Ep. #11143 - Recap

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Nicole talks to Dr. Baker outside of the Pub as Rafe hides so he can listen in on her conversation. Rafe starts to get suspicious and discusses what he over heard with Arianna. Rafe calls one of his FBI contacts about getting more information on Dr. Baker.

Hope walks into the interrogation room as Justin is trying to talk with Adrienne. It's obvious things are tense between Adrienne and Justin but Justin doesn't want to talk about it. Bo arrives at the station after returning to the park to give Ciara her water bottle. The three decide to catch up on old times at the Pub. Hope notes that Ellen may have to many kids to handle at the carnival but Bo thinks everything will be fine.

Lexie runs into E.J. at Grace's grave and overhears him talk about Sami. Lexie questions E.J. about still having feelings for Sami.

The stranger watches Ciara from the trees and when she leaves her backpack on the bench he walks over and takes out her bear. Later, Ellen tries to gather all the children together but Ciara hangs back and realizes her Tommy Bear is gone. The stranger approaches Ciara and shows her the bear and returns it to her. Ellen's daughter gets hurt and everyone gathers around her as Lexie tends to her arm. The stranger tells Ciara that her daddy just called and her mommy is hurt and wants to see her at the hospital. Ciara takes the man's hand and leaves as Theo looks on. Back at the Pub, Hope tries to call Ellen but she isn't answering but Bo tells her that Ellen must be driving and can't answer her phone.

Nicole informs Stefano about Dr. Baker demanding money from her or he will reveal the baby switch. Stefano agrees to give the money but says it will be the last time. Later, Stefano makes a call to someone to take care of Dr. Baker.