The Serpent's Egg - Recap

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Alak Tarr broadcasts his morning radio show from the top of the Arch, As he runs music, he picks up a radar signal from below. On the street, a bus pulls into town and Alak announces that the land coach has arrived. The drivers unload cargo and passengers, and picks up new ones. Tommy and Irisa are loading Rynn onboard to go to Vegas Prison for her crimes against Defiance as her father Sukar looks on.

Nolan arrives to escort her and to take the town's funds for a new maglev branch onto Calex. Olfin Tennety, an E-Rep ambassador, gets off the coach with her husbands Kaspar and Ziggy and immediately greets Amanda. Amanda says that she's still not interested in the E-Reps' offer of an alliance. When Olfin explains that Amanda used to be an assistant at E-Rep HQ, Ziggy wonders why Amanda left New York to come to Defiance. Amanda tells Olfin that they have their own maglev branch and the E-Rep realizes that Nolan is holding the funds. She notices Amanda's ticket for the land coach and says that they can talk about an alliance on the way to Calex. Olfin warns Amanda that the Votanis Collective won't be so friendly toward Defiance.

Everyone boards the land coach and the Liberta driver, Ugarti, makes sure everyone is secure. Rynn secretly manages to take the driver's pen. Irisa comes in to see Rynn off and tell her that her sentence will be over in two years, but Rynn isn't comforted. Nolan gives his daughter a hug and tells Irisa to try and be a good girl... well aware she probably won't be. As Irisa walks away, she spots a Castithan getting off the land coach and recognizes him from her past. Tommy notices and asks who it was, and Irisa claims that it's someone she thought she knew. She then runs off, gasping in shock.

Once the land coach is underway, both Kaspar and Ziggy object to Rynn's presence. A minister, Reverend Sy Preston of the Church of Harmony, speaks up on her behalf and offers Amanda a Bible. Olfin's two husbands babble on and Amanda comments on the virtues of polygamy. Nolan figures that it's tough enough maintaining a relationship with one person. The mayor admits that she's been thinking about group marriage and doesn't buy into the "one tree love" fantasy. Nolan finds the idea amusing and finally tells her that he figures she doesn't believe in love because she got burned. Meanwhile, Rynn takes apart the pen and hides a piece to use as a lockpick.

At Need Want, Irisa watches as Tirra approaches Thesho Zajino, the Castithan from the land coach, and offers him a "date." He says that he's married and turns her away even when she persists. Tirra asks what his wife's name is and he explains that his wife Gaya lives in New York with their daughter, Daimya. He shows the prostitute a photo of his family and laments how he doesn't have a chance to see his daughter. Irisa listens to the entire conversation as Tirra invites him upstairs anyway. He says that it's time for him to go, finishes his drink, and walks out. Irisa is waiting outside when the Castithan leaves. She approaches him, looking at him intently, but he doesn't seem to recognize her. Irisa kicks him in the groin and then knocks her out with the butt of her knife.

When the Castithan wakes up, he realizes that he's bound and gagged in an abandoned building. Irisa comes in and addresses him as Daigo. She then holds a light up to her face and sniffs at him, and then digs her finger into a cut she left on his face. The Castithan insists that he isn't Daigo but Irisa says that she remembers his smell. She reminds him that he tortured her and she plans to make him confess, or he'll die there.

On the land coach, the other passengers doze off and Rynn opens her handcuffs. She then goes for Nolan's gun, hidden in the compartment rack, but he's ready for her and puts his gun to her head. Nolan forces her back in her seat and takes her lockpick. As he locks her up, there's an explosion in the cab and the bus grinds to a halt. Nolan runs to front and confirms that Ugarti is dead. As Amanda opens the back doors, Rynn picks up a discarded paperclip. Meanwhile, hijackers pull up from behind and Nolan realizes that someone on the land coach planted the explosive that killed Ugarti. Preston draws a gun and orders Nolan to surrender, and the hijackers pull up and capture them all.

Irisa goes through Zajino's belongings, and he insists that he's just an antique merchant. She finds a necklace and Zajino says that he doesn't know what the symbol means. Irisa says that it represents the Devouring Mother and he taught it to her. She slaps him repeatedly and he apologizes, sobbing. When he says that he can't confess to something he didn't do, Irisa walks away.

The jackers take Nolan's case and then orders Olfin to hand over her money. She denies having any money and Preston orders his comrade, Lash, to pick a husband to kill. He picks Kaspar and Preston shoots him dead. When the jacker prepares to kill Ziggy, Olfin relents and hands over a scripchip that she hid on Kaspar. Ziggy, furious, tries to attack her and Nolan grabs Lash and stabs him. When Preston fires, Nolan uses Lash as a shield and shoots back, wounding Preston in the leg. A stray shot hits the jackers' water tank while a Castithan jacker shoots Ziggy in the stomach. As the jackers retreat, grabbing Olfin as a hostage, Amanda and Nolan slam the land coach's back doors shut.

As Irisa walks down the street, Tommy notices her carrying a bag and follows her. Irisa goes back into the building and puts the bag down. She hears the door close behind her and opens it to find Tommy. Zajino yells for help and Irisa tells Tommy that it's none of his business. The deputy shoves past her as a snake crawls out of the bag. Irisa holds a gun to Tommy's head and tells him to surrender.

Nolan confirms that they can't get the land coach working, and they'll be dead in three days from dehydration. Another land coach won't be by for eleven days. Preston calls to them from the surrounding hills and stakes out Olfin as bait. Amanda says that they can't let the E-Rep die.

