A Well Respected Man - Recap

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Two Castithans are driving down the streets of Defiance and make a series of drug exchanges. A truck blocks their way ahead and they yell at the man to move. It's Nolan, Irisa, and Tommy, who have set the whole thing up. They search the car and find illegal contraband, and Nolan tells them to tell Datak that he's bringing him down.

At the town council meeting, Rafe insists that they need the maglev spur from the EReps. Amanda disagrees but Rafe insists that they need access to transit and suggests that the new mayor follow their lead. Datak storms in and tells them that the arms deal with the Votanis Collective is over. He explains that Nolan intercepted a shipment of Votac weapons as revenge against Datak for killing Bendick. Now the Collective won't deal with him. Amanda talks to Rafe privately and he admits that the Council made a deal with Datak to bring in extra weapons. She objects but Rafe points out that she was appointed, and tells her to make sure that Nolan is onboard if she wants to keep her job.

As Amanda walks down the street, a woman approaches her and says that Kenya is destroying her family. Amanda figures that the woman's husband, Rupert, has been corrupted by Kenya. When the woman calls Kenya a slut, Amanda punches her and says that Kenya runs a legitimate business. The woman says that Amanda's mother must be so proud and walks off. As she sees some children nearby, Amanda remembers her mother dying in a bombardment and her taking care of Kenya.

At Need Want that night, Nolan and Kenya are in bed together during his dinner break. As he leaves, Kenya tells her that she doesn't want their relationship to be financial. She suggests that they should be fun together but insists that it's not a commitment.

In the bar, Jered is working the counter when Amanda comes in. He realizes that she's looking for Nolan and she goes in and demands to know what he's doing with her sister. However, she moves onto her main topic, which is Nolan breaking up Datak's gun deal. He points out that she should have come to her and she drops the topic since she didn't know. Kenya comes in and Amanda complains about her poor judgment. As she walks off, Kenya goes after her and asks what the problem is. Amanda tells her to stay away from married men and passes on the comment about how their mother isn't proud of them. They argue and Kenya says that she raised herself and Amanda isn't her parent.

As Amanda walks off, a miner comes down and demands to know why one of the girls ripped her off. She points out the girl, Tirra, and Kenya calls her over. Tirra runs out and Kenya goes after her, and follows her to an alleyway where the girl is buying drugs from a bio-man. Kenya pulls her away and warns the bio-man off, and several slaves burst out of a nearby van. The bio-man locks them back up while Kenya drags Tirra away. The girl trips and Kenya tries to call for help. The bio-man easily subdues her and chokes her unconscious, breaking the chain on her saint's medallion so it drops to the ground.

At the mines, Quentin discovers that Rafe has closed off Luke's vein, L-7. He insists on working it, but Rafe comes in and says that he shut it down because of safety issues. Quentin insists that he can handle it and yells at his father for not trusting him, and then storms off. Rupert tells the nearby miner not to say anything to anyone and walks off.

At Need Want, Jered tells Nolan that Kenya has gone missing. He collects Amanda and they go looking for her sister, and she warns that Kenya isn't as tough as she appears. Nolan picks up a signal from her hailer and they spot a kid, Yeng, running by with it. They give chase and finally capture him, and they discover that he has Kenya's medallion. Nolan and Amanda play good cop/bad cop and Amanda explains that Kenya must be in trouble. In return for pay, the boy tells them that a bio-man captured Kenya and Tirra, and that he deals Blue Devil. Nolan lets the boy go and heads for the only bio-man in town: Ulysses, who works for Datak. As they go, Nolan tells Amanda that Blue Devil is a neuro-transmitter enhancer that boosts physical performance. A chemist came up with an organic version taken from frightened prisoners, and Nolan warns that Kenya only has ten hours if they're draining her adrenal glands.

Out in the pass, Ulysses drives his van to an abandoned crawler where he keeps his prisoners. He dumps Kenya and Tirra out and his partner Miko realizes who Kenya is. Miko tells Ulysses that someone will come looking for her and he injects himself with the Blue Devil. He then tells Ulysses that they'll process the last batch, sell it for travel money, and head south. Ulysses is surprised that the two of them will be going together but admits that it'll be nice, and Miko tells him to prep them for the maze.

Kenya and Tirra wake up and find themselves in a maze of tunnels. They hear something huge walking overhead on the catwalks and Tirra panics.

