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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

After a typical movie night, Joey tells Dawson’s (who have been best friends since the age of 6) that she doesn’t really think if it is possible for them to share the same bed and continue a platonic relationship now that they are going into high school. But her fears are put to rest when Jen, the granddaughter of Dawson’s neighbor, moves to town and Dawson becomes infatuated with her. Pacey, Dawson’s pal starts to fall for the new English teacher and drags the entire group to a movie he knows she will be attending. It is during the movie that Joey gets bitchy with Jen, noticing that Jen is moving in on Dawson; but there relationship is patched up at the end when Dawson and Joey share some intimate information…
Guest Stars: Nicole Nieth as Nellie Oleson | Mitchell Laurance as Mr. Benjamin Gold | Leann Hunley as Tamara Jacobs |
Co-Guest Stars: Ed Grady as Gramps | Ted King as Newscaster Bob | Evan Kelly as Roger Fulford | Rick Forrester as Big Guy | George Gaffney as Bodie Wells
Director: Steve Miner
Songs: Sophie B. Hawkins -- As I Lay Me Down, Jann Arden -- Good Mother, BoDeans -- Hey Pretty Girl, The Pretenders -- I'll Stand By You, Say-So -- Mercy Me, Chumbawamba -- Tubthumping

2 :01x02 - Dance

Joey finds out that Mrs. Leery has been cheating on her husband with her co-anchor and confronts her about it. Pacey starts to bug (and interested) Tamara with these openly public flirting styles, and Dawson casts Jen as the leading lady in his monster film (downgrading Joey’s role in the process). Meanwhile, a school dance puts everyone in a weird mood, especially when Dawson interrupt’s Jen’s date with the Quarterback.
Guest Stars: Scott Foley as Cliff | Leann Hunley as Ms. Jacobs | Nicole Nieth as Nellie Oleson |
Co-Guest Stars: Mitchell Laurance as Mr. Gold
Director: Steve Miner
Songs: Nowhere Blossoms -- Am I Cool, The Autumns -- Apple, Paul Chiten -- But You, Sarah Masen -- Flames of Truth, Abra Moore -- Happiness, Savage Garden -- I Want You, Gina G -- Ooh Ahh...Just A Little Bit, Paul Chiten -- Pretty Strange, Jann Arden -- You Don't Know Me

3 :01x03 - Kiss

Joey tells a white lie to a customer at the Bait Shop about being rice and in capeside on vacation, but becomes conflicted when she falls for the boy, and he falls for her. Dawson’s film class is put in charge of helping Cliff get his movie off the ground, which causes tensions for him as well, and Jen. During the filming of the final scene of Dawson’s movie instead of capturing his first kiss on camera like he planned, he catches Pacey losing his virginity.
Guest Stars: Nicole Nieth as Nellie Oleson | Leann Hunley as Ms. Jacobs | Scott Foley as Cliff | Obi Ndefo as Bodie Wells | Ian Bohen as Anderson Crawford |
Co-Guest Stars: Patrick Tucker as Football Player #2 | Chris Blackwelder as Football Player #1 | Angela Ray as Student #2 | Mitchell Laurance as Mr. Benjamin Gold |
Uncredited: Christopher Berry as Cameraman
Songs: Toad the Wet Sprocket -- All I Want, Billie Myers -- First Time, Sophie Zelmani -- I'll Remember You, The Slugs -- Kingdom, Tanya Donelly -- Pretty Deep, Eddi Reader -- The Right Place, Wake Ooloo -- Too Many Times, Meredith Brooks -- What Would Happen

4 :01x04 - Discovery

When Dawson finds out about his mother’s affair and Joey’s knowledge of it, Dawson feels betrayed by both of them. Seeking solace he turns to Jen to talk with, but learns more than he bargained for about her own past digressions – and the true reason she moved to Capeside. Meanwhile Pacey and Tamara’s fling gets more involved and intimate
Guest Stars: Leann Hunley as Ms. Jacobs |
Co-Guest Stars: Ed Grady as Gramps | Travis Stanberry as Carl | Mitchell Laurance as Mr. Benjamin Gold
Director: Steve Miner
Songs: Toad the Wet Sprocket -- Amnesia, Kyf Brewer -- Beautiful Thing, Sarah McLachlan -- Full Of Grace, Barenaked Ladies -- I Know, Say-So -- Stand By Me, Tom Snow -- That's What Love Can Do, The Hang Ups -- Top of Morning, The Devlins -- World Outside

