Ep. #10795 - Recap

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Bo removes his many monitoring devices to get out of bed to try and find Hope but ends up fainting before getting far. Lexie and a nurse rush in and get Bo back in bed. Bo keeps saying he needs to make sure Hope is okay but he is out of it. When he is in better shape Lexie asks Bo why Hope wouldn't be okay and Bo brushes it off. Steve jumps into the limo with Ava and asks to see his wife. Maggie speaks with EJ at Chez Rouge about helping him out. EJ returns to Sami and Leonardo, the immigration agent and informs both of them that he has gotten a job with Mickey Horton. Leonard questions it and asks him if he will be going to law school and EJ says he has no plans on repeating law school. Just then Mickey shows up to confirm EJ has a job with him. Kayla is examined by Lexie after experiencing cramps again.