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Days of our Lives: Ep. #12110

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Kristen's drugging of Eric is interrupted when Brady calls but he tells her he called her by mistake. Kristen finishes drugging Eric and beginning to kiss him and the two end up under the covers. Nicole tries in vain to get the hotel staff to deliver some notes that Eric wrote about the school project. Nicole eventually gets Eric's room number but when she arrives at the room she hears moaning. Daniel catches JJ stealing Cameron's prescription pad. Jennifer believes JJ's excuse that he just wanted to write Cameron a note. E.J. tells Sami about the video and that Sonny knows about and is going to tell Will. Sami rushes to stop Sonny but Sonny tells her that either she can tell Will or he will. Will figures out that the video was taken at the same time as when they got the evidence from police storage.