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Days of our Lives

Season 23

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Season 23

5609 :23x01 - Ep. #5609

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5610 :23x02 - Ep. #5610

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5611 :23x03 - Ep. #5611

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5612 :23x04 - Ep. #5612

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5613 :23x05 - Ep. #5613

It's the day of Justin and Adrienne's wedding, but will she go through with it?
Kayla is deathly ill, murmering Steve's name. Jack is at a loss to help her. Harper is deviously solicitous.

Melissa gives Steve a letter from Kayla that thanks him and tells him she's happy.

Adrienne confronts Justin about whether he knew about the man who was murdered.

The preparations for the wedding continue...Kim, Diana and Melissa get ready. Jo frets. Angelica gleefully senses the tension.

Finally everyone is in the church, the bridal theme plays, everyone turns to the doorway and wait for Adrienne to enter..... but will she??

5614 :23x06 - Ep. #5614

The Greek wedding commences.
Jack and Harper solicitously care for Kayla.
Jennifer calls for help and Frankie comes to her aid.
Roman and Diana sneak out for some time together, but have they been seen?

5615 :23x07 - Ep. #5615

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5616 :23x08 - Ep. #5616

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5617 :23x09 - Ep. #5617

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5618 :23x10 - Ep. #5618

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5619 :23x11 - Ep. #5619

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5620 :23x12 - Ep. #5620

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5621 :23x13 - Ep. #5621

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5622 :23x14 - Ep. #5622

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5623 :23x15 - Ep. #5623

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5624 :23x16 - Ep. #5624

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5625 :23x17 - Ep. #5625

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5626 :23x18 - Ep. #5626

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5627 :23x19 - Ep. #5627

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5628 :23x20 - Ep. #5628

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5629 :23x21 - Ep. #5629

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5630 :23x22 - Ep. #5630

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5631 :23x23 - Ep. #5631

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5632 :23x24 - Ep. #5632

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5633 :23x25 - Ep. #5633

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5634 :23x26 - Ep. #5634

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5635 :23x27 - Ep. #5635

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5636 :23x28 - Ep. #5636

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5637 :23x29 - Ep. #5637

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5638 :23x30 - Ep. #5638

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5639 :23x31 - Ep. #5639

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5640 :23x32 - Ep. #5640

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5641 :23x33 - Ep. #5641

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5642 :23x34 - Ep. #5642

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5643 :23x35 - Ep. #5643

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5644 :23x36 - Ep. #5644

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5645 :23x37 - Ep. #5645

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5646 :23x38 - Ep. #5646

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5647 :23x39 - Ep. #5647

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5648 :23x40 - Ep. #5648

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5649 :23x41 - Ep. #5649

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5650 :23x42 - Ep. #5650

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5651 :23x43 - Ep. #5651

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5652 :23x44 - Ep. #5652

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5653 :23x45 - Ep. #5653

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5654 :23x46 - Ep. #5654

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5655 :23x47 - Ep. #5655

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5656 :23x48 - Ep. #5656

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5657 :23x49 - Ep. #5657

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5658 :23x50 - Ep. #5658

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5659 :23x51 - Ep. #5659

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5660 :23x52 - Ep. #5660

It's election night - will Jack triumph as an Asemblyman?
Harper and Angelica are so excited.
A reporter with damaging photos is trying to get through to him.
Kayla and Steve can't wait to be together.

Eve and Nick argue over her "work" and Nick set her up with a particularly viciously abusive 'john'. Eve calls for help and gets it from an unexpected source who is surprisingly sympathetic. Will Eve and her friend get out unscathed?

Shane and Gabrielle try to get back to Salem during a storm. They bond over being Eve's parents.

5661 :23x53 - Ep. #5661

In the aftermath of the election and Eve's assault and rape, many of the consequences come out.

Kim is rushed to the hospital along with Eve.
A terrible tragedy ensues and nearly everyone blames themselves.
Everyone waits for Shane to return.

Neil and Abe appear to doubt Eve's vague story which will not help catch the assailant.

Jack confronts the photographer who gave him the photos of Steve & Kayla kissing. He tries to convince himself they are fakes, but is soon convinced they are real. He starts to watch Steve and Kayla.

Jacks' victory is celebrated at Blondies. Harper & Angelica are proud. Jo is overjoyed. Steve is ecstatic (though for another reason). Marcus and Steve hang out waiting until the next morning when Jack will be told about Kayla and Steve.

