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Days of our Lives

Season 24

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Season 24

5867 :24x01 - Ep. #5867

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5868 :24x02 - Ep. #5868

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5869 :24x03 - Ep. #5869

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5870 :24x04 - Ep. #5870

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5871 :24x05 - Ep. #5871

Melissa dumps Jack at the altar, endorses her father in the election, then takes the honeymoon tickets to travel to Europe herself. Eve is devastated by the results of the trick her popular 'friends' play on Nick. Even attaining her dream at the dance does not make up for her part in what happened to Nick. Shane, Kayla and Marcus rescue Steve at the show-stopping last minute.
Roman and Diana make it to land and discuss their love and the possibility of Marlena being alive. Drew sulks as he witnesses the reunion with Benji. Steve mentions there might be more to this than just Benji. Shane questions Drew over his possible involvement.

5872 :24x06 - Ep. #5872

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5873 :24x07 - Ep. #5873

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5874 :24x08 - Ep. #5874

Eve is upset over Nick's death.

Drew entertains Benji at Kayla and Steve's. Shane arrives and asks what he is doing there.

Roman and Diana continue to argue about the fact that she won't make love with him (because Marlena might be alive). Roman reminds Diana that Marlena is dead. He says he needs to recover the missing period of his life.

Kim comforts Eve. Eve tells Kim she loves her. Eve calls Jake to tell him about the memorial service and tells him that he and the rest of the kids (who caused Nick's death) should be there. Jake and Tim refuse and tell her not to go either.

Stefano is irritated that he doesn't know where Roman is.

Shane wants to review the events of yesterday. Drew hides the fact that he can sign with Benji, then leaves. Steve asks what is going on between Drew and Shane.
Steve reminds Shane that Kayla told Drew where he was hiding (when she thought she was speaking to Shane).

Eve attends the memorial, but appears to be the only mourner.

Drew comes back to the house and after making sure he's alone, rings up Stefano. He tells Stefano he gave Benji the teddy bear with a tracking device.

Stefano invites Carrie to join him for brunch. She resists. She begs to go home. Stefano tells her he wants to make her happy while she stays with him.

Thinking she is the only one there, Eve gives a eulogy for Nick. She claims she was the only one who really knew him. She doesn't see Kim standing in the doorway listening. Eve talks about how Nick "wasn't very nice" [forcing her into prostitution at age 15] but then talks about how she believes he was her best friend.
Kim comes in and tells Eve it was a nice speech. Kim also claims to have known him and seen a side he didn't show to most people.

Jake, Ashley, and Tim show up and tell Eve she's crazy.

Steve tells Shane how he heard the thugs threaten ALL the Brady's, not just Benji. Shane tries to play it off as far-fetched. Steve calls "Double 0 Donovan" on his attitude. Kayla and Benji walk in. Kayla scolds them by reminding them that just because Benji can't hear them, doesn't mean he can't see their angry faces. Kayla defends Shane.

As they move through the underbrush, Diana asks Roman if he has a plan. He tells her there is no plan. They set off a silent alarm.

Stefano doesn't believe anyone could breach the island, but then rejoices when he realizes it might be Roman. He celebrates with a blonde woman (who we can't see).

Roman finds an arrow, with a message attached, "Her beauty is in the mystery". Roman tells Diana, he knows where to go.

Jake tells Eve they are not there for the memorial. Eve says they owe Nick. They urge Eve to go, so people don't ask questions about what happened. Eve realizes they don't care about anyone but themselves and being the cool, in-crowd. She calls them cowards and says Nick is better than them. She asks them to leave, tells them they don't deserve to be there.

Back at the house, Eve tells Kim she doesn't know why she wanted to hang out with those kids. Eve tells Kim she'll be fine. She says she'll try to restart her life again, for Nick. She asks to transfer schools.

Steve says he won't trust anyone who won't level with him and leaves the room. Kayla apologizes to Shane and tells him she trusts him to tell her everything related to the family.

Shane tells Eve he's proud of her and that he's sorry for all she is going through. Eve thanks Kim for her support. Shane thanks Kim for being a good mother to Eve.

Kayla said maybe all these problems are their fault because they tried to help Benji. She thinks maybe they should give up Benji for Carrie. Steve tells her they will NOT give up Benji.

Roman and Diana get to a beach, where Roman has a flashback of struggling with Stefano, getting shot and falling off a cliff to his 'death'. Roman looks up and sees Stefano on the cliff waving to him and calling to him.
Roman and Diana run across the beach towards Stefano, but fall into a pit when the sand gives way.

5875 :24x09 - Ep. #5875

Diana and Roman run across a beach towards Stefano, when all of a sudden, the sand beneath them collapses...

