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Days of our Lives: Ep. #12133

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E.J. has to be restrained when he realizes that Adrienne turned in the video. Later, Justin angrily questions Adrienne and she realizes Justin had never seen the video or knew of it's existence. Justin tells E.J. that he will have to get Sami a new lawyer and quits. Sonny realizes that he was the one that gave Adrienne the video when he was sharing a video of Ari and Will. Chad calls Abigail when he hears about Sami and video and feels bad he dragged her into this mess. Justin shows up at Will and Sonny's and Will confesses that he had shot E.J. several years ago and Bernardi was getting the evidence to give to Stefano when Sami was attacking him in the park. Sonny decides that since Adrienne got him immunity for the video they will not involved Abigail and Chad. Kristen is still hesitant about rekindling her relationship with Brady and keeps the video of Eric. Theresa tries to give Jennifer dating advice which annoys Jennifer even more. JJ shows up at Jennifer's office when he knows she won't be there and is taken aback at Theresa's lack of concern for her cousin, Sami.