Ep. #10797 - Recap

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Ava brings Steve back to her room where Hope is waiting. Hope and Steve try to keep up the charade that Hope is Kayla. Ava touches Hope's stomach realizing it is flat then asks Steve if Kayla is really pregnant. Steve tells her he was there for the sonogram and saw the pictures and that she just isn't showing yet. Ava insists on having Hope checked by a doctor. Ava then asks Angelo to take Hope to another room so her and Steve can be alone. Nicole informs Victor she will be staying with him when he demands she leave. Nicole tells him that she is still legally his wife since she never signed any divorce papers. Chelsea leaves the dinner party to talk to Kate in her room. Daniel stops by to tell her good night. Stephanie visits Max at his community service and Rusty, his boss tells him to get back to work instead of taking such long breaks.