Meanwhile Jack oversees a compromising situation and gets angrier about a betrayal. He lashes out in a violent assault.

5662 :23x54 - Ep. #5662

Roman and Diana attempt to have their first date without sneaking around or arguing. That doesn't last very long as they argue about their plans for Victor.

Adrienne is worried about how Steve will take the news of her pregnancy. She needn't have worried.
She gets annoyed with Victor and Justin for telling her how to live her life and who she can be friends with.

Kayla and Jack struggle to deal with the aftermath of the rape. Jack is still angry and vengeful. He takes action against Steve.

The reporter who passed on the incrminating photos talks to Steve and Jack that night.

Justin tries to help Steve.

Steve and Kayla are reunited for the night, they will have to deal with it all tomorrow.

5663 :23x55 - Ep. #5663

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Guest Stars: Sherry Hursey as Paula | Sharon Noble as Dr. Parker |
Uncredited: Betty White as Nurse #2

5664 :23x56 - Ep. #5664

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5665 :23x57 - Ep. #5665

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5666 :23x58 - Ep. #5666

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Guest Stars: Sherry Hursey as Paula |
Uncredited: Betty White as Teacher

5667 :23x59 - Ep. #5667

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5668 :23x60 - Ep. #5668

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5669 :23x61 - Ep. #5669

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5670 :23x62 - Ep. #5670

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5671 :23x63 - Ep. #5671

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5672 :23x64 - Ep. #5672

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5673 :23x65 - Ep. #5673

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5674 :23x66 - Ep. #5674

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5675 :23x67 - Ep. #5675

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5676 :23x68 - Ep. #5676

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5677 :23x69 - Ep. #5677

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5678 :23x70 - Ep. #5678

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5679 :23x71 - Ep. #5679

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5680 :23x72 - Ep. #5680

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5681 :23x73 - Ep. #5681

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Guest Stars: Arleen Sorkin as Calliope Jones
Director: Shelley Curtis

5682 :23x74 - Ep. #5682

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5683 :23x75 - Ep. #5683

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5684 :23x76 - Ep. #5684

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5685 :23x77 - Ep. #5685

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5686 :23x78 - Ep. #5686

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5687 :23x79 - Ep. #5687

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5688 :23x80 - Ep. #5688

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5689 :23x81 - Ep. #5689

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5690 :23x82 - Ep. #5690

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5691 :23x83 - Ep. #5691

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5692 :23x84 - Ep. #5692

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5693 :23x85 - Ep. #5693

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5694 :23x86 - Ep. #5694

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5695 :23x87 - Ep. #5695

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5696 :23x88 - Ep. #5696

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5697 :23x89 - Ep. #5697

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5698 :23x90 - Ep. #5698

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5699 :23x91 - Ep. #5699

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5700 :23x92 - Ep. #5700

It's the day of Janice's funeral service.

Bill has decided to leave.
Jennifer tells Frankie she's going to leave.
Eve is happy and tries to get Frankie's attention and asks him to do a portrait of her.

Mike, Bill, Mickey, Maggie, Tom and Alice all deal with their grief over Janice's death.

Diana has issues with the newspaper editor, which eventually blow up. Serena tempts her with an offer to get her money back from Victor. Roman teases Diana in his usual fashion Roman vets Carrie's first date.

Shane and Gabrielle discuss Eve, Mike and the Riverfront killer

5701 :23x93 - Ep. #5701

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5702 :23x94 - Ep. #5702

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5703 :23x95 - Ep. #5703

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5704 :23x96 - Ep. #5704

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5705 :23x97 - Ep. #5705

Steve starts to doubt himself and thinks he's not needed at the Community Center.

Justin and Adrienne argue at the Cheatin Heart.

Mike tells Roman he has to move Diana from the tunnels below Shenanigan's, otherwise she'll get pneumonia. Roman insists Diana can't go to a hospital because she still needs the Torres mob family to think she is dead.

Emilio and April come up with a plan to distract Mike and get more drugs from the Community center.

Adrienne and Steve bond at the Cheatin Heart and discuss Billy. What the don't realize is that Canby is listening to them.

Roman decides to take Diana to his house and puts her on the sofa in his living room. Bianca (the mob boss' daughter) drops by and invites herself in. Diana covers herself with a couch cushion to try and hide. Roman tells Bianka he's on his way out. Bianka tells Roman that her father wants to meet him. After she leaves, Roman starts kissing Diana, not realizing Bianka is watching them through the window.