Peggy takes Benji out, he forgets his bear. Steve and Kayla discuss how Benji's father killed his mother, tried to blow up Steve and Kayla in Thailand and then tried to have Steve drowned. Kayla wonders if the only way to stop this is to give Benji to his father.

Drew enters Shane's study. Shane asks when Drew will leave for his "newspaper assignment", Drew asks when Shane's leaving. They each try to subtly question each other. They tell each other to take care and wish each other luck. Drew kisses Kim and wishes her well on her 'vacation'. After Drew leaves, Kim tells Shane she and Andrew won't be going. Shane is relieved.

Roman and Diana realize their "sand pit" is actually moving them through a tunnel. A door slides open and they walk into Stefano's compound. Roman threatens Stefano's lackey Milo.

Steve and Kayla argue about turning over Benji and the threat to her family.

Peggy and Benji are having sundaes at Shennanigans. Drew walks in, sees them and hurries to call Stefano.
"Iago" (Drew) offers to bring 'the package" to Stefano. Stefano is overjoyed and tells Iago he's the best he's ever had.

Drew dons someone else's jacket and joins the table. Peggy tells Benji to say hi to Shane. Benji looks at Drew vey confusedly. Drew tells Peggy that he (Shane) and Kim are having a party with Steve and Kayla and he has come to pick up Benji. Peggy tells Benji to go with "Shane". Drew signs to Benji "It's all right, I'm taking you to your father". Benji looks pleased.

Roman and Diana have changed into the robes Milo has provided. Roman demands to see his daughter and tries to head in the opposite direction that Milo is trying to guide them.

Steve and Kayla drop by Shennanigans and ask Peggy where Benji is. She explains that "Shane" picked him up, as they requested. Steve and Kayla rush out to talk to Shane.

Shane and Eve descend into Drew's photography lab to find the proofs from her photoshoot. Shane sees the picture of Marlena that had fallen on the ground days before. Shane sends Eve off with the proof she was looking for. Shane tries to track down Drew on his "assingment" for the Spectator - they deny sending him on assignment. Kim comes in and asks Shane if he's ok. Steve and Kayla storm in and ask where Benjamin is.

Stefano greets Carrie. He asks her if she likes the George Michael record he bought her. She reminds him she wants to see her dad. He tells her he has a little surprise later. Stefano asks Carrie to write a letter to her dad telling him everything she's been feeling.

Milo ushers Roman and Diana into a nice suite and shows them the closet full of outfits and advises them to dress for dinner. They discuss the James Bond-like setup.

Shane denies picking up Benji. Steve says he hopes it's not a joke by Drew. Kim assures him that Drew left hours ago for an assignment for the Spectator. Shane walks out to find out what is going on. Steve follows him.

Jake tries to join Eve at her table at Shennanigans. He asks Eve if its true she transferred out to an all girls school. He says he knows it's because of what happened to Correlli. He says "who cares if there's on less jerk walking around in the world. he was a pimp, we did the world a favor." Eve dumps a drink on her.

Diana comes out wearing a red sequined ball gown. Roman tells Diana it's a copy of one of Marlena's favorite dresses.

Shane paces Drew's lab. Steve comes in and demands to know why Drew took Benjamin. Steve says he's sure Drew won't harm Benji. Steve says he'd hurt Shane really bad right now, if he didn't need him. Shane says Drew is obviously working on some plan of his own, trying to help. Steve starts going through the lab and finds the hidden phone. Shane recognizes it as a special ISA phone. Shane tells Steve he's about to leave for an island where Benji's father is, and if Benji is there, he'll bring him back. Steve says he should go with him. Shane declines.

Jake threatens Eve. She tells him she doesn't care.

Milo ushers Roman and Diana to an extravagantly decorated dining room (Baccarat crystal, Limoge china). Roman says he's going to whip Stefano. Stefano watches him on the closed circuit tv.

Steve comes up and tells Kayla and Kim that Shane & his twin are in some ISA plot. Shane comes in and says he can't say much, but he promises to bring Benji back. Steve says he'll handle it himself and he and Kayla leave. Kim runs after "Kay". Shane calls Tarrington, and asks him when Drew came back on the payroll." Tarrington denies that Drew is working for the ISA. Kim demands to know what's going on.

Stefano tells Milo his plans are going well and his son is coming soon. Carrie comes in and Stefano shows her the live feed of Roman and Diana on the closed circuit tv. Carrie says "You said I'd get to see him." Carrie tells Stefano her dad will find her, rescue her and probably kill Stefano.

Roman tells Diana he's been in this room before. Roman hears Carrie calling for him to help her. Roman and Diana try to get behind the china cabinet to Carrie.

