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Season 8

100 :08x01 - Lady of Blood

The infamous Lizzie Borden was a quiet Sunday school teacher born into wealth until she hacked her stepmother and father to death, but maybe she didn't do it.

Source: Investigation Discovery

101 :08x02 - Mom's Money

While most children value their mother's love, these deadly women care only about mom's money.

Source: Investigation Discovery

102 :08x03 - Never Too Young

Some women find being a cold-hearted killer is as easy as child's play.

Source: Investigation Discovery

103 :08x04 - Three's a Crowd

When three try to play the game of love, one will lose out as revenge, a wicked plot and hidden skeletons will emerge.

Source: Investigation Discovery

104 :08x05 - Catch Me If You Can

With a smile as their disguise, some women use charm and a kind word to try to get away with murder.

Source: Investigation Discovery

105 :08x06 - Hunger for Cash

It can cost family and friends more than their bank balance when women lust for money.

Source: Investigation Discovery

106 :08x07 - Self Made Widows

When these women fell out of love they didn’t walk away; they chose a permanent separation with financial benefits. They all wanted to be single but with no strings attached; they were ‘Self Made Widows’.

Source: Investigation Discovery

107 :08x08 - Lover's Revenge

When these women were betrayed, they demanded payback. A crazed mother took a custody battle too far, a scorned lover wiped out her competition, and a sex addict stepped on everyone in her way. They settled their scores by wreaking "Lover’s Revenge".

Source: Investigation Discovery

108 :08x09 - Heartless

Cold-hearted women who commit unspeakably cruel acts prove just how callous they can be.

Source: Investigation Discovery

109 :08x10 - Second Best

A girl really wants the good life; a teenager mother takes it upon herself to get rid of a rival; a relationship tears a family a part.

110 :08x11 - For the Money Honey

A middle aged woman preys on elderly men.

111 :08x12 - Cold as Ice

Some women need to dominate, even if they have to kill. An Iowa divorcee stages a home invasion; Jealousy and alcohol prove a lethal mix for for a UK mom; and a drug kingpin won't let anyone stand in her way. These Deadly Women are as "Cold as Ice".

Source: Investigation Discovery

112 :08x13 - If Looks Could Kill

Beauty is only skin deep; scratch the surface and you could find an ugly soul. A gorgeous girl preys on an elderly man, a cabaret star performs a killer finale, and a farmer’s wife harvests husbands. These Deadly Women get their way "If Looks Could Kill".

Source: Investigation Discovery

113 :08x14 - To Have and to Kill

When some brides vowed to love and honor their husbands, they lied. These Deadly Women made a mockery of marital commitment. They only promised "To Have and To Kill".

Source: Investigation Discovery

114 :08x15 - Mad or Bad

Some women tread a fine line between anger and insanity. A bondage queen punishes her rival, a teenager wreaks fiery revenge, and a doctor prescribes a lethal cure for her problems. These Deadly Women are damaged goods, but are they "Mad or Bad"?

Source: Investigation Discovery

115 :08x16 - Scorned

Love brings hope and happiness, but broken hearts can leave a trail of blood and tears. When lovers and friends dump these women, they take the ultimate revenge. These Deadly Women prove hell hath no fury like a woman "Scorned".

Source: Investigation Discovery

116 :08x17 - Total Control

Some women must always get their way. A seductress has men and women under her spell, a churchgoer finds a new form of faith, and a matriarch rules with an iron rod. These Deadly Women want power at any price, because they demand "Total Control".

Source: Investigation Discovery

117 :08x18 - Hidden Rage

Some women's feminine wiles mask their true natures. On the surface these women appear fun, but if you cross them they turn lethal. When these Deadly Women felt let down, they took revenge and revealed their "Hidden Rage".

Source: Investigation Discovery

118 :08x19 - Two to Terminate

A couple of women work together to mastermind a murder.

119 :08x20 - In the Family

Some killers don't go far to find their victims. Driven by revenge, greed and family "honor", these women turned on their own. When these Deadly Women struck, they kept it "In the Family".

Source: Investigation Discovery
Classification: Reality
Genre: Crime | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: Investigation Discovery ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 08, 2005
Episode Order: 20
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