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Episode discussion for: 01x01 | Pilot (Apr 15, 2013)

I truely enjoyed the pilot episode. And I will surely watch the next episodes.
Yet, where did we see this before. The little village in a hostile the world,( this time not the prehistory but the post-apocalypse the brave stranger with a daughter coming into the little village, and becoming the sheriff, a level of grown-up with rivalry issues, and a level of teens with their own issues, a group of outsiders thrown in in the last minute with the attitude of the rebels on the star trek voyager, with the daughter of the sheriff as the series b'elana Torres in the attacking vampire maskerade from Buffy, and the red hair from the leeloo character from...ah their isn't a single element element that you shouldn't be able to recognize from other succesfull SF&fantasy successen of the last 20 years. The set up seems overloaded with scenario possibilities, but I am afraid the serie will keep going on piling up chliché on chliché without a single shred of originality in it. It will include probably also a too sudden end with a cliffhanger that will never get followed up as it seems to have gotten the (spectator hostile)norm for these kind of TV productions.
Message Posted On Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 1:33 am

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The prospect of the redhead alien gutting baddies with her assortment of knives is enough to keep me coming back for more.
Maybe Terra Nova would have done better if, rather than married with many-many kids, the leading man had been unattached and thus able to get jiggy with every single female in the show.

One thing that confused me was:
many years ago, aliens came to earth, attacked it, humans fought bacl, some of the aliens turned on their brothers, fought along side the humans. Peace was then declared.

So (1) did all the bad aliens "scarper" back home, and all the good aliens stay behind to live amongst those they'd help save
and (2) who were those other aliens all set on taking over Defiance, "invited" by Ms Ex Mayor lady ?

From the look of the inhabitants of Defiance, with all those differing "types" of aliens, does this mean it wasn't just a single race of Aliens that did the initial Earth attack. Did a whole bunch of differing types decide to invade on mass ?

(maybe all these questions will be answered in later eps)

btw: all that Bella & the Gothy Vampires vs Native American Werewolves thing made me
Message Posted On Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 6:27 am

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Honestly I felt a little let down by this pilot episode. Far too predictable, first thing I said to my wife, was "bet ya he becomes sheriff by the end" and that was before the sheriff even died.
However I still have high hopes for this show. hopefully it can live up to them.
to Zwixxx I dunno if they will answer those questions in the series or whether they expect that you gain the knowledge yourself.
to help you out check out this page for your answers....
Message Posted On Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 7:25 am

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^than for the link - am printing it off now
Message Posted On Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 8:29 am

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Loved it, will continue watching.

My only problem was too much happening with too many characters at once. I had to IMDB just to learn the characters names.

It may seem repetitive to some, but they need to overdo character names until we all know them by heart.

It setup many, many possible story-arcs for future episodes, but in the Pilot you need one major event to sink your teeth into, and that was the defense of Defiance.

Character elements are always the center of any great show, but they should have been left to either establishing our Hero/Sheriff or providing easy to understand background on Defiance and the upcoming attack. We didn't need the Defiance's citizen rivalry to be established so quickly.

One major point about EVIL in TV is you don't have to understand it. Perhaps an explanation later - yes, but never at first.

I've learned to not-nitpick at shows, either watch them or don't - just see a lot of potential for this show, and it seems its already off to trying to tackle too many storyarcs to fast.

What really hooked me was Grant Bowlers performance. Hero with an attitude, one-liners and total badassness.

Yes, it had many uses of Science Fiction pop culture - but its also EXTREMELY hard to create anything original in Science Fiction anymore.
Message Posted On Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 1:43 pm
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As long as there are no damn vampires, I will keep watching!
Message Posted On Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 3:59 pm

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Enjoyed the pilot, look forward to seeing more.
Message Posted On Thursday, April 18th 2013 at 2:12 am

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'Twas nothing for me. As the original poster mentioned the pilot was puzzled together 100% from age-old clichés, and unfortunately I was personally not able to enjoy it despite that. Apart from the visual style my main problem was with the writing. Not just that it's generic, but the generic things were often written badly as well (one of the most wooden expositions).

From what I've read on other forums, it also didn't get better over time. Of those who decided to stick with after the pilot, I think most of them bailed after episode 5 at the latest.

Although I like almost nothing science-fiction, I was curious about this becuase of the show/game synergy. It was a great idea. Unfortunately the creators seem to have thought that that's all it takes. But the game and the show also would need to be interesting and good on their own for it to work, and neither were (the game is even more bland and derivative than the show). I don't see this being renewed, and I don't think the game will live on praticularly long either. It's a shame because it means that a more creative team who might want to do something like it in the future will have a much harder time funding it.
Message Posted On Thursday, May 23rd 2013 at 6:00 pm

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I may not have put that too well, but... yes, I usually don't like science-fiction, but I really tried to like Defiance. I read the backstory on their website, and while I do think it is very generic and cliché, it could really have been interesting. They could have built a great mythology and told fantastic stories. But how much of that universe and background is actually in the show? Almost nothing. And in the game, even less.

It's like the writers who work on the show never even saw the work of those writers who came up with the background. And I think if the show turns out to fail, one of the main reasons will be that they didn't put any of their actually quite nice backstory into the show itself to get people interested. It's not good enough to hide it away on the show's website.
Message Posted On Friday, May 24th 2013 at 11:06 am

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I like any reasonably intelligent Sci-Fi in almost any form with the exception of slice and dice horror/supernatural masquerading as Sci-Fi.

Of course there's going to be cliche's here. What show in the universe doesn't borrow something from some other show or from real life these days?

However, in my semi-humble opinion this isn't pure sci-fi, it's a hybrid drama/sci-fi and not just sci-fi for the sake of sci-fi (just wanted to see how many times I could use sci-fi in a sentence).

If you want similarities compare this show to Banshee on Cinemax. You have the bad-ass who winds up becoming sheriff by the end of the first episode. Said sheriff is a magnet for hot women. Sheriff is paired off against, but has to develop a grudging respect for, the town's resident power hungry, ego-maniacal, control freak who's a surprising bad-ass in his own right. (in Banshee it's Kai Proctor and in Defiance it's Datak Tarr). The similarity in personalities between those two characters is pretty amazing. In Defiance the Sheriff has a teenage adopted daughter. In Banshee he has a 15 year old daughter he didn't know about who's a bit of a rebel.

They both have to contend with an even more dangerous bad-guy(gal) than what they are dealing with locally. There's constant political intrigue and gun battles. There's even outside interference from the government in both.

Even with all of those similarities I happen to like both shows. Why? Because if I quit watching shows that had similarities to other shows I wouldn't have much to watch.

As far as background, I assume that Defiance will provide the backstory over-time. (Banshee did this throughout the first season). Continuum, Once Upon a Time. Grimm, and other shows tend to trickle out the background over-time.

It's a whole wealth of stories they can draw on to keep people interested if the main storyline gets stale.

Message Posted On Monday, May 27th 2013 at 9:36 pm

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What I miss so far (first 5 episodes in) is the feel of real danger and a mature story you cant sum up in 3 sentences. Apocalyptic world, bandits, mutants, different alien species and I can´t remember any interesting conflicts. Almost every aspect is dumbed down - I could let my 10 year old son watch the action and sex scenes without a second thought. Everything seems trivial.
They try to build up suspence, who is the source, who was the killer, who did what why and 5 minutes later you get the answers, come on, WTF !
Message Posted On Saturday, June 8th 2013 at 9:18 am

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