Days of our Lives

Season 20

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Season 20

4836 :20x01 - Ep. #4836

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4837 :20x02 - Ep. #4837

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4838 :20x03 - Ep. #4838

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4839 :20x04 - Ep. #4839

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4840 :20x05 - Ep. #4840

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4841 :20x06 - Ep. #4841

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4842 :20x07 - Ep. #4842

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4843 :20x08 - Ep. #4843

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4844 :20x09 - Ep. #4844

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4845 :20x10 - Ep. #4845

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4846 :20x11 - Ep. #4846

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4847 :20x12 - Ep. #4847

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4848 :20x13 - Ep. #4848

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4849 :20x14 - Ep. #4849

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4850 :20x15 - Ep. #4850

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4851 :20x16 - Ep. #4851

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4852 :20x17 - Ep. #4852

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4854 :20x19 - Ep. #4854

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4889 :20x54 - Ep. #4889

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5015 :20x180 - Ep. #5015

Bo and Hope dance in a barn. Hope talks about how lucky she is to be married to Bo. Bo starts undressing Bo and they get busy in the barn.

Patch is on the phone telling Victor to meet him at the stables. Neal goes to answer his door. A reporter asks if Ian Griffith and Melissa are having an affair. They both look guilty. Eugene and Calliope are in attendance. Shane and Emma stroll through the room. Marlena tells Kim that Shane & Emma are there and offers to keep her away from them. Emma drops in a photo that Kim took of a firehouse. Shane is upset because it was a sentimental picture he would not have put put up for auction. Emma denies doing anything. Shane asks to talk to Kim, but the auctioneer announces the start. Mickey ejects the reporter.

Steve picks up the prints of the pictures (from the roll of film he stole from Kimberly's house at Savannah's request in an earlier episode). Peter shows up just as the photo shop is closing. He picks up the pictures he had developed. Bo & Hope continue making out in the stable. Neal checks in on Kim Chris and Savannah show up. Bo & Hope are still "rolling in the hay" so to speak when Patch enters. Patch looks through the photos and realizes they are not the photos he's been ordered to get.

When Kimberly's photo goes up to bid, a mysterious man (Victor) opens the bidding with $500. Kimberly asks who just bid, Marlena says she does not know who it is. Shane counterbids. A bidding war ensues. Kim begs Shane to stop. He tells her he has to get the picture back. Shane wins the bid at $1500. Caroline walks in and interupts Melissa and Ian. Pete rushes in and says he has something for Melissa (the photos). She says she has something for him too and slaps him. Kim is confused on why Shane would give away and then bid on the picture. Marlena looks at Emma and starts to figure it out. Bo & Hope walk in covered with hay. Everyone tries to figure out who the mysterious bidder is.

Victor comes out to the stables, then realizes no one is there and leaves. Peter says he didn't tell a reporter Melissa was having an affair with Ian. Peter yells at Tod when he tries to help. Bo bids on a piece for Hope. Shane tells Emma he does not love her. She is not the person he married or loved. Shane says she should go back to England. Bo gives Hope her gift a golden music box.

Someone falls in the pool. While everyone else to go look, Bo slips out the front door and Shane pulls Kim aside to talk to her. Savannah tells Tod she waited at the studio. Victor walks in and Savannah and Caroline are surprised. Victor offers to buy the rest of the items in the auction and also donate 1 million dollars.

Marlena aks Caroline if she knew him. Caroline says his name is Victor and that he left Salem many years ago.

Hope looks for Bo. Shane tells Kim that he did not put her picture up for auction, that he never could. He tells Kim he loves her. Kim pulls away. Shane tells Kim he will leave Emma because he wants to be with Kim. Kim asks him to take her inside. Emma comes out from behind the bush she was listening behind and swaers "I will not let this happen. I will make Shane love me. Even if I have to get rid of Kimberly".

Bo meets up with Patch on the pier.

5042 :20x207 - Ep. #5042

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Guest Stars: Suzanne Rogers as Maggie Horton
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 08, 1965
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