Ep. #10690 - Recap

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After EJ leaves the mansion to go see his son, Kate learns of Stefano’s plan to take EJ, Sami, and the baby to Italy. When Kate asks if Sami is alright with his plans, Stefano says that she will have no say in the raising of his heir. At hearing this Kate warns Stefano that if he plans to tell Sami how to live her life, then he should be prepared to feel her wrath.

When EJ arrives at Steve and Kayla’s to see his son, they refuse to let him in. At hearing this, EJ promises that he’ll be back and they won’t be able to turn him away again. Worried at what EJ might do, they call Bo and Hope for help and a plan is soon devised. Later, when EJ arrives with Stefano, Mrs. Meyers and a court order, they are surprised to find a man wearing a hazmat suit, saying Steve and Kayla’s suite is under quarantine and they have to leave. At hearing this, Stefano tells EJ not to worry; he’ll be with his son soon.

In Santo Domingo, Lucas finds EJ’s note about the DNA results and decides to confront Sami about it. After arguing for a little while, he gets extremely worried that the twins will grow up differently, but Sami tells him that she wants Lucas to be apart of her son’s life. However, Lucas fears that EJ and Stefano won’t allow that, since Sami’s son is the heir to the DiMera dynasty. Sami then assures him that Stefano won’t have a hand in raising her son and EJ will eventually grow bored with their son and they can be together again soon.

After dropping Ford off at his dorm, Morgan becomes dizzy and soon passes out. Ford then tells her that she’s a hot girl and wants to be with him. Morgan later wakes up and when she notices that Ford undressed her, tries to leave, but soon passes out again. Back at the sorority house, Cordy admits to Stephanie and Chelsea that Ford raped her, but is too scared to press charges against him. After Nick finds out, he decides to call Billie and Jett so they can arrest Ford.

Meanwhile, everyone at the party is worried about Morgan since she drove Ford home and hasn’t returned to the sorority yet. When they find out that Ford has a web cam site, they go to it and watch as he forces himself on Morgan. When Max and Jett find out what dorm Ford is a resident of, they rush to his room to arrest him and save Morgan. Upon their return to the sorority, Billie and Jett say they need someone to positively identify Ford as the campus rapist since Morgan is passed out. At first it looks like Ford is going to go free, but Cordy eventually identifies him and says he raped her. After this happens, Stephanie continues to see images that she was also raped.