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Ep. #10813 - Recap

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Marlena is shocked to hear that John has a date with Nicole. Chloe meets up with Philip and tells him that Victor has kicked her out of the mansion. Nicole barges in on Victor while he is visiting Chelsea and demands to know how he thinks he can throw her out of the mansion. Nicole tells Victor that she knows his secret which leaves Victor confused and he wants to know what his secret is but Nicole is saving it. Later, Nicole has her date with John who quickly realizes that she is there to spy on him and he ends the date. Kayla walkes in on Steve and Ava in bed together and Steve realizes Ava set the whole thing up to look like something it wasn't. Roman and Abe figure out that the four must be at the Vitali compound and could be in trouble and they make there way to the Vitali compound and arrest Ava. Max and Stephanie make love upstairs and when they come back down to the pub Max tells Stephanie to wait while he checks on something. The mystery man comes up behind Stephanie with a knife and tells her to cooperate because he has no problems killing her infront of people.