Ep. #10490 - Recap

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While Kayla and Marlena wait for news from Steve about Shawn and Belle’s getaway, Kayla talks Marlena into lay down to rest for a little while. While dreaming, Marlena has a weird dream in which John gives her a message to relay to Kayla about Steve. It is at this point when Marlena learns that Steve has been having violent flashbacks, and she decides to help Kayla in talking Steve into seeking her help.

Meanwhile, Steve arrives at the abandoned church to help Shawn and Belle escape Salem. Before he goes inside, he makes a phone call to Kayla and Marlena to let them know what’s going on. During this time, Phillip arrives and demands Shawn and Belle to give Claire to him, but is refused. After a fight breaks out between them, Steve walks in and is able to knock Phillip unconscious so they can escape. Later, as the police arrive at the church, Phillip regains consciousness and informs them about how Belle and Shawn had help escaping. Eventually, they get a lead about how delivery truck was stolen in the area.

Inside Sami’s apartment, she and Lucas spend their time together kissing and talking. However, Sami becomes queasy and runs into the bathroom. When she walks back to where Lucas is at, they get a call from Roman about how Lexie and Tek went missing. Immediately thinking E.J. is behind it, Sami starts to panic that he will go after her next. She then gets sick again and rushes to the bathroom. After realizing she is pregnant, she breaks the news to Lucas and begins to cry.