Nolan and Amanda go to the Tarr home and demand to see Datak. Once Datak comes out, Nolan grabs him and demands to know where Kenya is. Datak has already heard that they've been asking around and says that Ulysses is acting on his own. Nolan doesn't believe him but Datak says that he likes people to know what he's done. Amanda talks to him privately and points out that if Ulysses is seen to be acting with Datak's implied approval, it could ruin his recent standing. Datak refuses to help, telling Amanda that she doesn't respect him, and goes inside.

Angry at herself and Nolan, Amanda walks off and Stahma follows her. She suggests that they talk privately and admits that she's fond of Kenya. Kenya hugs Stahma when she passes and thanks her for sharing Datak, so Stahma wants to help her. She tells Amanda that Nolan and Datak are both hotheads, and says that if Amanda gives Datak respect then Keyna is as good as rescued. Amanda asks what form of respect she suggest, and Stahma suggests that Amanda put Datak into the vacant seat on the Council.

Kenya and Tirra continue through the maze, finally hiding in a branch tunnel. Their stalker passes by them and they realize that it's a Volge warrior. It hears Tirra move and turns back toward them.

The next morning, Datak joins the search and Nolan wonders what deal he made with Amanda. Datak refuses to answer and tells Nolan that lawkeeping is more than just busting heads. He points out many of the residents and all the secret motives that they have for what they do. Datak knows that Ulysses favors Castithans and they go to a trailer where Ulysses' current dealer, Mr. Skevur, stays. Nolan points out that Skevur is more scared of Datak than him and figures that Datak sent his people there already and "convinced" him to hold out until Datak interrogated him, and then give him everything. Datak concedes that Nolan is right and tells Skevur that he doesn't care what he says. Skevur tells Nolan that he helped Ulysses set up a lab in a downed crawler out at the pass.

Quentin is leaving and tells Rafe that he's done with everything. Rafe tells his son that he isn't Luke and never will be, and admits that there's a spot in his heart for Luke, and for Christie, and for his mother... and for Quentin. He assures Quentin that he loves him for who he is and respects his professionalism and ambition. Rafe admits that Quentin could mine the hell out of the mine shaft, but explains that Luke was hiding something at the bottom of the shaft. He holds up the gold knot and explains that Luke found it there.

Tirra wonders why the Volge isn't attacking them, and Kenya points out that they beat the Volge army before. The Volge starts beating on the walls and Kenya remembers Amanda giving her their mother's medallion. She gives it to Tirra and tells her to be brave, and then remembers dropping it earlier. Kenya realizes that the whole thing isn't real and manages to wake up. She's tied up and hooked up to tubes draining her adrenalin. Kenya frees herself and sees Miko across the lab, injecting himself with more Blue Devil. Concentrating, Kenya pulls the needle out of her neck, picks up a beaker, and hits him with it. he collapses, glass in his neck, and Kenya frees Tirra. Ulysses comes over and demands to know why Kenya killed Miko... just as Nolan and Amanda arrive and shoot the bio-man.

That night at Need Want, Tirra is flirting with the customers when Kenya leads her away. She gives the girl her mother's medallion of St. Finnegan, who watches over lost children. Tirra tells her that it's St. Christopher and gives it back, explaining that she grew up with nuns. Kenya goes to see Amanda and asks who St. Finnegan is, and how their mother really died. Amanda admits that she isn't sure...

Amanda's mother takes Amanda scavenging in a van, insisting that it's just for food. Amanda sees a dead solider with a nametag saying "Finnegan," and takes his medal. A bombardment hits the van and Amanda's mother says that they have to go, and that Kenya will have to catch up with them. Amanda refuses to go with her and her mother says that Amanda knows where she'll be. After a moment, Amanda goes back to get Kenya and tells her that their mother died, and gives her the medal.

Kenya wonders why Amanda never shut her down with the truth after all of her complains, and her sister says that she didn't because Kenya is her sister. After a moment, they embrace.

Rafe and Quentin open up the shaft and descend into the depths. They find bones and discarded equipment, and continue until they find a wall covered in symbols matching the one on the gold relic.

Amanda brings Datak to the Council chambers and introduces him to the other members. Nolan watches, bemused, as the Castithan member greets Datak, one human woman pointedly ignores, and the others hesitantly shake his hand. Datak notices that Rafe is gone and then closes the door in Nolan's face. As the Lawkeeper leaves, he sees Stahma outside, quietly knitting. He tells her that she's the dangerous one, and she thanks him for the compliment.