Good Bye Blue Sky - Recap

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In orbit above the earth, thousands of shards of metal fall out of orbit and plummet through the atmosphere.

In the Badlands, Sukar and the Spirit Riders spot the Razor Rain and drive toward Defiance as pieces strike down around them. One rider is knocked off his bike and Sukar stops to help him. He takes a shard of metal in the shoulder and his fellow Irathients come to get him and take him to shelter. As he lies there, Irisa arrives and Sukar insists that what they do is for the good of everyone. As he passes out, Irisa sees a creature flying across the sky... and she wakes up from her dream-vision as overhead, the storm gathers.

Alak is broadcasting from the top of the Arch with Christie. As they kiss, Amanda calls to tell him to put on the album she requested, and to watch the weather. Once Alak hangs up, Christie asks him about the newlywed ritual that Stahma told her about. She admits that she's not big on bathing naked with his parents, but Alak assures her that she'll be fine. Christie clearly isn't convinced despite her fiancé's efforts.

Nolan returns to the Lawkeeper station and discovers that Irisa is packing. She tells him that she had a vision that Sukar is in danger and asks Nolan if he's coming along. The two of them take off together.

Quentin is having breakfast with Rafe, who realizes that something is wrong with his son. Nicky arrives and says that she was passing by and her roller died. She wants to wait out the weather and Rafe invites her in. Nicky greets Quentin and mentions that her driver, Birch, is in Iowa visiting family. As she makes small talk, Quentin gets up and walks away, and Rafe claims he has allergies.

Stahma arrives at Need Want and Kenya greets her in her own tongue. The owner slips Stahma her weekly payoff but Stahma gives it back and explains that Datak is out of business on business. Stahma explains that she wants to hire Kenya's services to make sure that Alak is properly trained in how to pleasure Christie. She wants to make sure that Christie tells Rafe how pleased she was with Alak's performance, and Kenya assures Stahma that Christie won't be saying anything to her father. When she chuckles, Stahma takes offense and insists that she's no one's fool. As she walks off, Kenya apologizes. Stahma admits that it was hard for her to come there and Kenya offers to buy her a drink. The Castithan hesitates but Kenya says that they can have one drink and then talk about Alak.

Nolan and Irisa drive out into the Badlands and find the mountains that Irisa saw in her vision. As the storm overhead continues to grow, the Spirit Riders ambush them. They say that they don't belong there now, but then notice that Irisa is there. Their new leader, Nizar, informs her that Sukar is dead, caught in the Razor Rain. Nolan hugs Irisa and Nizar invites Irisa to attend the Sinking Ritual for Sukar. However, he tells Nolan that he must leave. Irisa notices a piece of metal and they realize that the storm is a Razor Rain is coming, and then townspeople don't know. She tells Nolan to go into town while she stays for the Sinking Ritual, and Nizar promises that Irisa will be safe.

When they return to their encampment, Nizar begins the Sinking Ritual. Irisa kneels by her friend and strokes his cheek, and then covers him over. Nizar first puts Sukar's belongings in the acid-filled trough, and then the pallbearers lower Sukar's body in. Sukar rises from the trough, alive, and screams at the sky. He then tells the gathered Irathients that the path to their god, Irzu, flows through his body. The Spirit Riders kneel to him while Irisa remains standing, looking at him.

At the Arch, Christie insists on talking to Alak about the bathing ritual. He complains that humans are too hung up on their bodies, and tells Christie to tell his parents "no" if she doesn't want to do it. Alak doesn't want to get involved, much to Christie's disgust. Nolan calls and has Alak patch him through to the entire town, and he announces that a Razor Rain storm is on its way. Everyone must remain indoors for their own safety. Amanda puts together teams to deal with the potential emergencies.

Sukar emerges from his tent and Nizar insists that he was sent back for a reason. The elders disagree, insisting that Sukar couldn't have survived the acid bath and that it's a curse. Sukar calls Irisa forward and tells her that Irzu's path goes through both of them. He tells her to follow him immediately but when she hesitates, Sukar says that he'll go alone if he must. When she wonders where he's going, Sukar tells him that he's heading for Defiance and Irisa goes after him.

The storm strikes Defiance and one man wearing makeshift armor goes out to challenge the storm. Shrapnel bursts knock him down and another man pulls him to safety.

Quentin and Rafe return to home from the mines and Quentin immediately walks away. Rafe asks Nicky what's going on and she explains that she's looking for Birch. She admits that she lied and that Birch was coming to break into the McCauley house to get evidence that Luke was involved with the Volge attack. Nicky accuses Rafe of walking in on Birch and killing him, but then dismisses her accusation as a joke. Rafe clearly isn't amused, and Nicky asks if she can lie down for a bit to catch her breath. He sends her to Pilar's sewing room.