Canby tells Jack he's found Johnson's Achilles heel, a missing brother. Jack disingenuously offers to Adrienne to help her find her brother, as a favor to Jo.

Mike catches April stealing the drugs, they struggle and he is about to turn her in. She tells him why she was stealing.
Mike tells the Community Center board about April stealing the drugs, and why (to help her dying mother).

Bianka tells her father about Roman's betrayal. Torres dismisses Justin.

At the pier, Torres tells Roman about the arms deal going down on Friday. Once Roman leaves Torres implies that Roman will be killed.

Canby tells Jack the new information he just got from Monty, about April stealing drugs but not being prosecuted. Jack says this will break the community center for good and gives Canby more money.

5706 :23x98 - Ep. #5706

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5707 :23x99 - Ep. #5707

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5708 :23x100 - Ep. #5708

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5709 :23x101 - Ep. #5709

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5710 :23x102 - Ep. #5710

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5711 :23x103 - Ep. #5711

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5712 :23x104 - Ep. #5712

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5713 :23x105 - Ep. #5713

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5714 :23x106 - Ep. #5714

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5715 :23x107 - Ep. #5715

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5716 :23x108 - Ep. #5716

It's the night of Shawn and Caroline's 40th Anniversary party.

Diana and Serena discuss their plans to steal an icon from the Greek exhibit at the museum.

Alan tells Jennifer that Frankie's letter to the school newspaper will be embarrassing and should be pulled. Jennifer knew about the letter but decides she would prefer it not be published, she asks Frankie to rescind it but he refuses. She asks Ms. Carson to talk to Frankie.
Throughout all this Frankie refuses to take back the letter.

Kim asks Shane to attend the anniversary party.

Kayla asks Steve not to fly to Washington DC tonight. He reassures her and tells her not to believe in the mutterings of a homeless man.

At Blondies, the Brady's toast their parents. Several of them are preoccupied with their significant others though.

Serena shows up with Victor, to the dismay of several people.

Gabrielle shows up with Mike, claims not to know the party was at this restaurant.

Later, Calliope accuses Serena of stealing money from the restaurant and during the resulting pandemonium, Diana slips away. Dave finds the money.

Shane ends up driving Gabrielle home. Gabrielle admits to Shane she doesn't want him to reconcile with Kimberly.

Calliope tells Kayla she's just heard some news about the DC flight.

Diana is just about to steal the Greek icon... when someone grabs her foot....

5717 :23x109 - Ep. #5717

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5718 :23x110 - Ep. #5718

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5719 :23x111 - Ep. #5719

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5720 :23x112 - Ep. #5720

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5721 :23x113 - Ep. #5721

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5722 :23x114 - Ep. #5722

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5723 :23x115 - Ep. #5723

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5724 :23x116 - Ep. #5724

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5725 :23x117 - Ep. #5725

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5726 :23x118 - Ep. #5726

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5727 :23x119 - Ep. #5727

Gabrielle is nearly poisoned.

Frankie and Mrs. Carson almost repeat their one-night stand, but Frankie pulls away.

Roman catches Victor and his bodyguard on a rowboat in the middle of the lake. A masked scuba diver gets away with Victor's money.
Neil and Grace come home and discuss their upcoming wedding. Grace points out how Jo always watches her disapprovingly. Neil gets called away to the hospital.

Kim and Shane talk, but nothing is resolved. Kim then watches Shane with Gabrielle.

Roman recovers the stolen icon and brings Victor into the police station.

Grace turns down Jo's offer of a ride home and decides to walk home.

Calliope helps the scuba diver ashore.

Frankie looks out of Ms. Carson's window and sees a woman stabbed.

Calliope and Diana go to the police station. They're excited to see Victor there, but upset that he isn't arrested.

Frankie & Mrs. Carson discuss what to do about reporting the witnessing of a murder. Frankie can't reveal he was there without her losing her job. They decide to have her call the police and claim to be the witness.

Neil gets very bad news about Grace.

Diana asks Roman if he is made at her. He rants about having to always save her, but in the end they make up.

Gabrielle tells Shane that she still loves him.

5728 :23x120 - Ep. #5728

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5729 :23x121 - Ep. #5729

Shane tries to warn Eve against Nick. He tells her some people can't be trusted.

