hotly-contested custody battle. The father's epic search for his child spans three continents and nearly two decades, with heartbreaking twists and an emotional conclusion.

2159 :24x69 - Mystery at Heath Bar Farm

First aired: Aug/21/2015

They were a picture perfect family until one February day back in 2009 when Tom Foley says he came home to find a gruesome scene that changed his family forever.

2160 :24x70 - Vanished

First aired: Sep/03/2015

When Amber Dubois vanished in San Diego County, a search turned up nothing. Then, a year later, Chelsea King disappeared in a neighboring town. Dateline reports on the mystery of the missing California teens.

2161 :24x71 - Mystery On The Early Shift

First aired: Sep/04/2015

2162 :24x72 - The Shadow

First aired: Sep/11/2015

2163 :24x73 - The Accomplice

First aired: Sep/18/2015

2164 :25x01 - Footprints in the Dust

First aired: Sep/25/2015

2165 :25x02 - The Agent's Wife

First aired: Oct/02/2015

2166 :25x03 - Twisted Tale

First aired: Oct/08/2015

2167 :25x04 - The Confession

First aired: Oct/16/2015

2168 :25x05 - Tipping Point; Without a Trace

First aired: Oct/23/2015

2169 :25x06 - Crossing the Line

First aired: Oct/30/2015

2170 :25x07 - Under a Full Moon

First aired: Nov/06/2015

2171 :25x08 - Terror In Paris

First aired: Nov/13/2015

2172 :25x09 - Troubled Waters

First aired: Nov/20/2015

2173 :25x10 - A Perfect Spot

First aired: Nov/27/2015

2174 :25x11 - Obsession in the Lone Star State

First aired: Dec/04/2015

2175 :25x12 - Something Sweet

First aired: Dec/11/2015

2176 :25x13 - Internal Affairs

First aired: Dec/18/2015

2177 :25x14 - Deadly Connection

First aired: Jan/01/2016

Kenia Monge is an ambitious and responsible 19-year-old, but also independent. When she doesn't return home after a night out with friends, a terrifying mystery begins.

2178 :25x15 - Mystery in Big Sky Country

First aired: Jan/08/2016

A young veterinarian was discovered dead in his home in Montana and the case remained an unsolved mystery for nearly twenty years.

2179 :25x16 - Plot Twist

First aired: Jan/15/2016

Rachel Buffett talks about being at the center of the investigation as her former fiance was convicted of two shocking murders.

2180 :25x17 - Where the Heart Is

First aired: Jan/17/2016

Stacy and Jason Bingham talk about their five children's health problems.

2181 :25x18 - Do No Harm

First aired: Jan/17/2016

The show hears from some of the people who were hurt by the actions of Michigan oncologist Farid Fata, who ended up pleading guilty to fraud.

2182 :25x19 - Return to Game Night

First aired: Jan/22/2016

The show takes a look at 2015 retrial of Russell Faria, who was convicted for murdering his wife.

2183 :25x20 - In the Shadow of Justice: A Bronx Tale

First aired: Jan/24/2016

Eric Glisson talks about the eighteen years he spent in prison for a murder that he did not commit.

2184 :25x21 - In the Shadow of Justice: The Wrong Man

First aired: Jan/31/2016

The show features an update on Ryan Ferguson, who spent around 10 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit.

2186 :25x23 - In the Shadow of Justice: The Confession

First aired: Feb/07/2016

Many years after a 16-year-old boy confessed to a double murder and was sentenced to life in prison, a local businessman attempts to prove that the teen was wrongfully convicted.

2187 :25x24 - The Face of Evil

First aired: Feb/12/2016

After college student Jamie Hart is found murdered, detectives struggle to find leads. But before a suspect is named, the attacker strikes again, and then again, leaving a Texas town on edge.

2188 :25x25 - In the Shadow of Justice: The Interrogation

First aired: Feb/14/2016

18-year-old Robert Davis faced police questioning about the killing of a young mother and her son, after two neighborhood teens accused him of helping them in the robbery-turned-murder. Though Davis denied any involvement, at the end of a 6-hour interrogation he confessed to the crime he claimed he didn't commit. For more than a decade, his lawyer struggled to prove that Davis' confession was false and coerced. Getting pardoned would take a miracle, until he got support from the most unexpected sources.

2189 :25x26 - A Place in the Sand

First aired: Feb/19/2016

The mystery of a Florida hotel owner's disappearance confounds family, friends and the detectives investigating the case.

2190 :25x27 - One Small Dose

First aired: Feb/21/2016

During a sleepover in Woodbury, Minnesota, 17-year-old Tara Fitzgerald decides to experiment with drugs. She dies just hours later. Police discover her death was a result of a new class of synthetic drugs. Kate Snow reports on this growing nationwide epidemic affecting young people.