At the loft, Steve tells Kayla what Shane said. Steve says he's going to the island himself to get Benji. Kayla points out he doesn't know where he's going. Kayla says she's going with him.

Kim accuses Shane from withholding information. He tells her he doesn't know what is going on, but he'll try to protect her and her family. She tells him she trusts him. Shane says he has to get to the plane with Kiriakis. Kim asks him if it's all connected, Benji, Carrie, Roman's memories... Shane confirms and tells her he loves her.

Roman has a memory of Stefano showing him how to access a secret tunnel behind the china cabinet. Roman and Diana run in and find a tape recorder playing Carrie's voice. They reenter the dining room, to find Stefano sitting at the table.

Stefano and Roman banter at the table.

5876 :24x10 - Ep. #5876

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5877 :24x11 - Ep. #5877

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5878 :24x12 - Ep. #5878

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5879 :24x13 - Ep. #5879

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5880 :24x14 - Ep. #5880

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5881 :24x15 - Ep. #5881

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5882 :24x16 - Ep. #5882

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5883 :24x17 - Ep. #5883

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5884 :24x18 - Ep. #5884

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5885 :24x19 - Ep. #5885

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5886 :24x20 - Ep. #5886

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5887 :24x21 - Ep. #5887

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5888 :24x22 - Ep. #5888

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5889 :24x23 - Ep. #5889

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5890 :24x24 - Ep. #5890

Justin offers a glib apology to Adrienne. He then tell her to get ready for Neil and Angelica's wedding. She tells him she will not be going, she just came by to pick up her things, she is leaving.

At the Community Center, Emilio is boxing (to the sounds of Aretha Franklin's "Respect"). Jennifer enters and watches his fancy footwork.

Kim awakes to find Drew in her bedroom, "come to finish the job, I won't make a muck of it this time". She protests that he's in the hospital in a coma. Drew laughs and tells her he and Shane have a bag of tricks and they'll never stop lying to her. She wakes up and Shane tries to comfort her and reassure her. The discuss the fact that she's lost her trust of Shane.

Jack enters the room set up for the wedding. He thinks of his wedding to Kayla. Mrs. Johnson enters and comments about this bringing up old memories. Jack jokes about not being the marrying type. Angelica whisks in complaining about her dress, insults "the help" (with a look at Mrs. Johnson). Angelica greets Jack, then asks Mrs. Johnson if she can so. When Jo assents, Angelica reminisces about how Jo used to sew Adrienne's dresses. Jo leaves (to check on Angelica's buttons) and Jack says, "Well, you're in fine form today, aren't you?" He then asks if she is happy. Angelica says that Neil is a fine man, very kind, very dashing. She and her baby will be fine. Jack points out she didn't use the word "Happy". Angelica reassures him when she says "I do" to Neil, she will be the hapiest woman in the world. She turns away, and looks sad.

Emilio asks Jennifer what she wants.

Justin asks Adrienne what she's talking about. She reiterates that she's leaving. Justin says she's just tired, she should go upstairs and take a bath and "forget about this nonsense". Adrienne assures him it is not nonsense. Justin tells her she can't be serious. She reminds him she told him already by the stables. Justin dismisses that as her being emotional and upset and claims they both said things they didn't mean. Justin says that's why he apologized, but it's "over and done with", let's get dressed for the wedding. Adrienne shouts at him that she's not going to the wedding, she's leaving to stay with her mother. Justin says he won't let her run to Ramirez. Adrienne tells him she isn't going to Emilio, she'll be staying with her mother. Justin angrily says he doesn't believe that. He tries to rein in his anger and be more glib, saying that they're just in a bad spot, it happens in all marriages. They just need a little time and it'll get better. Adrienne says she's given it time. Justin says they've had good times, it can get better, they just have one problem.... that's Emilio. "As soon as he's out of the picture, everything's going to be fine." Adrienne tells him he's missing the point. It's about them. Their marriage isn't working. Justin sulkily asks, "if Emilio Rameriz had never come into our lives, would you be moving out today?" Adrienne says she doesn't know. She reiterates she's not leaving him for Emilio. She says that Emilio helped her see how unhappy she was in the marriage. Adrienne says she feels trapped in the marriage, a prisoner in her own house, she hates what they have both become. Justin says "the only thing you're a prisoner of, is my love". Adrienne looks at him in horror. He continues, "my love is so powerful, so overwhelming, it scare me. Sometimes it makes me make mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I made was to try and hold onto you too hard." He claims all he ever wanted to do was make her happy. He says he won't stop her from leaving. "I can go?" Adrienne hesitantly asks. Justin says he's given her wings, she can do whatever she wants. She says she's sorry. He says he is too. She says she needs "time to figure things out.... maybe it won't be permanent." Justin tells her he loves her. She says she has to go pack, but she'll see him at the wedding. Adrienne walks upstairs, Justin takes in a deep breath and then calls someone to get a job done. Tonight!