5 :01x05 - Hurricane

During a major hurricane Jen, Grams, Joey, and Bessie take refuge inside the large Leery house. And if tempers weren’t flaring enough between Grams and Bessie, Mitch overhears Dawson and Gail’s fight about her affair, realizing that his wife has been cheating on him; at the same time Jen tries to discuss with Dawson about her previous revelation. Meanwhile Pacey and his deputy brother take refuge in Tamara’s home, where Deputy Witter begins to suspect something is right.
Guest Stars: Leann Hunley as Ms. Jacobs | Dylan Neal as Deputy Doug Witter | Obi Ndefo as Bodie Wells | Ric Reitz as Bob |
Uncredited: Patt Noday as Weatherman
Director: Lou Antonio
Songs: Marc Cohn -- Healing Hands, R.E.M. -- It's The End Of The World As We Know It

6 :01x06 - Baby

While discussing his relationship with Tamara to Dawson, Pacey accidentally allows a classmate to overhear – and within minutes the rumors are flying all around school. Meanwhile, Bessie goes into labor, but is miles from the hospital and the only local ambulance is broken down. Without options she agrees to allow Grams to deliver the baby, where Joey and Jean learn some life lessons.
Guest Stars: Dylan Neal as Deputy Doug Witter | Leann Hunley as Ms. Jacobs | Obi Ndefo as Bodie Wells |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Berry as Eric | Chris Blackwelder as Roger | Traci Dinwiddie as Waiter | Josh Crouch as Smoker/Kenny Leaverton | Dorothy Recasner Brown as Caroline Fields
Director: Steve Miner
Songs: Susanna Hoffs -- All I Want, Andrew Dorff -- Insecuriosity, Beth Nielsen Chapman -- Seven Shades Of Blue, Amanda Marshall -- Sitting On Top Of The World

7 :01x07 - Detention

In an homage to ‘The Breakfast Club’ all the major characters (as well as bad girl Abby Morgan) are sentences to an 8-hour Saturday detention – supervised by the school librarian Mrs. Tringle. Abby starts trouble by suggesting a game of truth or dare that escalades into something totally different within mere minutes…
Guest Stars: Monica Keena as Abby Morgan |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Pniewski as Mr. Pickering | Helen Baldwin as Mrs. Tringle | Barry Bell as Coach | Adrienne Harvey as Cheerleader #2 | Linda Bureau as Cheerleader #1 | Micah Leamer as Daniel | Mati Moralejo as Grant
Director: Allan Arkush
Songs: Colony -- A Lot Like You, Michelle Malone -- Grace, Colony -- Saturday, Chickenpox -- Stupid, Dance Hall Crashers -- Will Tomorrow Ever Come

8 :01x08 - Boyfriend

While attempting to rebuild their marriage, the tension between Mitch and Gale finally hits a breaking point. Joey, feeling pressured about school and things between her and Dawson, lets off too much steam of at a beach party and gets herself into a sticky situation, which Pacey has to save her from. Meanwhile, Jen’s old boyfriend from New York shows up in town, causing tensions between her and Dawson – especially when the guy decides to crash on Dawson’s Floor.
Guest Stars: Scott Foley as Cliff | Eion Bailey as Billy Konrad |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeremy Moore as Tyler | Paula Davis as Complaining Officer
Director: Michael Fields
Songs: Cush -- Being Right, Blink 182 -- Dammit, INXS -- Elegantly Wasted, Ben Folds Five -- Evaporated, Chantal Kreviazuk -- Green Apples, The Slugs -- We'll Get Through