Jennifer gives back the heart pendant to Frankie. She says he still has a connection to Paula. She announces it's over between them.

Diana apologizes to Roman.She said she realizes she's been foolish. When he said she used him to get her revenge. She admits he was right. Roman kisses Diana, then tells her she's the most complicated, confusing woman he's met in his entire life. He kisses her.

Jennifer joins Alan at Shenanigan. She tells him that she's broken up with Frankie. Alan feigns sympathy, and then declares his feelings for her. Jennifer is shocked and says she needs time. Alan says he'll wait for her.... he'll wait forever.

Mrs. Carson participates in a lineup. She fingers Nick.
Shane thanks her for confirming their suspicions and that she helped get the Riverfront Killer off the streets.

Serena surprises Roman with the news that Diana is moving.

In Gabrielle's room, Shane tells Eve that Nick is the killer. Eve says it's a mistake.

Frankie tries to get Jennfier to talk to him. Alan takes her away as she starts to see receptive.

Even tells Nick she doesn't think he's the killer. He says that means a lot to him.

Roman stops by Diana's new apartment for kissing and to talk about where she got the money. Roman tells her that sometimes sex is not always enough.

5730 :23x122 - Ep. #5730

Diana drops by Roman's, hoping to make peace. They do get to kissing.

At the community center, Steve, Marcus, Kayla and Vanessa discuss Emilo. Marcus and Vanessa argue. Vanessa seems to have lost her watch around the same time Emilio left.

Frankie finds out that Mrs. Carson identified the wrong guy (Nick).
He tells Mrs. Carson and they go off to call the police to tell them there was a mistake. Jennifer is not happy at the amount of time Frankie is spending with Mrs. Carson.

Neil is dealing with the loss of Grace and has to tell Noel.

Roman gets a call from the Commissioner, he may be getting a promotion.

Monty shows up relatively clean and sober. He claims he's going to stay sober. Emilio has his doubts.

Jennifer tells Frankie that the only thing she needs from him is the truth.

Emilio denies taking the watch. The truth comes out soon after.

Roman comes home with the news on whether he got the promotion.

Angelica suddenly decides she wants to have a baby. Harper emphatically does not.

Carrie and Diana discuss Roman. Diana says she learned something important, she realizes how much she cares for Roman.

Meanwhile Roman asks a blonde woman out to dinner.

5731 :23x123 - Ep. #5731

Victor tries to convince Justin to skip the Community center benefit. Justin refuses.

Kim tells her mom it's her anniversary today.

Mike tells Gabrielle she can go home. Shane assures Gabrielle it's safe to go home, he's changed the locks and hired guards.

At the community center, Kayla, Steve, Vanessa and Marcus are all helping set up.

Jack wants Kayla to publicly apologize for saying he raped her. He threatens to drag out their divorce for years if she doesn't.

Eve arranges to meet with Nick now that he's free.

Kim is at the door but her keys don't work. Eve calls the police saying someone is trying to break in

Vanessa tells Marcus off because she thinks he's a rich spoiled privelleged guy who doesn't understand. Marcus gets angry and walks out.

The officer is arresting Kim as Shane come up. Eve runs out and pretends she didn't know it was Kim outside. Kim is not buying it.

Kim says this is her home and Shane doesn't want her here. Kim points out her key doesn't fit the front door. Shane reminds her about the killer who attacked Eve and Gabrielle. Kim says she came by because it was their anniversary and she wanted to share it with him.

Eve and Nick meet up and discuss his being free and how alike they are - how Shane can never undrestand them.

Kayla welcomes everyone to the community center.

Jack hires Canby to find something on the community center.

Shane and Kim yell at each other some more, but will they resolve their differences?

Back at the community center, the random man pulls a gun as Justin starts to speak. Victor sees it and stands up to take the bullet. The shot is fired...

5732 :23x124 - Ep. #5732

Shane and Kim discuss/argue about their relationship about about Gabrielle. Interspersed are flashbacks to when they fell in love, got engaged, got married and had Andrew.

We see Victor get shot at the community center benefit.
Serena, Steve, Kayla, Justin and Adrienne rush to the hospital with him.
Will Victor make it?

Justin feels responsible. Justin vows revenge against the Torres family. Adrienne worries he's being sucked back into organized crime.

Caroline visits Victor, as does Serena.