Jennifer tells Emilio she came by at Kayla's request to hang a flyer. Emilio asks if she always dresses so nice when she comes to the community center. Jennifer defensively says she's on her way to a wedding. Emilio says she should go unless she wants to keep watching him. She claims she wasn't watching him, she was checking the announcements on the bulletin board and walks over to it. She pulls one down and says she saw one she thinks he'd be good at. She pulls it down and gives it to him. He tries to play it off. She tells him he'd be a great dance teacher with kids. She gets sarcastic, about how she shouldn't try to get him to help others and he tells her to mind her own business. Jennifer leaves annoyed, but then smiles. Emilio punches the bag in frustration. Julio runs in saying there is trouble.

Shane and Kim are all dressed up for the wedding. They reminisce, but then memories of Drew intrude. They vow to focus on the future.

Victor enters and congratulates Neil. Neil tells Victor he was NOT invited. Victor claims "the privellege of an old friend", he wouldn't dream of missing this. Neil reminds him he was NOT invited. Angelica walks in. Victor points out she's just seen the groom on her wedding day, and he's afraid that's very bad luck, and he's the one that caused it. Angelica says they should let Victor stay and watch. Victor smirks.

Julio hands Emilio a Notice of Eviction and says they're behind in their payments and they're going to be evicted. Emilio tells him to go home and tell April and their dad to mellow out, he's got everything under control. After Julio leaves, Emilio crumples the letter.

At the wedding party, Kim wanders alone into the study. Shane follows her. Kim says she was thinking of Emma, it's been nearly 2 years since she found her in this room. Shane asks her what helped her get through the time when Emma was taunting her and when she went to prison for the murder. Kim says she couldn't have gotten through it without Shane. Shane says it wasn't him, it was their love that got her through it. He says there's nothing they can't overcome with their love.

Mickey walks in and introduces them to a man named Ron White. Ron asks Kim if she'd like to be a radio talk show host. Maggie calls them all in because the wedding is starting.

Neil asks Jo (who is still wearing her maids outfit) if his tie looks ok. She adjusts it and tells him he looks wonderful. He says this probably wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for her. Jo is shocked into saying "What?" Neil says that after Grace, he never thought he'd get involved in another relationship, but Jo had seen him through some pretty rough times, she was always there for him with her warmth and support. He says he owes her and kisses her on the cheek and embraces her. She says he doesn't owe her anything.

Tom and Alice Horton enter and look for Jennifer.
Justin sits by Victor and says he's surprised to see him. Victor asks about his "better half" and why she didn't come with him. Justin says he's giving Adrienne her space so she can feel like she can do as she pleases because "very soon, she will be doing as I please, and what I want. But she'll think it's what she wants." Victor says, "that's a very happy turn of events. when will this happen?" Justin answers, "soon. I have to get rid of certain obstacles". Victor asks Justin what he is up to. Justin tells Victor he finally learned the lesson he was trying so hard to teach him. He's going to "handle the situation with Adrienne, exactly the same way you would in my place". Victor says he is glad to hear that. Adrienne enters. Justin looks at her and says, "She's beautiful. I can never give her up." Justin gets up and walks to Adrienne. She bodily grabs Jo and asks her to sit next to her on the other side of the room. Justin retreats. Victor drily comments, "Your wife seems very attached to her mother." Justin says, "Never mind. After tonight she is mine. All mine."

Neil enters. Jo looks on longingly. Angelica walks down the stairs and pauses. She shakes it off and continues. Adrienne looks at Justin looking at her. Jo watches Angelica walk to Neil. Victor also watches Angelica.

Jennifer is back talking to Emilio saying that they have nothing to talk about and she is late for the wedding. Emilio tells he he's going after that job she told him about earlier. Jennifer says he changes his mind a lot. She thinks it's great. He tells her he has to go and saunters out. Jennifer watches him go.

Throughout the ceremony Adrienne and Justin look at each other and have flashbacks of their wedding. Justin looks angry. Angelica and Neil exchange their vows and rings. Victor and Jo watch each of them.

As soon as the wedding is over, Justin races over to Adrienne and pulls her into the study. He begs her not to break up their marriage and throw away what they have. He says he doesn't know what to say that will keep her from leaving him, but all he knows is that he can't lose her. He offers to say he was wrong. He says they've both made mistakes. He says he wants to spend his whole life with her and he thinks that's what she wants too. He asks Adrienne if she still loves him. When she doesn't reply, he demands that she answer him. She runs off. Kim and Ron enter the room and Justin excuses himself.

