Days of our Lives

Season 18

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Season 18

4316 :18x01 - Ep. #4316

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4328 :18x13 - Ep. #4328

Tony and Liz discuss Renee's wedding. Tony hints he might grant a divorce. Liz is suprised and wants to know why.

Renee and David are on their honeymoon in Paris. Tony sends them a bouquet of flowers, that upsets Renee.

Marlena and Roman discuss Thanksgiving.

Julie, Doug & Robert formulate a plan to get information on Stefano DiMera. Julie is pressured into writing a letter from a former mistress named Lola Jasper.

Anna and Alex appear to be plotting something against Roman. She reveals that he conversations with Marlena are all a performance.

Renee tries to call home without David knowing, but keeps getting interrupted.

Marlena has a therapy session of her own. Her therapist Toni wants Marlena to talk about her feelings towards her mother and her twin Samantha.

Renee tells Tony she hates him and loves David.

4329 :18x14 - Ep. #4329

Danny's in a good mood, invites Nikki to go out to a fancy dinner.
He tells Woody he made money driving a station wagon to some guy.

Gwen and Tony enter and walk up to Woody to talk about another album.

Liz visits Daphne, who is agitated and rambling.

Marlena tells Roman they're going to Mazatlan that night to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Woody advises Gwen to let go of Don. They discuss their family.

Tom wishes Marlena and Roman a good trip. He then congratulates Julie on the hospital decorations and tells Neil he will see him at Thanksgiving dinner as Marie's date.

Tony assures his mother that no one other than Daphne, Renee and himself know her secret about his true parentage.

Marlena tells Tony that Daphne needs to be institutionalized.

Alice strongarms the Commissioner into giving Roman time off.

Roman check in with Abe about a heroin shipment that was smuggled in a blue station wagon.

Neil enters Doug's place and pretends to be drunk.

Liz and Tony enter Doug's place, but Tony is soon called away. Liz tries to speak to Neil and feels guilty for his drinking.

Danny asks Nikki what it's like to go through her whole life without having to worry about money. He tells her he's been poor, tonight he's rich, rich is better. Neil said to her. Liz tells her he told her to mind her own business.

Marlena and Roman discuss memories of Mazatlan and Jose - then leave to catch their cab to the airport.

Alex is having Roman shadowed.

4330 :18x15 - Ep. #4330

Gwen and her brother Oliver pretend not to know each other at Shenanigans.

Gene is lonely and depressed. He visits with the robot.

Marlena and Roman make love in Mazatlan.

Chris and Kayla have a serious discussion about their relationship.

Roman is being watched, even in Mazatlan.

Abe tells Roman there's no update on the drug smuggling.

Oliver and Gwen discuss her feelings for Don.

Do joins Gwen at a table. He tells her he spent Thanksgiving with Maggie Horton.

Anna and Stefano discuss their plan to discredit Roman.
Anna wants to know why Stefano is after Roman.

Gene summons Chris and Kayla to the lab because the robot is 'broken'.

Stefano tells Anna the story of why he came to Salem. He also tells her why he is after Roman Brady.

Nikki and Abe have dinner and discuss her attempts to be ordinary.

At the robotics lab, Kayla and Chris realize Gene is lonely.

Don and Gwen share a moment on their way out.

Manuel adjusts the signs on their door.

Anna tells Stefano about her secret weapon. She also introduces him to the concept of Hypnotism.

4339 :18x24 - Ep. #4339

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4381 :18x66 - Ep. #4381

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Guest Stars: Peggy McCay as Caroline Brady

4383 :18x68 - Ep. #4383

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Guest Stars: Peggy McCay as Caroline Brady

4395 :18x80 - Ep. #4395

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4397 :18x82 - Ep. #4397

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Guest Stars: Robert Clary as Robert LeClair

4418 :18x103 - Ep. #4418

Tony and Anna are married.

4562 :18x247 - Ep. #4562

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Guest Stars: Philece Sampler as Renee Dumonde

4571 :18x256 - Ep. #4571

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Guest Stars: Dick Billingsley as Scotty Banning
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 08, 1965
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