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Days of our Lives: Ep. #12231

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Nicole interviews Brady while he is high and notices he is acting strange. Later, Brady knocks over his cocaine and has to get more. Theresa summons JJ to her apartment and demands he buy her more drugs. JJ seeks help from Rory and Bev who do not have any but tell him to meet a dealer in the park. When JJ shows up at the bench he runs into Brady. Eric begins the procedure to have the masking agent removed from his blood. Adrienne apologizes to Sami and asks to come with her and Kate to visit Arianna. They come up with an excuse to get rid of Adrienne. When they show up at the apartment, Sonny pretend to leave and hides in the closet so he can listen in on what he thinks is a party planning for Will. Sonny is shocked to hear them admit to killing Nick.