Kim asks Ron about the radio talk show host job. He tells her the job is in Philadelphia and she has to let him know tonight. Kim says she'd have to ask her husband, right as Shane walks in. Ron gives them a moment to talk. Shane says he thinks the radio call-in program would be good for her and he thinks she should do it.

Jack walks up and greets Maggie. He comments on how nice the party is and then segues into "if you ever talk to Melissa, maybe you could just tell her that I hope everything is working out for her." Maggie agrees to pass that on.

Neil comes up and asks Jo to dance. Jo says, "I don't think Mrs Deveraux, I mean Mrs. Curtis would appreciate you dancing with the help." Neil says that she is a guest (despite her wearing her maids uniform and that she was cleaning up) and insists she dance with him whether Jo likes it or not. Angelica is dancing with Tom, but looks displeased to see Neil and Jo walk off. Neil tries to explain Angelica to Jo. He says Angelica will become nicer and maybe Jo and Angelica can become friends and that Jo will see why he love Angelica. Neil tells Jo she's a good friend and kisses her on the cheek again. Angelica excuses herself from Tom and smugly invites Victor for a "dance with the bride, better still a kiss, it's a tradition, you know". Victor tells her he prefers to save his dances and his kisses for the bride, when she is his bride. Angelica quips, "in your dreams". Adrienne is outside crying. Emilio comes over and asks her what is wrong and whether Justin had done something to her. Adrienne says Justin didn't do anything to her, except tell her how much he loves her. She tells Emilio she should be able to walk away from Justin, but she doesn't think she can do it. He tells her not to cry. Adrienne tells Emilio that Justin is the only man she's ever really loved. Justin comes up behind them and stops to listen. Adrienne tells Emilio about how Justin reached her when no one else could. She doesn't want to stop loving him. She'll always love Justin. Justin starts to cry and walks away. Emilio says maybe he's been giving her bad advice, but he was worried about her. She says Emilio is a good friend. Adrienne says she can't throw away what she & Justin have. She loves him more than her life and she should've told him. Emilio says they'll take a walk and then she can tell Justin. They hug and Adrienne thanks him. They walk off.

Justin walks back inside. Victor asks him what is wrong. Justin says he made a big mistake. Victor asks him what changed. Justin says "everything". Victor advises him that he already has a plan, he should follow it. Justin hesitates. Victor tells him to think like a Kiriakis and do it. Justin says maybe he's not as much a Kiriakis as he thinks, they're not alike. He has to go find Adrienne. If there's still a chance he doesn't want to lose her. He rushes out the door.

Kim and Shane return home, discussing the new opportunity. Shane asks her what else is behind her excitement for the new job. She says the strain between them is hard. When she sees him worry about Drew, it reminds her of everything Roman and the others went through. She says she needs time away to sort things out. Shane says time will help them heal, and that she has his blessing.

Neil and Angelica are slow-dancing alone. Neil assures her everything will be ok. Jo comes down and sees them embracing, and walks away looking sad.

Justin races out and runs into Emilio. Emilio asks him if he wants to play games with him too. Justin asks Emilio frantically where Adrienne is. Emilio says she's in the stable. Justin freaks out and runs off.

Shane and Kim kiss.

Justin runs into the stable calling Adrienne's name, just as the stables collapse on both of them.

