Ep. #11200 - Recap

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Brady doesn't believe it when Victor tells him that Arianna is a drug dealer. Victor encourages Brady to think back on anything unusual that has happened with Ari and Brady remembers finding the cocaine at the pub. Stefano encourages E.J. to accept Sydney back into his life but E.J. refuses. Bo insists that Carly sleep in his bed and he will sleep on the couch because it is the safest place for her. Carly tells Bo that she thinks Justin can help her because he has law experience internationally. Bo is reluctant but agrees but tells Carly he will reach out to Justin for help. Bo calls Justin to meet him at the Pub when he gets there Bo sees Hope's picture on Justin phone but Justin explains that he was helping Ciara with a class project. Bo explains to Justin that Carly needs help and Victor cannot find out she is back in town. Hope returns to the Kiriakis mansion and is encouraged by Victor to go and visit Bo. Hope arrives home and thinks Bo is out and grabs some photos and decides to check and see if Bo has gone to bed early. Rafe heads out to find evidence that Sydney is Sami's daughter and tells Ari to call Sami to keep her out of her apartment. Sami catches Nicole talking to Mia about doing the right thing. Sami demands answers then berates Mia for sleeping around. Eventually, Sami tells Nicole to leave and apologizes to Mia for being so hard on her. Sami gets a call from Ari saying she needs to talk to her urgently. When Sami shows up at Ari's she sees Rafe's baseball cap but Ari covers that she found it while cleaning. Ari tells Sami that she is worried about Caroline and thinks Sami should talk to her about retiring from the Pub. Sami wonders why Ari dragged her over to just talk about this and their conversation is interrupted by Brady. Rafe arrives at Sami's apartment and realizes it is his lucky day when he sees that Nicole is staying with Sami. Rafe takes a teething ring from diaper bag and has to hide when he hears Nicole coming home. As Rafe hides Stefano calls Nicole demanding that she arrive at the mansion. Rafe hurries out and ends up running into Sami in the hallway.