Marcus walks Vanessa home and they run into her uncle - with embarrassing results...

5733 :23x125 - Ep. #5733

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5734 :23x126 - Ep. #5734

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5735 :23x127 - Ep. #5735

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5736 :23x128 - Ep. #5736

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5737 :23x129 - Ep. #5737

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5738 :23x130 - Ep. #5738

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5739 :23x131 - Ep. #5739

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5740 :23x132 - Ep. #5740

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5741 :23x133 - Ep. #5741

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5742 :23x134 - Ep. #5742

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5743 :23x135 - Ep. #5743

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5744 :23x136 - Ep. #5744

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5745 :23x137 - Ep. #5745

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5746 :23x138 - Ep. #5746

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5747 :23x139 - Ep. #5747

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5748 :23x140 - Ep. #5748

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5749 :23x141 - Ep. #5749

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5750 :23x142 - Ep. #5750

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5751 :23x143 - Ep. #5751

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5752 :23x144 - Ep. #5752

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5753 :23x145 - Ep. #5753

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5754 :23x146 - Ep. #5754

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5755 :23x147 - Ep. #5755

Shane & Kim discuss divorce.

Paula Carson tells Frankie she's leaving Salem.

Kayla writes to Steve that she can't remember who attacked her.

Paula finally admits to Frankie the real reason she is leaving.

Shane, Gabrielle and Kim rush to the hospital when they hear about Kayla.

Alice overhears a suspicious conversation between Tom & Calliope.
She asks him what is going on but he won't tell her.

Alan sees Shane comforting Kim and gets suspicious about their separation. He tells Eve he doesn't think she'll be able to get her mother and father together after all.

Emilio visits Kayla.

Jennifer asks her grandfather for advice about Frankie, he shares a suggestion that she thinks will work for her. Alice tells Tom she loves him but if he doesn't tell her what's going on, there wont' be much trust left.

Kim visits Kayla.

Jennifer finds Frankie at the fishing shack and gives him a letter.

5756 :23x148 - Ep. #5756

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5757 :23x149 - Ep. #5757

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5758 :23x150 - Ep. #5758

Kimberly & Shane plan for another evening where Kim poses as a streetwalker to try and lure the killer. Shawn Brady comes by and tires to convince Kim to stop being a hooker.

At the hospital, Kayla is having a nightmare about being attacked in the basement of her loft's building and the subsequent fire. Steve and Mike discuss Kayla's fears. Mike has an idea to help Kayla but it has mixed results. Kayla learns the sign language for the word "Courage".

At the Riverfront Community center, Charlene begs for help from Marcus and Vanessa. She claims her child fell into an airshaft. Abe, Lexie and several other police show up and try to help rescue the child.

Kim "works the room" at the Cheatin' Heart. A rich Texan john buys her for the night and takes her back to "her place". Will Shane be able to help her?

Mike and April run into each other (literally) and agree to go to lunch. April thinks she is teaching Mike a lesson, but her turns the tables on her.

The police lower Marcus into the airshaft. Will Marcus save the child?

Steve & Kayla share a dance on the roof at the loft.

5759 :23x151 - Ep. #5759

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5760 :23x152 - Ep. #5760

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5761 :23x153 - Ep. #5761

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5762 :23x154 - Ep. #5762

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5763 :23x155 - Ep. #5763

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5764 :23x156 - Ep. #5764

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5765 :23x157 - Ep. #5765

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5766 :23x158 - Ep. #5766

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5767 :23x159 - Ep. #5767

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5768 :23x160 - Ep. #5768

Steve and Monty overhear Emilio plotting to get money.
Steve offers Monty a job.

At the Community Center, a commissioner is considering whether to reinstate funding. April admits to being the thief and tells the woman about how much good the community center does for the community.

Shane pressures Kim to get information from Kayla.
Kayla sees Kim and Shane talking and wonders what's going on.

The commissioner is impressed by April's defense and decides to reinstate funding. Mike tells April he's proud of her.

Kim tells Kayla she wants to help, but is frustrated at the lack of results.

Mike invites April to go to the beach. April turns him down.

Steve is talking to Emilio just as his fellow gang members run out of a store they have robbed. Emilio and the other two thugs run off.

April reveals a secret to Vanessa and Mike overhears.

Steve comes across Emilio and his accomplices splitting up the money. He scares them with threats of arrest and jail - then offers to make a deal. Steve says if he returns the money, then Steve won't turn them in. Emilio thinks about his future.

