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Brothers in Arms - Recap

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In the Hollows, a Castithan, Pol Madis, makes his way through the shelves. A human soldier spots him and gives chase, and Madis runs off. He finally trips and the soldier prepares to shoot him, but the Castithan tosses crystalline drop-blast on the ground. It goes off, injuring several locals, but Nolan arrives and captures him. The soldier draws on him from behind, telling Nolan that Madis is his. When Nolan turns around, he realizes that the soldier is an old friend and fellow soldier, Eddie Braddock, and they share a hug.

Nolan takes Madis to the Lawkeeper station. Eddie goes along and reluctantly gives up his guns. Meanwhile, Yewll treats Madis' injuries and he compliments her, saying that he's a fan of her work during the Pale Wars. He wonders if the townspeople know about her work and assures her that he won't tell anyone about her expertise. However, when Madis asks if she can help him escape, Yewll says he has her mistaken with someone else. Eddie says that the person he's chasing is a pyro on the run from the Earth Republic, and he's bringing him in for a bounty. However, Tommy comes in and tells them that the Castithan is the primary weapon designer during the Pale Wars.

Eddie apologizes to Nolan, admitting that he was less than truthful. Nolan reminds his comrade that Madis create a device that wiped out half their unit, and Eddie insists that he'll turn him over to the Earth Republic and make sure he gets what's coming to him. The Lawkeeper suggests that they get a drink and they head to Need Want. Eddie knows about the stolen Nova gem he took from Varus, and Nolan admits that Spirit Riders stole it from him.

As they talk, Irisa comes in and Eddie recognizes her from when Nolan rescued her. Irisa apparently doesn't remember him and walks off, and Eddie is surprised that Nolan raised her as a human girl. When he suggests that Nolan do the right thing, Nolan says that Madis will pay for what he did to the people in the Hollows. Eddie angrily says that he's scraping by and needs the bounty money, but reluctantly drops the matter and says he's going to get drunk and find a whore. He spots Kenya and calls her over, and Nolan does the introductions. Eddie quickly realizes that they're involved and suggests that they share, and Nolan lets Kenya decide. She glances at him and then invites Eddie to join her.

Kenya takes Eddie to her quarters and they start to kiss. However, she then tells him that she has a client in five minutes. Eddie figures that she doesn't want to cheat on Nolan. Kenya assures him that has nothing to do with it and calls in two women, Ceci and Midge, to take care of him on the house.

Nolan goes to see Amanda and suggests that give Madis to Eddie. However, Amanda has already sent word to the Earth Republic to have them collect Madis directly. She's negotiating an extradition agreement and can use Madis as a bargaining chip in return for land rights for the maglev spur. Nolan insists that his way will work better but Amanda doesn't trust the bounty hunter. She wonders if Nolan is making money, but he insists that he's just helping a friend. Nolan explains that the two of them went through hell together and he owes Eddie.

At Chez Renardo, Quentin is going through some geology books when Nicky comes up and greets him. He explains that he found the books on his father's shelf, and Nicky takes note of the symbols in them. She explains that she saw them when Rafe took her on a tour of the mines. When Nicky mentions Luke, Quentin grows quiet and Nicky tells him to give Rafe her love. She then meets with Mr. Birch and tells him that Quentin must have found the artifact, but that he won't keep it for long.

At the Lawkeeper station, Irisa is sharpening her knife when Tommy suggests that she come back to his place later. She ignores him and Tommy walks off to get Madis a cup of stew. As Madis picks it up Tommy suggests that she might give a response. Irisa tells him no thank you and goes back to sharpening her knife. Meanwhile, someone slips a packet through the window. Madis asks Tommy for a glass of water and some salt.

Kenya meets with Amanda and admits that she's never had trouble doing her job before. She tells her sister that it isn't going to happen again, but Amanda says that she's falling in love for the first time since Hunter Bell. Kenya insists that she doesn't have a thing for Nolan but Amanda assures her that it's okay if she does.

Back at home, Quentin tells Rafe what Nicky was asking him. Quentin figures that Nicky knows that he has the artifact and Rafe advises him to get rid of it. The teenager has learned about an earthquake in 1811, the first recorded one in the area, and figures that it's no coincidence that the corpses and old equipment they found date to the same period. Rafe warns Quentin that Nicky is dangerous and that the artifact endangers them all, and tells his son to get rid of it.

The next morning, Nolan wakes up and finds Irisa crouching nearby, watching him. She asks about Eddie and Nolan explains that his friend bailed him out when he was trapped in no-man's land. Irisa doesn't like him, even though Nolan points out that Eddie has been good to both of them. There's an explosion and Nolan and Irisa run to the Lawkeeper station. Madis has blown open a hole in his cell door and escaped, knocking Tommy out. Nolan finds a package on the floor, picks it up and leaves. He tracks down Eddie as he's buying a gun. Nolan shows him the packet of strafing powder and points out that Eddie used it to break them out of a cell during the war. Eddie notes that he would be long gone if he'd help Madis escape and assures Nolan he'd never do it to him. Convinced, Nolan gives him his gun back and says that he needs a shooter.

Madis returns to get the case that he hid in the Hollows at the salesman's booth. When the man questions Madis' claim to ownership, Madis offers to open it and prove it. It contains vials of chemicals and Madis offers to pay him for his trouble. He directs the salesman to a pocket and the man pulls out a chip. Madis advises him to be careful given his heart condition, and the chip gives off a spark. The salesman collapses and Madis takes his case and moves on.