5891 :24x25 - Ep. #5891

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5892 :24x26 - Ep. #5892

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5893 :24x27 - Ep. #5893

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5894 :24x28 - Ep. #5894

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5895 :24x29 - Ep. #5895

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5896 :24x30 - Ep. #5896

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5897 :24x31 - Ep. #5897

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5898 :24x32 - Ep. #5898

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5899 :24x33 - Ep. #5899

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5900 :24x34 - Ep. #5900

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5901 :24x35 - Ep. #5901

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5902 :24x36 - Ep. #5902

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5903 :24x37 - Ep. #5903

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5904 :24x38 - Ep. #5904

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5905 :24x39 - Ep. #5905

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5906 :24x40 - Ep. #5906

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5907 :24x41 - Ep. #5907

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5908 :24x42 - Ep. #5908

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5909 :24x43 - Ep. #5909

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5910 :24x44 - Ep. #5910

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5911 :24x45 - Ep. #5911

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5912 :24x46 - Ep. #5912

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5913 :24x47 - Ep. #5913

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5914 :24x48 - Ep. #5914

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5915 :24x49 - Ep. #5915

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5916 :24x50 - Ep. #5916

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5917 :24x51 - Ep. #5917

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5918 :24x52 - Ep. #5918

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5919 :24x53 - Ep. #5919

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5920 :24x54 - Ep. #5920

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5921 :24x55 - Ep. #5921

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5922 :24x56 - Ep. #5922

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5923 :24x57 - Ep. #5923

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5924 :24x58 - Ep. #5924

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5925 :24x59 - Ep. #5925

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5926 :24x60 - Ep. #5926

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5927 :24x61 - Ep. #5927

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5928 :24x62 - Ep. #5928

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5929 :24x63 - Ep. #5929

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5930 :24x64 - Ep. #5930

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5931 :24x65 - Ep. #5931

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5932 :24x66 - Ep. #5932

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5933 :24x67 - Ep. #5933

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5934 :24x68 - Ep. #5934

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5935 :24x69 - Ep. #5935

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5936 :24x70 - Ep. #5936

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5937 :24x71 - Ep. #5937

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5938 :24x72 - Ep. #5938

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5939 :24x73 - Ep. #5939

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5940 :24x74 - Ep. #5940

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5941 :24x75 - Ep. #5941

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5942 :24x76 - Ep. #5942

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5943 :24x77 - Ep. #5943

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5944 :24x78 - Ep. #5944

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5945 :24x79 - Ep. #5945

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5946 :24x80 - Ep. #5946

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5947 :24x81 - Ep. #5947

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5948 :24x82 - Ep. #5948

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5949 :24x83 - Ep. #5949

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5950 :24x84 - Ep. #5950

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5951 :24x85 - Ep. #5951

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5952 :24x86 - Ep. #5952

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5953 :24x87 - Ep. #5953

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5954 :24x88 - Ep. #5954

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5955 :24x89 - Ep. #5955

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5956 :24x90 - Ep. #5956

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5957 :24x91 - Ep. #5957

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5958 :24x92 - Ep. #5958

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5959 :24x93 - Ep. #5959

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5960 :24x94 - Ep. #5960

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5961 :24x95 - Ep. #5961

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5962 :24x96 - Ep. #5962

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5963 :24x97 - Ep. #5963

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5964 :24x98 - Ep. #5964

• No Summary (Add Here)

5965 :24x99 - Ep. #5965

• No Summary (Add Here)

5966 :24x100 - Ep. #5966

• No Summary (Add Here)

5967 :24x101 - Ep. #5967

• No Summary (Add Here)

5968 :24x102 - Ep. #5968

• No Summary (Add Here)

5969 :24x103 - Ep. #5969

• No Summary (Add Here)

5970 :24x104 - Ep. #5970

• No Summary (Add Here)

5971 :24x105 - Ep. #5971

• No Summary (Add Here)

5972 :24x106 - Ep. #5972

• No Summary (Add Here)

5973 :24x107 - Ep. #5973

• No Summary (Add Here)

5974 :24x108 - Ep. #5974

• No Summary (Add Here)

5975 :24x109 - Ep. #5975

• No Summary (Add Here)

5976 :24x110 - Ep. #5976

• No Summary (Add Here)

5977 :24x111 - Ep. #5977

• No Summary (Add Here)

5978 :24x112 - Ep. #5978

• No Summary (Add Here)

5979 :24x113 - Ep. #5979

• No Summary (Add Here)

5980 :24x114 - Ep. #5980

• No Summary (Add Here)

5981 :24x115 - Ep. #5981

• No Summary (Add Here)

5982 :24x116 - Ep. #5982

• No Summary (Add Here)

5983 :24x117 - Ep. #5983

• No Summary (Add Here)

5984 :24x118 - Ep. #5984

• No Summary (Add Here)

5985 :24x119 - Ep. #5985

• No Summary (Add Here)

5986 :24x120 - Ep. #5986

• No Summary (Add Here)

5987 :24x121 - Ep. #5987

• No Summary (Add Here)

5988 :24x122 - Ep. #5988

• No Summary (Add Here)

5989 :24x123 - Ep. #5989

• No Summary (Add Here)

5990 :24x124 - Ep. #5990

• No Summary (Add Here)

5991 :24x125 - Ep. #5991

• No Summary (Add Here)

5992 :24x126 - Ep. #5992

• No Summary (Add Here)

5993 :24x127 - Ep. #5993

• No Summary (Add Here)

5994 :24x128 - Ep. #5994

• No Summary (Add Here)

5995 :24x129 - Ep. #5995

• No Summary (Add Here)

5996 :24x130 - Ep. #5996

• No Summary (Add Here)

5997 :24x131 - Ep. #5997

• No Summary (Add Here)