Mike and April hang out at the beach.

Steve reassures Kayla on how much he loves her.

Shane and Kim have dinner.

5769 :23x161 - Ep. #5769

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5770 :23x162 - Ep. #5770

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5771 :23x163 - Ep. #5771

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5772 :23x164 - Ep. #5772

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5773 :23x165 - Ep. #5773

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5774 :23x166 - Ep. #5774

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5775 :23x167 - Ep. #5775

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5776 :23x168 - Ep. #5776

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5777 :23x169 - Ep. #5777

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5778 :23x170 - Ep. #5778

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5779 :23x171 - Ep. #5779

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5780 :23x172 - Ep. #5780

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5781 :23x173 - Ep. #5781

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5782 :23x174 - Ep. #5782

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5783 :23x175 - Ep. #5783

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5784 :23x176 - Ep. #5784

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5785 :23x177 - Ep. #5785

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5786 :23x178 - Ep. #5786

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5787 :23x179 - Ep. #5787

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5788 :23x180 - Ep. #5788

Diana balks at spending time with the Bradys and freaks out about a commitment with Roman.

Emilio's jokes set off April's insecurites about the differences between her and Mike and she pushes him away.

Shane asks Kim to renew their vows.

Marcus and Vanessa come over to the loft with a surprise for Steve & Kayla.

Steve and Marcus bond.

Eve is nervous about spending time with the Bradys.

Steve and Kayla are brought into their surprise Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.
Kayla is touched by the love of the Bradys, Hortons and Johnsons.

Rosa's mother counsels April to have courage.

Steve and Kayla invite their friends to be in their wedding.

Mike finds out about Emilio's conversation with April.

Justin suggests the mean leave the bar and join the women. The suggestion is well received.

Emilio and Jennifer have a run-in (literally) and then she runs to Frankie.

Kim and Shane realize that Eve seems to have left.

Mike confronts April about her pride.

Diana feels more comfortable with the Bradys.

Eve worries the Bradys won't accept her, due to her past as a hooker. Kim & Shane remind her that they accepted Kim back after she was a whore. Shane tells her that it's a case of Eve accepting the family, not the family accepting her.

Back at the loft, Kayla tells Steve she could feel all the love, without having to hear. They hug, but then Kayla pulls away and grabs her ear. Steve signs to ask her what's wrong.

5789 :23x181 - Ep. #5789

Gabrielle and Eve discuss feeling like outsiders and not fitting in.
They get ready to go out, when Shane shows up and points out Eve has a therapy session. Shane says he sincerely hopes Eve wasn't trying to get out of it.

Jack asks Melissa for details on Kayla's shower and the upcoming wedding. He pretends it does not upset him.

Steve is frantically trying to get a hold of Mike because Kayla is experiencing pain in her head.

The phone interrupts Mike and April having a heart to heart moment. As he rushes off, Mike tells April the conversation isn't finished.

Shane and Gabrielle take Eve to her therapy session.

Steve lets Mike into the loft. Steve translates for Kayla's symptoms. Steve tells Mike that all of a sudden after the party she started having a ringing in her ears.

Kayla interrupts Steve - to the amazement of everyone....

Eve tells the therapist how much she wants her parents to get together. The therapist tries to get Eve to think about herself instead of her parents. Eve admits to wanting to be a "normal teenager. Instead of the hooker kid from a broken home."

Jo stops by the Deveraux estate to make sure Jack is ok, but also to make sure he isn't up to something to interfere with the wedding.

Mike examines Kayla's ear and give her good news.
She worries about not being able to speak.

At Shenanigans, Eve tells Shane about how Dr. Ashley told her to concentrate on her own life instead of him and Gabrielle.

Shane asks if the kids at a neighboring table are friends of Eve's. She says they're a big clique of popular kids who hang out together at school. She's not real interested in getting to know them, because they're all kind of stuck-up.

The teens laugh about Eve and her past. One of the guys bets another one named Harris , "I bet you couldn't get her to put out for you."

Harris accepts and goes over to talk to Eve, with little success.

Mike comes back to the Community Center and asks April to be his date for Steve and Kayla's wedding. Will she accept?

Steve and Kayla dance and kiss to their song, "Lady in Red".

Harris stops by and asks out Eve.