2191 :25x28 - The Collector

First aired: Feb/21/2016

A coin collector and his wife, Gary and Jan Tyrrell, are found dead in their home with no signs of forced entry. Police quickly question whether the killings were part of a burglary gone wrong or something much more sinister.

2192 :25x29 - Over the Edge

First aired: Feb/26/2016

In an all-new two-hour Dateline, Andrea Canning tells the story of a woman who falls to her death while hiking with her husband in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rangers question if her death was an accident or a heinous act of violence. Will a buried secret soon be revealed?

2193 :25x30 - Deadly Game

First aired: Feb/28/2016

When a woman goes missing in a small town in rural Michigan, her husband becomes the primary suspect. But eyewitnesses and surveillance cameras support his alibi that he was in Virginia the day she disappeared - more than 700 miles away.

2194 :25x31 - The Deed

First aired: Mar/04/2016

When a beloved couple is brutally murdered in their South Carolina home, the investigation exposes a feud and tears a family apart.

2195 :25x32 - The People vs. O.J. Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard

First aired: Mar/06/2016

O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark sits down for a revealing new interview with Josh Mankiewicz where she opens up about the case that is still making headlines more than 20 years later. This two-hour special, an update to Dateline's 2014 report, also features interviews with key players and witnesses from the trial.

2196 :25x33 - Deadly Devotion

First aired: Mar/11/2016

An Army captain, back from serving abroad, is found dead in her El Paso home. The news stuns her tight-knit military community. Her husband has an alibi, but what about her family and friends? Andrea Canning reports on a case with many twists and turns.

2197 :25x34 - Smoke and Mirrors

First aired: Mar/18/2016

Keith Morrison reports on a Chicago woman from a large family missing for several days. As the whole city joins in the search, detectives begin to suspect that a man in her life has many secrets.

2198 :25x35 - Secrets in Pleasant Grove

First aired: Mar/25/2016

Keith Morrison reports on a former beauty queen found lifeless in her bathtub. After her frantic husband calls 9-1-1, her daughters begin to suspect there may be more to the story.

2199 :25x36 - The Hometown Hero & the Homecoming Queen

First aired: Apr/01/2016

On our way to court every day for Friday's Dateline 'The Hometown Hero & The Homecoming Queen,' something kept catching our eye. So we decided to take a detour and ride the rails. The Fillmore & Western Railway not only offers weekend train excursions for families, it's a resource for Hollywood's biggest studios. Their trains being used in numerous movies, including 'The Lone Ranger' and 'Water for Elephants.'

2200 :25x37 - Deadly Desire

First aired: Apr/03/2016

After a Idaho woman falls in love with her married boss, the affair leads to a violent confrontation. Keith Morrison reports.

2201 :25x38 - Consumed

First aired: Apr/08/2016

Dennis Murphy previews an all-new Dateline on a house fire that breaks out in the middle of the night in Kentucky. When Julie Griffith is found dead amongst the rubble, investigators soon discover the fire was anything but an accident.

2202 :25x39 - High Desert Mystery

First aired: Apr/15/2016

In small-town Colorado, a sudden marriage sows tension in two families. Then a murder uncovers secrets, lies, and a mystery that had been buried for years.

2203 :25x40 - The Client

First aired: Apr/17/2016

The vanishing of a female Realtor from Little Rock, Ark., leads detectives on a desperate chase.

2204 :25x41 - Prince: Life & Death of an Icon

First aired: Apr/22/2016

Cornell student and star athlete Charlie Tan excels in everything. But when he gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation, the community is left in shock.

2205 :25x42 - The Quiet One

First aired: Apr/29/2016

A wife and mother of three is found dead in her bathtub. Is it an accident, or something else? Dark secrets are revealed as the investigation unfolds. Josh Mankiewicz previews.

2206 :25x43 - House of Secrets

First aired: May/01/2016

2207 :25x44 - The Girl with the Red Shoes

First aired: May/06/2016

A teenage girl is murdered at a scenic spot on a Utah river. The case almost goes cold until a hairdresser turned detective, with the help of the victim's determined mom, finds the truth.

2208 :25x45 - The House on Sidney's Cove

First aired: May/08/2016

The notorious hacker, Marcel Lehel Lazar (also known as "Guccifer"), who discovered Hillary Clinton's private email account; giant chimpanzees threatened by poachers; new insight into recovery from traumatic brain injuries.

2209 :25x46 - The Trouble in Quitman

First aired: May/13/2016

When police find a mother and her son shot to death in their home in a small town in Texas, questions rise over whether the husband may have been behind the deaths.

2210 :25x47 - The Informant

First aired: May/20/2016

A young woman's chilling story about a girl's abduction and murder helps re-open a case that has haunted a New York town for decades.

2211 :25x48 - After the Party

First aired: May/22/2016

2212 :25x49 - TBA

First aired: May/27/2016