5998 :24x132 - Ep. #5998

• No Summary (Add Here)

5999 :24x133 - Ep. #5999

• No Summary (Add Here)

6000 :24x134 - Ep. #6000

• No Summary (Add Here)

6001 :24x135 - Ep. #6001

• No Summary (Add Here)

6002 :24x136 - Ep. #6002

• No Summary (Add Here)

6003 :24x137 - Ep. #6003

• No Summary (Add Here)

6004 :24x138 - Ep. #6004

• No Summary (Add Here)

6005 :24x139 - Ep. #6005

• No Summary (Add Here)

6006 :24x140 - Ep. #6006

• No Summary (Add Here)

6007 :24x141 - Ep. #6007

• No Summary (Add Here)

6008 :24x142 - Ep. #6008

• No Summary (Add Here)

6009 :24x143 - Ep. #6009

• No Summary (Add Here)

6010 :24x144 - Ep. #6010

• No Summary (Add Here)

6011 :24x145 - Ep. #6011

• No Summary (Add Here)

6012 :24x146 - Ep. #6012

• No Summary (Add Here)

6013 :24x147 - Ep. #6013

• No Summary (Add Here)

6014 :24x148 - Ep. #6014

• No Summary (Add Here)

6015 :24x149 - Ep. #6015

• No Summary (Add Here)

6016 :24x150 - Ep. #6016

• No Summary (Add Here)

6017 :24x151 - Ep. #6017

• No Summary (Add Here)

6018 :24x152 - Ep. #6018

• No Summary (Add Here)

6019 :24x153 - Ep. #6019

• No Summary (Add Here)

6020 :24x154 - Ep. #6020

• No Summary (Add Here)

6021 :24x155 - Ep. #6021

• No Summary (Add Here)

6022 :24x156 - Ep. #6022

• No Summary (Add Here)

6023 :24x157 - Ep. #6023

• No Summary (Add Here)

6024 :24x158 - Ep. #6024

• No Summary (Add Here)

6025 :24x159 - Ep. #6025

• No Summary (Add Here)

6026 :24x160 - Ep. #6026

• No Summary (Add Here)

6027 :24x161 - Ep. #6027

• No Summary (Add Here)

6028 :24x162 - Ep. #6028

• No Summary (Add Here)

6029 :24x163 - Ep. #6029

• No Summary (Add Here)

6030 :24x164 - Ep. #6030

• No Summary (Add Here)

6031 :24x165 - Ep. #6031

• No Summary (Add Here)

6032 :24x166 - Ep. #6032

• No Summary (Add Here)

6033 :24x167 - Ep. #6033

• No Summary (Add Here)

6034 :24x168 - Ep. #6034

• No Summary (Add Here)

6035 :24x169 - Ep. #6035

• No Summary (Add Here)

6036 :24x170 - Ep. #6036

• No Summary (Add Here)

6037 :24x171 - Ep. #6037

• No Summary (Add Here)

6038 :24x172 - Ep. #6038

• No Summary (Add Here)

6039 :24x173 - Ep. #6039

• No Summary (Add Here)

6040 :24x174 - Ep. #6040

• No Summary (Add Here)

6041 :24x175 - Ep. #6041

• No Summary (Add Here)

6042 :24x176 - Ep. #6042

• No Summary (Add Here)

6043 :24x177 - Ep. #6043

• No Summary (Add Here)

6044 :24x178 - Ep. #6044

• No Summary (Add Here)

6045 :24x179 - Ep. #6045

• No Summary (Add Here)

6046 :24x180 - Ep. #6046

• No Summary (Add Here)

6047 :24x181 - Ep. #6047

• No Summary (Add Here)

6048 :24x182 - Ep. #6048

• No Summary (Add Here)

6049 :24x183 - Ep. #6049

• No Summary (Add Here)

6050 :24x184 - Ep. #6050

• No Summary (Add Here)

6051 :24x185 - Ep. #6051

• No Summary (Add Here)

6052 :24x186 - Ep. #6052

• No Summary (Add Here)

6053 :24x187 - Ep. #6053

• No Summary (Add Here)

6054 :24x188 - Ep. #6054

• No Summary (Add Here)

6055 :24x189 - Ep. #6055

• No Summary (Add Here)

6056 :24x190 - Ep. #6056

• No Summary (Add Here)

6057 :24x191 - Ep. #6057

• No Summary (Add Here)

6058 :24x192 - Ep. #6058

• No Summary (Add Here)

6059 :24x193 - Ep. #6059

• No Summary (Add Here)

6060 :24x194 - Ep. #6060

• No Summary (Add Here)

6061 :24x195 - Ep. #6061

• No Summary (Add Here)

