Ep. #11145 - Recap

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Daniel interrupts Arianna and Brady make out session to ask for help clearing his name. Victor arrives and encourages the idea of Brady helping Daniel. Brady tells Daniel that he thinks he is innocent and will do what he can to help. Melanie tells Philip he needs to decide what Stephanie means to him. Philip returns to the Kiriakis mansion and tells Victor he is done with the Kiriakis way of doing things. Philip tries to call Stephanie to tell her the news but gets her voice mail. After hanging up, Philip sees Nathan and Steph talking and throws a punch at Nathan. Arianna returns to the pub and begins getting out her scale but is interrupted by Melanie. Arianna is eventually able to get rid of Melanie and goes back to weighing her cocaine. As she is finishing, Brady arrives and ends up finding one of the packets on the floor.

Daniel is at the Cheatin' Heart where he fantasies about Chloe and turns down the advances of a beautiful woman. Meanwhile, the nurses are surprised that Chloe's condition has improved.

Ryan ties Ciara up and puts a mask over her eyes and music in her ears so she can't hear. A man and a woman arrive who are clearly the two ring leaders of the kidnapping. The woman, Brenda acts very annoyed with being stuck at the shed with Ryan and Ciara as the other man leaves. Bo asks Hope how Ciara got the bear back and Hope has no idea. Justin does his best to reassure the two that Ciara will be alright. Bo and Hope receive a ransom note demanding 5 million dollars. Hope realizes that Ciara must of been kidnapped because of the leak to the newspaper about her donation. Bo briefs the officers about the latest information as the man from the shed arrives and joins the group in a police uniform.