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Ep. #11127 - Recap

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Melanie stops Philip from driving drunk and leaves the Pub to drive him home. Melanie brings Philip to the Horton cabin where he is still drunk and kisses her but she pushes him away. Phillip grabs her again and tells her to prove that their is no connection between them. Nathan shows up to resume their date by Arianna tells him that the Melanie left with Philip. Will thanks Nicole for getting E.J. to drop the custody suit. Chad prods Mia for information on where she went to rehab at but she doesn't tell him anything. Chad vows to find out one way or another. Nicole arrives at Java and Mia asks what E.J. would do if he found out the truth about Sydney. Nicole worries that Mia might have told Will but Mia tells her that Chad is in town and is prying into her business. Nicole tells Mia that she will handle this and asks for all the information Mia has on Chad. Nicole finds Chad in the park and warns him to stay away from Mia or she will expose his drug habit possibly ruining his mother's chances of been appointed to a federal bench. Mia writes in her journal on her computer when Will arrives and she quickly closes her computer. Maggie is frantic after hearing the conversation between Chloe and Daniel. Bo and Hope sit her down and they call Maggie's house where Chris answers and tells Bo that Chloe doesn't have time to talk because they are getting ready to shoot. Maggie is relieved that Chloe is okay enough to continue with the shoot. Chloe and Daniel are making out when Chris bangs on the door telling them they need to get moving. Finally, Daniel opens the door and they get to shooting the new scenes as Kate has arrived. As Chloe starts to say her lines, she faints in Daniel's arms. Chris calls an ambulance but they say it will take 10 minutes to arrive and Daniel doesn't think they have that kind of time. Daniel rushes Chloe to the hospital and they begin trying to figure out what is wrong with Chloe as she starts to have a seizure. Chloe is eventually able to tell Daniel the only thing she ate was the brownies on set and Daniel tells Nurse Jennifer to have the food picked up for testing. Bo and Hope look into what is wrong with Chloe and visit Maggie's house where they get insight into Chloe and Daniel having an affair and Daniel's plans to leave town. Chris then informs them that Chloe and Daniel wouldn't let him onto the room earlier and when they finally did, Chloe's hair and clothes looked messy. Bo heads to Daniel's apartment for a search and they find a vile of Leukocystine. Bo is on the phone with Hope and asks her to look into it at the hospital. Lexie tells Daniel that they find traces of Leukocystine in Chloe's blood stream and the drug can cause her organs to shut down. Daniel orders a drug to counteract the effects of the drug. Hope informs Maggie that Daniel is now a suspect.