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Ep. #10790 - Recap

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Ava kidnaps Hope thinking she is Kayla. She dumps Hope's cost and purse into a garabage and brings Hope back to her room. Hope wakes up where she realized that Ava thinks she is Kayla but doesn't say anything in order to protect Kayla. Dr. Jonas visits Chelsea's room and tells her that she might be able to be released the next day. Nick shows up to visist Chelsea where he tells her he was a little upset that she went ahead with the risky surgery. Chelsea tells him that she had to do it to save her father. Dr. Jonas visists Bo's room where Kayla tells him what happened with the other Doctor and Dr. Jonas is upset that Bo's life was put at risk. Dr. Jonas tells Kayla she should go home and get some rest and Steve drags her away.

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Warning: Days of our Lives season 43 episode 97 guide may contain spoilers
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