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Days of our Lives: Ep. #12141

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Daniel and Eric arrive to find out that a woman (Kristen disguised as Susan) has locked herself in Mason's bathroom and destroyed all his evidence from the hotel room. Daniel is able to pick the lock but they are surprised to find the woman left through the window. Eric tells them about the woman he saw in the hotel lobby but Mason says the descriptions definitely do not match. Theresa finally returns to work and gives Jennifer a bunch of excuses. Jennifer calls Anne up to her office to fire Theresa but Anne over hears the two arguing. After Jennifer rushes off, Anne and Theresa bond over their dislike for Jennifer. JJ decides to ask Bev out which upsets Cole. Marge is able to get into Sami's cell and harass her. Kayla arrives to present her findings to the judge in hopes of having Bernardi's body exhumed. Justin is able to secure a court order but Marge arrives and tells him there is no way she is going to allow it.