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Ep. #10868 - Recap

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Bo and Hope return to the Police Station after going through a trash dumpster. They have figured out that Paul sent Morgan a package and they track the numbers they found to see what Post Office he sent it from. Morgan and Philip arrive at the Post Office to pick up what Paul sent. Sami tells EJ he won't get away with keeping her there. Bo's computer is acting up and he can't get on the internet and Hope tries her hand at fixing it and gets it back working and Bo is able to track what Paul sent. They see that it was been sent to Morgan and is at a Post Office but the University. Hope calls Morgan to have her meet them at the Post Office to sign for it and open it in front of them. Morgan flips out at the Post Office thinking someone has followed them there. EJ throws the past in Sami's face by bringing up the time Sami lied about Lucas hitting Will in order to gain custody. Sami tells EJ she will do what it takes to get custody of her children. Morgan makes it to the front of the line at the Post Office and hands over her photo ID but the mail clerk tells her she is out of luck. Hope can't get through to Morgan and Bo calls a Judge he knows to get a warrant to seize whatever Paul sent. Hope gets a call from the baby sitter who needs to leave early because of her other job and Hope heads home. The mail clerk tells Morgan that the package is in the system but not in the office and has probably already been sent back to the sender. Philip asks the mail clerk if she can go and check to make sure it is not at the office and sure enough it was back there the whole time. Bo shows up at the Post Office with the warrant just missing Morgan and Philip. Philip and Morgan end up at the Pub where Caroline tells Philip she is glad Victor has stablized. Bo calls Hope who has picked up Ciara to let her know the news. Bo and Hope find Morgan and Philip at the Pub and tell her they need to take the package to the police station and open it there. EJ informs Sami he is taking Johnny to England. Morgan opens the package down at the police station and it contains money and a letter. Morgan begins crying and says she can't do this now and Hope offers to drive her home. Bo tells Morgan he will keep the package at the station for now. Philip visits Victor who is asleep in the hospital and tells him he has really screwed up this time. Bo realizes there is more to the package and discovers a tape recorder that has Philip threatening Paul on it.