Melissa comes back to the Deveraux estate and tells Jack he's handling Kayla's wedding well and that she loves him. Jack claims he loves her too.

Once alone looking at pictures of Kayla, Jack has a different reaction.

Kayla kicks Steve out for the night.
Guest Stars: Steve Burton as Harris Michaels

5790 :23x182 - Ep. #5790

Jack shows up at the pier before Steve & Kayla's wedding.
He is very upset, is he up to something?

Kayla awakens and finds a toy ship next to her. She looks puzzled.

Mike comes early to pick up April.

Roman gives a ring to Diana, who misinterprets its meaning.

Marcus and Steve have a heart-to-heart talk.

Kayla's surprise is revealed to her.

Mike continues to flirt with April, who continues to push him away.
Mike has to leave to find Emilio, who is suspiciously injured.

Steve bonds with Frankie, Max and then later with his sister and mother.

Calliope, wearing a magnificently huge rose bonnet, is orchestrating the event.

Kayla is getting ready. She opens the door to find Jack. Jack pours out his feelings to her.

Jennifer, Alice and Tom are seated on the deck discussing poetry.

Melissa petulantly argues with Maggie and Mickey about Jack being over Kayla.

Jack's whereabouts are revealed.

Kim and Kayla bond.

The processional includes: Roman, Shane, Marcus, Jo and Neil, Frankie and Caroline Brady. Steve comes out and walks down to stand at the podium.
Followed by: Carrie comes as the flower girl. Adrienne, then Diana. Max comes out with the ring pillow. Kim comes out and joins the others.

Finally, the bridal march plays and Kayla comes out on Shawn's arm. ... the wedding is about to begin

5791 :23x183 - Ep. #5791

Kayla descends the stairs to the bridal march and joins Steve.

Justin sings a song.

Steve speaks his vows.

Kayla starts to sign her vows, with translations by Kim. But then she stops signing her vows... for a very significant reason.

jack continues to watch the ceremony from above.

Melissa catches a glimpse of Jack hiding. She runs after Jack.

Mike, April, Alice, Tom, Maggie and Tom discuss how wonderful the wedding is...

Jack breaks down in front of Melissa.

Kayla and Steve and the various couples all dance.

Kayla and Kim share some sisterly bonding.

Marcus and Roman gives toasts.

Jack and Melissa get intimate.

The cake cutting occurs.

A happy couple each catch the bouquet and garter.

Steve has ones last surprise for Kayla, their conveyance awaits...

