Ep. #11115 - Recap

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Kate watches as Chloe takes a big bite of the apple but Chloe find it tastes funny and goes to throw it out. Kate gets upset when she sees Chloe throwing out the apple and Chloe appeases Kate and keeps eating the apple. Kate proposes an idea for an episode on leukemia as Lucas arrives. Suddenly, Chloe starts to feel sick but she says it is nothing. Lucas leaves with Allie while Daniel and Chloe stay to talk business with Kate. Kate gets a phone call from Chris and she leaves. Chloe again feels ill and Daniel offers to drive her home. At home Kate works on her recordings of Chloe and Daniel's voices when Lucas arrives worried about Chloe hasn't called him yet. Daniel drops Chloe off at home and walks her to her door when Chloe passes out in Daniel's arms. Maggie is putting things together to go clean the Horton cabin when Melanie arrives. Melanie asks Maggie to not come to the cabin and Maggie thinks Melanie is trying to get some alone time with Nathan. Melanie tells her that she is actually trying to play match maker for two friends. Arianna and Brady run into each other outside the Pub and she asks him if he can get Sami to stop seeing Rafe. Arianna wonders why people keep wanting to push them together and Brady tells her its a bad habit of the residents of Salem. The two part ways and Brady runs into Melanie at the Pub where she convinces him to help her clean the Horton cabin. Later, Melanie finds Arianna and gets her to help her clean the cabin as well. Rafe evades Sami's questions about Emily and tells her that if she is going to revert back to her old ways this isn't going to work. Sami accuses Rafe of doing the same but not wanting to talk about his past. Sami leaves and Rafe follows her back to her place and he apologizes and they end up having sex.