Irisa handcuffs Tommy to a radiator and tells Zajino to confess. When Tommy wonders what's going on, Irisa explains that Zajino told her parents that she was special and that he needed to prepare her for her destiny, but he hurt her and they watched. Zajino insists that he wouldn't do that to anyone's daughter because he has one of her own. Tommy asks if she recognizes his face and Irisa admits that he wore a mask, but she figures the necklace and the smell are all the proof she needs. When she says that she recognizes the twitch beneath his eye, Zajino closes them and dares her to identify what eye color he has. She does so but is wrong, and Tommy offers to check his ID. Unsatisfied, Irisa holds the snake forward and it bites Daigo, poisoning him.

As night falls, Olfin yells to Nolan and Amanda. Rynn points out that the E-Rep is already dead and that Preston will kill the rest of them. Nolan figures that Preston needs a doctor and can't wait forever, so he's trying to force their hand. Amanda decides to go out and rescue Olfin, but Nolan takes the scrip out of the case and says that he'll trade it for Olfin. He gives Amanda a rifle and tells her to watch for the Castithan, who will be acting as a sniper. Once Nolan distracts them, he tells Amanda to sneak out and open fire on the Castithan. If they kill Nolan, Amanda can use the scrip to bargain. Amanda agrees to the plan, while Rynn realizes that Nolan is doing it for Amanda. He doesn't deny it and tells Amanda not to get a big head about it.

Nolan goes outside and calls to Preston that he's coming out. Amanda goes out the front to move into position, and Rynn starts working her handcuffs. Ziggy watches her and she promises to kill him if he makes a noise. The Irathient then grabs a gun and sneaks away. Meanwhile, Nolan approaches Olfin and tosses his gun away and tosses the case to Preston. The Lawkeeper cuts Olfin free and sends her to the land coach. The Castithan sneaks into position and Amanda sneaks up on him.

As he checks the money, Preston tells Nolan that he can't let him leave. However, he quickly discovers that Nolan piled a few bills on top of Preston's Bibles. As the jacker prepares to shoot Nolan, Amanda calls to the Castithan and shoots him. Nolan draws his backup gun and mortally wounds Preston. He runs to the jacker and asks him to say who set it up before he dies, but Preston refuses and dies.

Once they get back to the land coach, Amanda and Nolan confirm that Rynn is gone. He takes the keys to the jackers' rollers and their water, making sure that Rynn can't go far on her own. Olfin draws a gun and says that Amanda and Nolan will be staying there. She orders them to hand over the money, explaining that once she had Defiance's money, the town would have gone into hock and the Republic would have bailed them out on their terms. Ziggy realizes that he was dead no matter what, and Olfin figures that her bosses won't care. Before she can shoot, Rynn throws a chain, choking Olfin. Nolan goes for the E-Rep's gun, but Rynn tells him to freeze.

Tommy tells Irisa that they'll track down the people who hurt her but they need to get Zajino to a doctor while there's still time. She finally agrees, but Zajino speaks up and confesses to everything because he's dying. Daigo says that he sought refuge in a family and home. However, Irisa has shown him that he was wrong. Daigo figures that it was ordained that she should meet. Irisa puts her knife to his throat and asks why he did it, and Daigo says that he wanted to prepare her to embrace her true nature. He recruited her parents and they gave Irisa up willingly, and Daigo then let the snakes bite Irisa to prepare her. Irisa was the only one who survived and Daigo knew that she was Alekta, the Chosen One. She is the Devouring Mother, but before they could force her to complete the final step of her journey and kill a supplicant, Nolan and his soldiers arrived to stop them. Daigo escaped while Nolan introduces himself to Irisa and comforted her.

Daigo tells Irisa that they've both been given a chance for redemption, because he can be the intended sacrifice to bring her full circle. He begs Irisa to kill him and become, but she refuses and goes over to free Tommy. He starts beating Daigo, furious that he would do that to a child, but Irisa stops him, saying it's what he wants.

Rynn tells Nolan that she's taking his rifle and one of the jackers' rollers. When Amanda wonders why Rynn helped them, she says that by her laws, someone who risks his life for another cannot be left to die. Ziggy asks her for a ride, pointing out that he kept his mouth shut when she escaped. Rynn agrees and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Amanda tells Nolan to let Rynn off with time served, and wonders what to do with Olfin. Nolan suggests that they let her "heroically die," and Amanda admits that Olfin deserves it. However, she finally says that they'll take her back and prosecute her.

Sometime later, Nolan and Amanda are sending Olfin to Vegas Prison. Daigo hobbles away and Tommy asks Irisa why they're letting him go. She figures that an ordinary life is the worst punishment for someone who wanted to create a messiah. On the land coach, the prison guard uncuffs Olfin and apologizes for making it look convincing. Olfin tells the agent to give her everything they have on Amanda.

Irisa goes back to the Lawkeeper station and tells Tommy that Sukar told her that she has a gift. She wonders if it's a gift for destruction, and Tommy points out that she just proved she doesn't. As Tommy suggests that they don't tell Nolan anything, Irisa asks why Tommy would have killed Daigo after he spent all of the time defending him. He tells her that she's not the only one with childhood nightmares. Tommy says that there's another reason but can't bring himself to say it. Irisa grabs him and kisses him, shoving him up against the wall.

Atop the Arch, Alak makes another broadcast and plays some old-world vinyl, dedicating it to his fiancee Christie.

Irisa rips off Tommy's clothes and he rips off hers.

Tirra and Jered dance at Need Want.

Rynn and Ziggy drive off together.

Nolan and Amanda share a drink at the bar.

Irisa and Tommy finish making love.