Ep. #10796 - Recap

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Marlena arrives at the DiMera Mansion and is still annoyed to see that Rolf if working for John. John informs her that the man tortured him so he is just returning the favor. John asks her why she has come over and Marlena tells him that Sami called and told her to meet her here. John wants to know why Sami is arranging meetings at his house. Sami and EJ arrive and Sami tells Marlena she needs her help. Sami and EJ can't afford their two apartments and they also need to look good for the immigration agent by living together so they were hoping they could move in with her. Marlena says her penthouse is a little small for all five of them to live in but says she could look for a bigger place. Suddenly, Marlena says no she won't do that. Sami is taken aback but Marlena tells her that they will all move into the DiMera Mansion. Marlena hopes they can help John regain his memory. Victor has invited Daniel over for a celebratory dinner party but the tension is high as Chloe keeps making snarky remarks about death and Victor keeps accusing her of having a hand in Brady's disappearance. Chloe soon storms out of the room and Philip follows her. Philip tells Chloe she can't let his father get to her. Chelsea tries to explain her sorted family tree to Daniel. Kate tells Victor to take it easy on Chloe. Chloe and Philip rejoins the dinner and Victor makes an apology while still accusing Chloe of being involved with Brady's disappearance. The doorbell rings and Victor is upset their dinner is interrupted again and Henderson tells Victor the guest will not leave and Nicole makes her grand entrance - puppy and all.