5792 :23x184 - Ep. #5792

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5793 :23x185 - Ep. #5793

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5794 :23x186 - Ep. #5794

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5795 :23x187 - Ep. #5795

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5796 :23x188 - Ep. #5796

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5797 :23x189 - Ep. #5797

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5798 :23x190 - Ep. #5798

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5799 :23x191 - Ep. #5799

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5800 :23x192 - Ep. #5800

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5801 :23x193 - Ep. #5801

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5802 :23x194 - Ep. #5802

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5803 :23x195 - Ep. #5803

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5804 :23x196 - Ep. #5804

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5805 :23x197 - Ep. #5805

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5806 :23x198 - Ep. #5806

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5807 :23x199 - Ep. #5807

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5808 :23x200 - Ep. #5808

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5809 :23x201 - Ep. #5809

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5810 :23x202 - Ep. #5810

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5811 :23x203 - Ep. #5811

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5812 :23x204 - Ep. #5812

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5813 :23x205 - Ep. #5813

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5814 :23x206 - Ep. #5814

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5815 :23x207 - Ep. #5815

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5816 :23x208 - Ep. #5816

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5817 :23x209 - Ep. #5817

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5818 :23x210 - Ep. #5818

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5819 :23x211 - Ep. #5819

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5820 :23x212 - Ep. #5820

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5821 :23x213 - Ep. #5821

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5822 :23x214 - Ep. #5822

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5823 :23x215 - Ep. #5823

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5824 :23x216 - Ep. #5824

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5825 :23x217 - Ep. #5825

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5826 :23x218 - Ep. #5826

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5827 :23x219 - Ep. #5827

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5828 :23x220 - Ep. #5828

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5829 :23x221 - Ep. #5829

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5830 :23x222 - Ep. #5830

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5831 :23x223 - Ep. #5831

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5832 :23x224 - Ep. #5832

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5833 :23x225 - Ep. #5833

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5834 :23x226 - Ep. #5834

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5835 :23x227 - Ep. #5835

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5836 :23x228 - Ep. #5836

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5837 :23x229 - Ep. #5837

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5838 :23x230 - Ep. #5838

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5839 :23x231 - Ep. #5839

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5840 :23x232 - Ep. #5840

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5841 :23x233 - Ep. #5841

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5842 :23x234 - Ep. #5842

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5843 :23x235 - Ep. #5843

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5844 :23x236 - Ep. #5844

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5845 :23x237 - Ep. #5845

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5846 :23x238 - Ep. #5846

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5847 :23x239 - Ep. #5847

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5848 :23x240 - Ep. #5848

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5849 :23x241 - Ep. #5849

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5850 :23x242 - Ep. #5850

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5851 :23x243 - Ep. #5851

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5852 :23x244 - Ep. #5852

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5853 :23x245 - Ep. #5853

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5854 :23x246 - Ep. #5854

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5855 :23x247 - Ep. #5855

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5856 :23x248 - Ep. #5856

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5857 :23x249 - Ep. #5857

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5858 :23x250 - Ep. #5858

Drew and Shane move furnishings into the new house.
Drew and Shane talk about having "fun".

Angelica gleefully delivers bad news to Victor.... Harpers escape was foiled and Angelica doesn't need to accept Victor's proposal, because she'll have funds.

Steve comes home, officially a "free man". Jack storms in and threatens to kill Steve. They wrestle. The truth about Jack's involvement in the escape attempt are revealed (though he tries to deny it).

Mickey confirm to Angelica that there are no funds for her, Victor gets all of Harpers money due to a lien for a debt.

Alice and Tom come home to find Calliope's dress-making set up in their kitchen.

Kim overhears Shane and Drew talking about keeping secrets. Drew suddenly announces Simmons and a full staff will come from England to the new house.

Tarrington drops by to encourage Shane to speed up his plan.

Kayla tells Jack she knows he's lying. Jack threatens Steve if he continues to try and pin Harper's escape on him. Steve and Kayla agree Jack should be held responsible.

Shane & Kim decide to throw a Halloween party and invite Victor. Victor accepts. Drew overhears the plan.

Jack accosts Kayla in the park and thanks her for saving his fathers life. She tells him she will never forgive him for putting her in that position and accuses him of not caring for anyone but himself.

Steve tells Jo to tell the police what she heard (Jack planning the escape). Jo refuses to send "Billy" to jail.

Drew meets and charms Calliope.
Calliope tells Kim and Shane that she lost the Beat Bar, her apartment and her "main squeeze". (Ethan moved to TN). She is struggling with money.

Kim invites Calliope to temporarily live with them, if she can watch Andrew.

Victor runs into Caroline at the park. Victor chides Caroline for not putting the past behind her, like her daughter did. Caroline is shocked that Kim would be friendly to him.

Calliope breaks the "bad news" to Alice & Tom that she has to leave them.

Angelica confides in Neil she won't be getting a dime from Harper's accounts, Victor managed to cheat her out of every dime. She laments not being able to take care of herself and her baby.

Steve tells Kayla that Jo won't go to the police about Jack's involvement in the jail break. Kayla tells Steve not to make Jack the center of their problems.

Jack stops by to talk to Jo. He says Steve has a "crazy idea" that he engineered Harper's escape and that it must have come from her. Jo admits it. Jack claims she "misheard"and that Steve is lying. He asks her not to go to the police. She assures him he is safe and she won't do anything to hurt him. He thanks her. She tells him he deserves to be punished.

Steve takes Kayla out blindfolded for a surprise.... Benjy.

Shane and Kim cuddle and reminisce. Kim asks what worries Shane so much. He makes ominous comments and predictions about Friday's party.

A man's arm wearing the 3 rings is shown stroking an ivory pagoda, then picking up pictures of Diana, Kim, Shane, Steve, Carrie, a little blond boy, Kayla, and Roman.
A finger points to Roman.

5859 :23x251 - Ep. #5859

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5860 :23x252 - Ep. #5860

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5861 :23x253 - Ep. #5861

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5862 :23x254 - Ep. #5862

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5863 :23x255 - Ep. #5863

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5864 :23x256 - Ep. #5864

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Guest Stars: Steve Burton as Harris Michaels

5865 :23x257 - Ep. #5865

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5866 :23x258 - Ep. #5866

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Premiere: November 08, 1965
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