Ep. #10636 - Recap

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At the pub, Tony is enjoying the company of a pair of women when EJ shows up. Seeing that EJ is unhappy, Tony goes over to talk to him. When he tells Tony that he’s in love with Sami and is trying to get her to love him back, Tony tells him that the way of doing that has to do with the feud. Tony then fills EJ in on Andre stealing the folio from the church in Ireland and that it is the key to ending the feud, even though Tony admits that the Brady’s would rather destroy it and let the feud continue if they knew the contents of it. Tony then tells EJ that if he can get his hands on the folio, he could get everything he wants.

At the hospital, Sami and Lucas think they’re free to continue with their playtime since Nurse Crimmins left for the night. However, when another nurse shows up to give Lucas a sponge bath and hot oil massage for his hypothermia treatment, Sami is less than thrilled that Lucas is thrilled at the opportunity of the pretty nurse massaging him. Sami then talks the nurse into going to check on the other patients on the floor while she massages Lucas. Later, the nurse returns and is less than thrilled at finding Lucas and Sami having their own therapy session. After Sami apologizes, the nurse leaves and EJ shows up, claiming he has an idea that will end the vendetta.

When he explains about the folio and that Andre has it, EJ tells them that he thinks that Andre is going to use a third party to deliver it to Stefano. He then tells Lucas and Sami of his suspicions that Kate will take it to Stefano since she recently came into a lot of money to use on Mystic. At hearing this, Lucas is less than thrilled at hearing his mom might be used in Andre and Stefano’s plan, but Sami mentions that if Kate can be used to end the feud, then they will have to take a chance.

In the hot tub, Max and Stephanie continue to kiss until she pulls away from him, saying she is with Jeremy and that she loves him. However, Max says that things feel right between them and starts kissing her again. After a little while, Stephanie stops Max again, saying that they had a chance to be a couple and it didn’t work. At this, Max said it was his fault and that he shouldn’t have made the mistake of dumping her and starts kissing Stephanie again. They continue like this for a little while longer, unaware Chelsea noticed them.

In the hallway, Jeremy confronts Jett with his suspicions of being a cop. Trying to cover, Jett says no, that Jeremy is being paranoid. He then asks Jeremy if he’s got something to hide since he was asking him all of these questions. When they get ready to walk into the suite, Chelsea opens the door to see them, and stops the guys from going inside for a few minutes, attempting to keep Jeremy from seeing Stephanie and Max kissing in the hot tub. When Jeremy asks why they can’t go inside yet, Chelsea lies and says she needs to go back and change into her lucky underwear since she was planning on going to the casino. She then goes back inside to warn Stephanie and Max that Jeremy is on his way into the suite, and Stephanie immediately gets out of the hot tub so she and Max wouldn’t get caught together while Max hides underwater in the hot tub.

When Jeremy and Jett walk in, Jeremy tries to talk Stephanie to get back into the hot tub, but she suggests they go take a shower instead and head for the bathroom while Jett goes out onto the balcony. When he finds Max getting out of the tub and asks why he was hiding. Realizing that Max was with Stephanie, Jett warns Max not to mess around with Jeremy’s woman and that he won’t let Max ruin his investigation. It is at this point when Jeremy and Stephanie walk over to them and they see Max all wet. Jeremy then asks what’s going on and Max covers that he and Jett where just rough-housing and he got pushed into the hot tub.

Down in the casino, China Lee watches Nick lose all his money at the blackjack table. As he walks away from the table, he admits that he has nothing to give her and advises her to not put her kids through this farce of a marriage. After Nick tells her this, China Lee agrees to give him the annulment, saying that he’s a nice guy and that there are better marks out there for her to find.

When Nick starts celebrating at the bar, Chelsea shows up and he gives her the good news about his pending annulment. As they are talking about their future together, Jeremy and Stephanie show up, but he slows up to talk to Ilsa. Seeing what he’s doing, Chelsea goes over to Stephanie and asks why she’s putting up with Jeremy talking to other women while she’s around. Max then shows up and sees that Jeremy found her and is starting to round up the other girls he smuggled into the country. He then runs into a woman named Jenna and accidentally knocks her purse off her shoulder. After talking for a few minutes, Max offers to buy her a drink. When he walks away, she makes a call that she met with Max Brady and the person what she has to do to him.

Not long after Nick returns to the room to relax, a man knocks on the door with China Lee’s sons, saying he was instructed to bring them up to their father.