9 :01x09 - Roadtrip

Hoping to get over Jen, Dawson’s agrees to Join Billy (Jen’s old boyfriend) and Pacey on a boys-only road trip, where he gets more than he bargained for when he realizes Billy’s true intentions. But the trip proves to not be a total failure when he meets a fellow film geek who helps him realize what he is really looking for in a girl. Meanwhile, when a jock says he slept with Joey, Jen helps Joey with damage control, which inadvertently makes the rumor get completely out of control.
Guest Stars: Eric Balfour as Warren Gary | Eion Bailey as Billy Konrad | Monica Keena as Abby Morgan |
Co-Guest Stars: Melissa McBride as Nina | Helen Baldwin as Mrs. Tringle | Dean Mumford as Stunt Redneck | J.R. Rodriguez as Redneck | Jessica Chappell as Blonde
Director: Steve Robman
Songs: Boom Hank -- Carry Me, Nowhere Blossoms -- I'm Not Sleeping, Judge Nothing -- Monkey Mind, Judge Nothing -- Nashville, The Slugs -- Requiem For A Lightweight, Swerve -- Right Today, Sounder -- The Step Inside, Ron Sexsmith -- Thinking Out Loud, Days Of The New -- Touch, Peel & Stand, Savage Garden -- Truly, Madly, Deeply, Space Monkeys -- We Are The Supercool, Super Deluxe -- Your Pleasure's Mine

10 :01x10 - Double Date

Dawson asks a classmate out (whom he knows has a crush on him) on a double date with Jen and Cliff; but very quickly his date catches on his plot to get Jen Back. Meanwhile, in order for Pacey to pass biology, and Joey to get enough extra credit to get her A+, their teacher assigns them on a group project – where they finally bond as friends, causing Dawson some jealously.
Guest Stars: Megahn Perry as Mary Beth | Scott Foley as Cliff |
Co-Guest Stars: Keith Flippen as Dr. Rand | Craig Edwards as Carnival Attendant
Director: David Semel
Songs: Vaporhead -- Comeback, Jann Arden -- Hangin by a Thread, Melissa Etheridge -- I'm the Only One, Louie Says -- She, World Party -- She's the One, Leslie King and Shelby Craft -- What's Going On

11 :01x11 - The Scare

Dawson prepares scares for his friends but Jen feels left out when he doesn't plan anything for her. A real serial killer is on the loose as Dawson holds a seance.
Guest Stars: Jennifer McComb as Ursula | Scott Foley as Cliff |
Co-Guest Stars: Ed Grady as Gramps | Patt Noday as Reporter | David Blanchard as David | Justin Smith (2) as Eddie | Mitchell Laurance as Mr. Gold
Director: Rodman Flender
Songs: Mary Thornton and Adam Castillo -- Do You Dream?, Vaporhead -- Nobody Cares, The Tea Party -- Temptation, The Rosenbergs -- Will U Drive Me?

12 :01x12 - Beauty Contest

Dawson is starting to see Joey in a new light since she entered a beauty contest, the more interest he seems to have the more Jen regrets in breaking up with him. Pacey decides he wants to move into his own apartment so in trying to get money he enters the beauty contest himself.
Guest Stars: Lori Rom as Hannah Von Wenning |
Co-Guest Stars: Robby Preddy as Pageant Sign-Up Lady | Cara Stoner as Roberta Crump | Marguerite Lowell as Mrs. Pennoyer | Tara Killian as Girl | Courtney Fendley as Contestant #1 | G. Martin Eckhardt as Soundman/Cameraman
Director: Arvin Brown
Writer: Dana Baratta
Songs: Amanda Marshall -- Fall From Grace, Susan Sandberg -- Girl With All The Goodbyes, Joshua Jackson -- New York, New York, Katie Holmes -- On My Own, Chickenpox -- Pretty Face, Eve 6 -- Small Town Trap, Goldfinger -- Superman, Chantal Kreviazuk -- Surrounded

13 :01x13 - Decisions

Bessie forces Joey to go visit their father in prison on his birthday. Dawson accompanies Joey on the trip which opens some old wounds, but heals others. Joey and Dawson finally share their feelings together, but Joey is contemplating a chance of a lifetime: to spend a semester in France. Meanwhile, Jen struggles to keep her family together as her grandfather is rushed to the hospital.
Guest Stars: Gareth Williams as Mike Potter | Dylan Neal as Doug Witter |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Fullerton as Guard | Helen Baldwin as Mrs. Tringle | Ed Grady as Gramps
Director: David Semel
Story: Jon Harmon Feldman | Teleplay: Dana Baratta
Songs: Sarah McLachlan -- Angel, Melodie Crittenden -- Broken Road, Edwin McCain -- I'll Be, Beth Nielsen Chapman -- Say Goodnight, Dog's Eye View -- What Do You Do?
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 20, 1998
Ended: May 14, 2003
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