Ep. #10847 - Recap

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Sami questions Lucas on where he disappeared to and Lucas tells her he was obviously in the mansion since he can't go far because of his ankle baraclet. Sami knows that he left because she found the ankle braclet but doesn't push the subject. John gets annoyed by all the arguing in his house. Later, John gives Ava the tour of the DiMera Manison. Hope arrives and tells John that his warehouse has burnt to the ground. Hope leaves and Ava and John continue talking. Ava doesn't want to get involved with a married man especially since she trusts Marlena. Just then Marlena arrives home. Morgan shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and walks in on Philip and Chloe kissing. Philip gets a call from Paul who tells him John is in for a shock. Bo arrives and asks Philip if he had anything to do with the warehouse fire. Dean Robbins tells Max he better be careful from now on and if he treatens him again he will call the police. Nick wants Max to take an IQ test but Max refuses. Stephanie tells Kayla about Max acting weird lately.