6062 :24x196 - Ep. #6062

• No Summary (Add Here)

6063 :24x197 - Ep. #6063

• No Summary (Add Here)

6064 :24x198 - Ep. #6064

• No Summary (Add Here)

6065 :24x199 - Ep. #6065

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Becky Greenlaw

6066 :24x200 - Ep. #6066

• No Summary (Add Here)

6067 :24x201 - Ep. #6067

• No Summary (Add Here)

6068 :24x202 - Ep. #6068

• No Summary (Add Here)

6069 :24x203 - Ep. #6069

• No Summary (Add Here)

6070 :24x204 - Ep. #6070

• No Summary (Add Here)

6071 :24x205 - Ep. #6071

• No Summary (Add Here)

6072 :24x206 - Ep. #6072

• No Summary (Add Here)

6073 :24x207 - Ep. #6073

• No Summary (Add Here)

6074 :24x208 - Ep. #6074

• No Summary (Add Here)

6075 :24x209 - Ep. #6075

• No Summary (Add Here)

6076 :24x210 - Ep. #6076

• No Summary (Add Here)

6077 :24x211 - Ep. #6077

• No Summary (Add Here)

6078 :24x212 - Ep. #6078

• No Summary (Add Here)

6079 :24x213 - Ep. #6079

• No Summary (Add Here)

6080 :24x214 - Ep. #6080

• No Summary (Add Here)

6081 :24x215 - Ep. #6081

• No Summary (Add Here)

6082 :24x216 - Ep. #6082

• No Summary (Add Here)

6083 :24x217 - Ep. #6083

• No Summary (Add Here)

6084 :24x218 - Ep. #6084

• No Summary (Add Here)

6085 :24x219 - Ep. #6085

• No Summary (Add Here)

6086 :24x220 - Ep. #6086

• No Summary (Add Here)

6087 :24x221 - Ep. #6087

• No Summary (Add Here)

6088 :24x222 - Ep. #6088

• No Summary (Add Here)

6089 :24x223 - Ep. #6089

• No Summary (Add Here)

6090 :24x224 - Ep. #6090

• No Summary (Add Here)

6091 :24x225 - Ep. #6091

• No Summary (Add Here)

6092 :24x226 - Ep. #6092

• No Summary (Add Here)

6093 :24x227 - Ep. #6093

• No Summary (Add Here)

6094 :24x228 - Ep. #6094

• No Summary (Add Here)

6095 :24x229 - Ep. #6095

• No Summary (Add Here)

6096 :24x230 - Ep. #6096

• No Summary (Add Here)

6097 :24x231 - Ep. #6097

• No Summary (Add Here)

6098 :24x232 - Ep. #6098

• No Summary (Add Here)

6099 :24x233 - Ep. #6099

• No Summary (Add Here)

6100 :24x234 - Ep. #6100

• No Summary (Add Here)

6101 :24x235 - Ep. #6101

• No Summary (Add Here)

6102 :24x236 - Ep. #6102

• No Summary (Add Here)

6103 :24x237 - Ep. #6103

• No Summary (Add Here)

6104 :24x238 - Ep. #6104

• No Summary (Add Here)

6105 :24x239 - Ep. #6105

• No Summary (Add Here)

6106 :24x240 - Ep. #6106

• No Summary (Add Here)

6107 :24x241 - Ep. #6107

• No Summary (Add Here)

6108 :24x242 - Ep. #6108

• No Summary (Add Here)

6109 :24x243 - Ep. #6109

• No Summary (Add Here)

6110 :24x244 - Ep. #6110

• No Summary (Add Here)

6111 :24x245 - Ep. #6111

• No Summary (Add Here)

6112 :24x246 - Ep. #6112

• No Summary (Add Here)

6113 :24x247 - Ep. #6113

• No Summary (Add Here)

6114 :24x248 - Ep. #6114

• No Summary (Add Here)

6115 :24x249 - Ep. #6115

• No Summary (Add Here)

6116 :24x250 - Ep. #6116

• No Summary (Add Here)

6117 :24x251 - Ep. #6117

• No Summary (Add Here)

6118 :24x252 - Ep. #6118

• No Summary (Add Here)

6119 :24x253 - Ep. #6119

• No Summary (Add Here)

6120 :24x254 - Ep. #6120

• No Summary (Add Here)

6121 :24x255 - Ep. #6121

• No Summary (Add Here)

6122 :24x256 - Ep. #6122

• No Summary (Add Here)

6123 :24x257 - Ep. #6123

• No Summary (Add Here)

6124 :24x258 - Ep. #6124

• No Summary (Add Here)
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 08, 1965
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