Ep. #10829 - Recap

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Kayla wants to go see her son but Dr. Elman and Lexie say she can't because she is on strict bed rest. Kayla says she doesn't care but Dr. Elman tells her she will give her a sedative if she doesn't follow orders. Steve tells Kayla he will go check up on their baby boy but Dr. Elman and Lexie tell him that he can't see the baby either right now because he is so little and the doctors are still running tests. Stephanie is out in the hall with Max and Chelsea worrying about her little brother. Stephanie doesn't think he will make it but Max tells her that he's a Johnson and he is strong. Stephanie wonders if Dr. Jonas can help out her little brother. Chelsea tells her pediatrics isn't his specialty. Chelsea goes to call the family about the news about the baby. Steve comes out of Kayla's room as Kayla is checked out by Dr. Elman. Chelsea heads into the staff locker room and confronts Daniel about his feeling for her. Stephanie and Steve go back into visit Kayla as Nick confronts Max over him turning in his protype to the University when he wasn't done with yet. Max tells him that he didn't do anything to it and Nick is being crazy since Max is just a bartender. Stephanie comes up with a game of writing down names for the baby but Kayla is detached and blames herself for delivering to early. EJ paces outside of Sami's room as she paces inside her. She goes and opens the door and finds EJ outside of it. EJ tells her that he wants to know why she is now so willing to forgive him for the rape. Sami is reluctant to tell him at first but gives in and tells him that many years ago she drugged and forced herself on Austin. Sami tells EJ that it wouldn't be right if she didn't forgive him when Austin forgave her. Mickey arrives at the prison and thanks Lucas for allowing him to see him since he isn't taking a lot of visitors. Mickey tells Lucas that he might be able to get him out of Prison and on house arrest because of the overcrowding issues. Maggie arrives with some of Alice's homemade donuts. Mickey wonders why Lucas refused Sami's visitation request and Maggie tells him that he is a fool for keeping Sami and Ali at a distance. Mickey is called for the board hearing for Lucas' release and Maggie and Lucas continue to talk. Mickey returns and tells Lucas he is going to be able to go on house arrest.