Ep. #11144 - Recap

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Stefano arrives at Sami's for a girl's night but Sami tells her that Johnny is under the weather and suggest Stephanie stay that they will have a night in. The two discuss their recent love troubles as Maggie arrives. Sami tells Maggie they aren't going out anymore but Maggie asks to stick around. Sami tells Maggie that she and Rafe broke up and Maggie hugs her.

Dr. Baker is threatened by a big man over his mounting gambling debt. The man agrees to give him more time.

Arianna talks to Troy, her dealer and he notes how quickly she is able to move the product.

Rafe attempts to break into a hospital computer but is caught by Melanie. Rafe tells Melanie he was looking for a last name for a nurse he meant. Melanie ends up leaving and Rafe saves all the information on Dr. Baker to his flash drive. Sami runs into Rafe at the hospital and things are awkward and the two exchange hellos and Sam rushes off. Rafe returns to the Pub with Arianna and uses the information from the hospital files on Dr. Baker to establish a connection between Dr. Baker, Nicole and Sami.

Philip tries to do the right thing for Carlo's children but Victor thinks he is being soft and lashes out at him. Melanie meets up with Nathan at the Cheatin' Heart and he notes that her buttons are messed up and she excuses herself to fix them. Stephanie arrives and Nathan asks her if she wants to get together again. Melanie overhears and becomes upset telling Steph she can have Nathan. Melanie runs into Philip on the docks and tries to make him feel better about Carlo.

Arianna meets Brady at the Kiriakis mansion and the two go for a swim and after wards start kissing.

Hope calls Ellen but gets no answer and Bo reassures her everything is fine. Just then Bo gets another vision of finding Ciara's teddy bear in the park and excuses himself to call Ellen. Ellen finally answers and when Bo asks to speak to Ciara, Ellen can't find her. Bo grabs Hope and tells her they need to get to the park and Justin follows. Ellen asks Abe is he has seen Ciara and they don't think she could of gone far. Abe then asks Theo if he has seen Ciara but all Theo can say is "See, Ciara." Abe calls in the police to look for her. Hope and Bo arrive with Justin not far behind and they split up to look for Ciara. Hope finds Ciara's water bottle in the trees and become frantic. Abe gets a call that people saw a car speeding off around the last time Ciara was seen. Bo rushes off to look more and finds her teddy bear just like in his vision.