Ep. #10699 - Recap

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Outside the dean’s office, Billie and the girls try to talk Cordy into testifying against Ford. At first it looks like she is willing to do so, but when they notice Ford spying on them, she chickens out. When it looks like their case is on the verge of collapse, Morgan agrees to testify about what happened the night she took him to his dorm room. However, when Ford’s father questions her, he is able to make his son look like the victim instead of the predator. As a result, the case against Ford gets dismissed. Outside the dean’s office, Chelsea rallies the sorority girls to make posters about Ford so the campus can see what he is really like. Meanwhile, Stephanie continues to have visions of someone raping her, but is unable to see their face.

At their apartment, Sami continues to have visions of Colleen. When she urges Sami to go back to EJ to give him the will to live by saying she loves him, Sami is reluctant to do so, since he knows she doesn’t love him, that she only married EJ to end the vendetta between their families. Colleen then retorts by saying even if Sami where to tell EJ and he still dies, would she be able to live with herself.

In the hallway, Lucas asks Phillip for Kate’s gun, and is less than thrilled at finding out that Phillip threw it in the lake. When Lucas explains that he needs to see if the gun was fired, Phillip thinks he’s only trying to do the right thing and turn their mother into the cops while he is more concerned about keeping Kate safe. At hearing this, Lucas replies by saying if Kate was the one who shot EJ; then they wouldn’t be able to protect her. Later, Sami walks over to them and asks Lucas to watch the twins while she goes out to run some errands.

At the hospital, Tony arrives while a frantic Stefano prays for EJ’s life to be spared. At hearing what his father is praying for, Tony finds it funny the way he’s turning to God for help when his lust to end the vendetta his way is why EJ is paralyzed for life. Kate eventually arrives as well, and tells Stefano that she doesn’t think she will be able to help EJ like he wants. After hearing this, Stefano goes to see his son and is shocked at hearing EJ’s request for a gun.

It is at this point when Sami returns to the hospital to see EJ. When she walks into his room, EJ tells her to go back to Lucas since he is the man she loves, but Sami only responds by saying what if he isn’t?