Ep. #11142 - Recap

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Hope and Bo welcome Justin back to town. Justin tells Victor that it is going to take a miracle to get Daniel cleared of the charges. Bo and Hope let him know that the evidence keeps piling up against Daniel but Victor insists they needs to look at someone else. After Bo and Hope leave, Justin turns to Victor and asks what he knows about another suspect. After Victor leaves, Kate arrives and welcomes Daniel back. Justin questions Kate over her apparent hate for Daniel especially since he saved her life.

Daniel asks Lexie to administer the same drug that put Chloe in the coma to her again. Lexie isn't sure what to do as Abe walks up and becomes angry with Daniel for trying to get Daniel involved in his scheme. Abe decides to make a citizen's arrest and brings Daniel into the police station. At the police station, Abe continues to put Daniel on blast for involving Lexie. The D.A. informs Daniel that he will be going back to his cell for violating his parole. Justin arrives and wants to know what exactly Daniel violated with his parole. Justin questions Lexie about using the drug to help Chloe get better and Lexie admits that a small dosage could help but they would have to get Lucas permission.

Nicole receives a phone call from Dr. Baker who reminds her of his letter and that he needs money. Nicole can't talk long because E.J. interrupts her. E.J. notes that the cook is making something Johnny won't like for dinner so Nicole offers to pick something up from the pub.

Sami tries to get Rafe to admit that Emily's death was an accident but Rafe tells her that he can't tell her that. Rafe tells her that this isn't going to work and leaves with Sami slamming the door behind him. Will returns home to find Sami crying and tries to comfort her. E.J. arrives to pick up Johnny but Sami says he is not feeling well and she just got him to sleep. E.J. is annoyed that she didn't call but agrees to pick up Johnny another time. Nicole arrives to pick up the food at the Pub but gets a call from Dr. Baker, Rafe is just arriving as Nicole argues with Dr. Baker.

Bo and Hope are at the park waiting to take Ciara to the carnival when Hope is called away to the police station. Bo brings Ciara to the carnival and talks with her before leaving her with Ellen. Ellen runs off after some of the other kids she is watching and Ciara doesn't follow. The same man that approached her at her birthday party comes up to Ciara.