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Days of our Lives: Ep. #12026

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Brady suggests to Kristen that they move in together and Kristen is ready to break it off with Brady when Brady is interrupted by a phone call. Kristen is clearly upset when Marlena comes across her and tells her that it won't be long before Brady dumps her. Kristen decides that she has to go through with her plan to humiliate Brady. Jennifer shows up at Daniel's to find Chloe who informs her that she is moving in. Abby warns Daniel not to hurt her mother just as Jennifer returns. Jennifer and Daniel argue about Chloe moving in and Daniel tells Jennifer that he will be staying in a hotel room until Chloe can get a place of her own. John calls Marlena but tells her that he isn't coming home anytime soon and promptly hangs up on her. Hope tells Nicole that is doesn't matter if she leaves the convent Eric won't stop trying to get her to change.