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Episode 127 - Recap

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The episode with the Howey doing his usual speech in the case room. Howey then begins the show by explaining the basic plot of the show, and he thens says that he works with the 26 most beautiful women in america, and he then allows them to come forward: the models. They then bring the contestant from last show: LaKissa Bright excitedly runs onto the stage, and they then show a recap of the previous episode. Howey, then talks about the previous offer: 48,000. Howey explains that she will have to open up 3 cases if she says no deal, and her family is shouting "No Deal" and Howey talks about her reasons for coming onto the show, saying that they wanted a trip to Africa, her husbands and hair implants. LaKissa then decides No Deal and opens up case number 8, Howey want them to keep the 3 huge amounts in play, and in the case is $200. LaKissa choses case 24, and it has $100 inside. The family then begins chanting her name, which spreads to the crowd, and Howey once again says that all 3 big money amounts are still on the board after they finish chanting, including 1 million dollars. LaKissa choses case #4, that has $5,000 inside it. Howey gets a call from the Banker, and says that it is huge and if she refuses it she has to open 2 cases, and there is no way to knock off all 3 huge amounts, and everybody wants to know the offer, which is $175,000. LaKissa's husband wants him to keep going, and they want to make a counter-offer, considering that they feel that the offer is still too small. However Howey says that he can't call him, he calls them so to make more money she has to continue, which she does by saying "No Deal." When the show returns, LaKissa choses case #18, and the model says that they are more concerned about them, and then opens the case which ends up having $5. The chanting begins again. LaKissa then decides to open case #2, and LaKissa's son, who Howey says immitates him then says "open the case" and the case has $750,000 in it, however they think it is ok because they still have 1 million and half a million. They have about a 33% of having a half million/million and Lakissa nerviously tells him how easy it is for him to say, and Howey agrees. LaKissa then tries to leash Howey, and then the banker calls.

He offers $134,000 and a hair transplant for her husband. Her husband then says "No Deal" and Howey explains that she will only have 1 case to open then tells her that the offer will be different if it 1 million dollars instead of $50. He then asks her "Deal or no Deal" and she says "No Deal." LaKissa then selects case 26, and there is then a commerical.

The show returns with case #26 unopened, and Howey talks about how she is always saying no to the offers, then opens the case, LaKissa says whatever it is is ok: it ends up being $50. Howey explains that she has 1/5 chance of having 1 million and 2/5 chance of at least having half a million. Howey says that the banker doesn't make bargains, then Howey explains that he feels that this offer is a lot of money, which is $263,000. Howey asks if she is willing to walk away with less than half a million dollars, and Howey comments on how her husband could become Rupunzel with this kind of money. Howey then asks the question, and LaKissa says "No Deal." Lakissa's husband wants case #14, which is the case she chooses. Howey wants anything but 1 million dollars. They then open the case, which holds $10,000. LaKissa now has a 50% shot of having at least half a million, and a 25% of having one million. Lakissa's husband feels that the banker is scared, and Howey says that he says that he never gets scared, but he doesn't feel well which brings some laughter. Howey says that the offer went up, but they then go to another commercial.

The episode then returns, and Howey reminds everybody about Thor, who has their record for most money won on the show, but she is extremely close. Howey asks where she thinks the million dollars is, and Lakissa says that it is right in that case, and Howey asks if she willing to sell it for $357,000: the offer. Howey says that he can tell from her face that it is serious money now, and Howey then asks the question, and Lakissa responses by saying "No Deal." They then continue with LaKissa suffering from her choice, but she is able to recover with some applause and cheering from the audience. She then chooses Case #16, and Howey wonders if Kim has 1 millions dollars, and she says she hopes not. When Howey asks if Lakissa has 1 million dollars, the audience shouts and claps. There is then a commercial before they open the case.

Howey then creates a verbal recap of the last part of the episode, and they then open the case. Inside it is... $500,000. Howey says about how that is not bad because 1 million dollars is still in play and there is 3 cases left. Howey says that the banker says that she has pushed her luck to far, and the offer is now drastically down: $215,000. After some thinking, LaKissa deals for $215,000. They then decide to see what would have been the next case she would have opened: Case 20 would have been her next case which would have held 1,000. The offer would have been half a million, and they then open her case, and inside the case is a Deal or no Deal first... 1 million dollars. There is then a commercial.

Howey then says congrats to Lakissa Bright, and then moves on, and then gives out the name of the next contestant, Allyson Thadeus. Allyson then explains that in her bag is balls that she will use to choose her cases. She also had a double lung transplant a couple months ago. Howey then explains how the game works to Allyson, and asks her to pick out her ball, but she already has case #25 picked out. Howey then explains how they have to open the other cases, and they begin by opening case #15, which has $10,000 in it. They then pick out case #13, which has 1 penny in it, which makes Allyson extremely happy. She then picks case #16, which has $1 in it. She then opens case 8, which has $500 in it. Then case #22 is opened, which $1,000 in it. Then case #11, with a comment by Howey about how people would think they were playing bingo, and the case has $200 in it. Howey comments on for a first offer, this was pretty good. Howey then comments on how the banker says that he hates spunk, and she has it. She is offered $29,000, and she automatically says no deal. She then selects case #5, her husband's lucky number. It has $25 in it, then she opens case #10, which $400,000 in it. They then open case #9, with $400 in it, and then open #2 which has $10 dollars in it. Case #19 is then opened which has #5, Allyson starts dancing and then the bank offer is made and the banker wonders how somebody who is this sweet can be this lucky. The offer is then $66,000, and Howey says that they will find out if she is a millionaire next time.