Connor Lang, the E-Rep representative, comes to see Amanda. She clearly knows him and he explains that he volunteered since he's with the General Assembly. Amanda talks to him privately and Connor offers his congratulations on her mayorship. He then goes on to blame Nolan for letting Madis escape, and insists that they need to find him. Amanda says that Nolan will bring him back and insists that justice will be served in Defiance. After a moment, she backs off and starts negotiating for the maglev land rights. Connor admires her sense of confidence but tells her that a caravan of rollers will be there in two hours to tear the town apart and find the war criminal if Madis hasn't been captured by then.

Nolan and Eddie visit Yewll and suggest that she helped Madis escaped. She insists that she has no idea who Madis is and Eddie isn't convinced. Nolan drops the matter for the moment and tells her to let them know if she finds out anything.

Datak comes home and finds Madis cooking supper. Madis thanks him for the strafing powder but Datak says that he has no idea what he's talking about. The war criminal says that he was told that Datak could get him to Brazil, and Datak immediately agrees to get him to the Votan capital. Madis invites Datak to try his cooking and they enjoy the food... and Datak draws a gun and tells him to get out. He says that he supports the Votan Collective, but he won't risk Madis endangering his position in Defiance. Madis dismisses him as a traitor to their race, sending money to the Collective to ease the guilt of leaving his parents to die. When Datak asks for a reason not to shoot him on the spot, Madis fingers his ring and Datak clutches at his side. The war criminal explains that he slipped him a nano-tab in the food and dials it down. As he picks up the gun, he dials up the power up again and goes to get some more food.

Quentin goes to Dante's Drop to dispose of the artifact, but he imagines Luke standing behind him, telling him to hold onto it. As he fades away, Quentin pockets the artifact.

Nolan and Eddie walk through Defiance, trying to find a lead on Madis. Eddie tells Nolan that Kenya likes him and that she cut him loose. He assures his friend that Kenya is into Nolan. They arrive at Datak's home and ring the door. Madis tells Datak to be careful and hides in the next room, and Nolan and Eddie explain that they're looking for the bomber. Datak assures them that he's no friend of Madis and suggests that he should be tortured. Once they search the place and find nothing, the two men leave. Madis congratulates Datak on his performance and says that they're going for a ride.

Datak drives Madis out to the checkpoint, and Datak claims that he'll dedicate more time and money to the Collective. Madis laughs and says that that he doesn't care about the Collective: he just likes killing people. As Datak dares Madis to kill him, Nolan and Eddie pull up and try to force him over. Datak's car finally goes off the road as Irisa and Tommy pull up in a roller. They take Madis into custody and Nolan explains that they knew Datak was covering for the killer because he was too nice. The Lawkeeper tells Irisa and Tommy to take Datak home while he deals with Madis

Once they leave, Eddie thanks Nolan for his help, and Nolan tells him to get Madis out before he changes his mind. As he goes, Eddie tells Nolan to do right by his girlfriend or he'll come back for her. When Nolan wishes Madis a good execution, Madis explains that he can get a better deal with the Collective, and that both governments want him for his expertise. Nolan realizes that Eddie knew but Eddie doesn't see that it makes a difference in the long run. When Eddie tells his friend that they're soldiers, not politicians, Nolan draws his gun and shoots Madis dead.

Furious, Eddie says that he was counting on the bounty. Nolan invites him back to Defiance so he can become a deputy, and Eddie draws a gun and says that he's collecting on Nolan. He throws Nolan's gun away and says that Varus has a quarter-mil bounty on Nolan's head. Nolan tells Eddie that isn't him, but Eddie says that's who he is now after he spent six years in an EMC prison. He reminds Nolan that he was the one who clocked the MPs so that Nolan could get Irisa away in a roller. Nolan admits that it wasn't right and moves in close, and Nolan disarms him and shoves him to the ground. Eddie tells him to kill him and get it over with, but Nolan admits that he owes Eddie. He tells the bounty hunter to turn him in... but only if he promises to tell Varus that Irisa is dead so that she's safe.

As Eddie considers the offer, the E-Rep rollers arrive. Connor and his men order them to drop their weapons and confirm that Madis is dead. Nolan says that he was in pursuit of Madis, and Connor angrily says that the killer was to be taken alive. Eddie speaks up, saying that he killed Madis, and Connor promises that he'll go to prison for a long time. As the Republic soldiers clean up the area, Eddie tells Nolan that he has a daughter in Defiance. He pats Connor on the cheek, saying that a lot can happen between there and prison, and walks off after telling Nolan that he'd do the same for him.

Birch goes to the McCawley home and searches for the artifact. Quentin comes in and Birch tasers him unconscious. He then searches him and finds the artifact in his pocket, but Quentin wakes up and tackles him. They fight and Quentin chokes him as Luke appear, saying that he has to kill him. Quentin concentrates and then breaks Birch's neck.

That night, Nolan goes to Need Want and asks Kenya she wants to get together later. She says that she's booked all night but then admits that he's not her type.

The Republic caravan drives to Vegas with Eddie chained up in the back of a roller.

Amanda comes to her office and discovers that Connor has sent her flowers.

Yewll gives Datak an enema to remove the nano-tab.

Nolan calls Irisa to the bar, pours her a drink, and says that they're going to talk about her uncle.

Eddie removes a hidden packet of strafing powder from his boot and then asks Connor for some water and salt tablets.

Quentin takes Birch's corpse to Dante's Drop and dumps it into the energy stream. Sobbing, he sees Birch's glasses and tosses them in after the body.