Sukar and Irisa arrive in Defiance and Sukar tells her to gather as much cable as she can. They go into a store to take it, and the shopkeeper fires a shotgun at Sukar. The wounds heal instantly and Sukar throws his blade into the man's shoulder. When the shopkeeper's husband comes running, Sukar tells Irisa to keep them both out of his way. When she tries to call Nolan, Sukar stops her and drags her away. He insists that it's a test of faith for both of them, and orders her into the roller as more shrapnel rains down. As they wait out the barrage, Sukar asks Irisa why she came into the woods. She explains that she had a vision and Sukar says that he had the same dream, and asks how she can deny Irzu. Sukar says that they have a mission and asks if she can dare to believe that she is special. Irisa doesn't answer and Sukar invites her to come with him and keep him out of trouble.

Quentin sits in his room examining the gold artifact when a vision of Luke appears to him. Luke tells him to kill Nicky, and then disappears as Rafe comes in. Quentin hides the artifact and Rafe asks for the truth about Birch. His son explains that Birch came looking for the artifact and claims that he got rid of it. Birth attached him and Quentin fought back, killing him and dumping him in Dante's Drop. Rafe figures that Nicky has no proof so they're fine, and assures Quentin that he did the right thing protecting his home and his family. As he goes, Rafe tells Quentin that he's proud of him.

Alak continues transmitting from the top of the Arch. At Need Want, Stahma and Kenya listen and Kenya assures Stahma that Alak will be fine. She then tells Stahma that Christie doesn't want her fiancé with a prostitute. Stahma insists that she just wants Alak to be happy, and Kenya points out that she's talked about everyone's happiness except her own. The Castithan says that she loves her life and loves her boys, but sometimes she feels like she's living in service to them. Kenya asks when she last did something for herself, and Stahma admits that on her homeworld she wrote performance poetry. However, her father disapproved and she stopped. She doesn't remember any of hers, and Kenya tells her to write a new one for herself. The owner then invites Stahma to dance with her. Stahma hesitates and then asks for another drink.

Nolan and Amanda check for stragglers and find Tommy, injured by a piece of shrapnel. Tommy passes out from blood loss and Nolan carries him to Yewll. The Indogene gets up from the floor and tells them that Sukar barged in, tore up her equipment, and knocked her down. As Yewll treats Tommy's wound, she tells Nolan that Irisa was with Sukar.

At the McCauley home, Nicky comes down and tells Rafe that she'll be on her way. Rafe notices that she has a pillow and Nicky points out a bloodstain on the corner. He yanks it away and orders her out, and Nicky demands to know what happened to Birch. Rafe lies, saying that he found Birch and shot him twice. However, Nicky knows he wouldn't admit to it unless he was lying to protect his family. She calls to Quentin, telling him to come to see her if she wants to know what happened to his mother. Rafe chokes Nicky for a moment, and she holds up her finger and reveals that she cut it and spilled her blood on the pillowcase. As she leaves, Quentin comes in and asks what Nicky meant about his mother. Rafe tells him to stay away with her.

In the Arch, Christie tells Alak that the rain has let up. As she leaves for home, Alak stops her and says that he'll tell his parents it was his decision not to do the bathing ritual. She thanks him but wonders how Stahma will react. Sukar and Irisa barge in and order them both out. As they go, Sukar sets up the metal parts that he gathered.

Yewll stabilizes Tommy and tells Nolan that Irisa was cooperating with Sukar. The doctor explains that Sukar took an Ark-Brain interface. It doesn't have enough power to contact an Ark in orbit. Nolan realizes that the radio has gone dead and asks Yewll if Sukar could boost the signal through the radio equipment in the Arch. The Indogene confirms that Sukar could and confirms that the Irathient has gotten the thrusters online for one of the Arks... and has sent it on a direct course for Defiance.

Nolan drives to the Arch and climbs to the top, and draws on Sukar. He orders the Irathient to step away from the equipment and tells Irisa what Sukar is doing. Sukar admits that he is simply following Irzu's path, and insists that if Irzu wants Defiance dead then it's for the greater good. When Sukar goes for the equipment, Nolan shoots him in the shoulder. The wound heals and Sukar slaps the gun out of Nolan's hand. The two men fight while Irisa watches without interfering. Sukar pins Nolan to the floor and tells Irisa to tie Nolan up. She does so, insisting that Sukar doesn't mean to help them. Nolan knocks her and then kicks Sukar off, grabs his gun, and keeps shooting. Sukar tells Irisa that Irzu flows through both of them and then falls out a window and onto a hanging gantry below.

Crying, Irisa goes to the equipment and prepares to throw the switch. When Nolan aims at her, she tells him to shoot if he's going to, but she has faith. Nolan does nothing and Irisa throws the switch. The Arc fragment plummets toward Defiance... and then changes directions and slams down outside of town. Irisa tells Nolan that he killed the savior of Defiance, shoves him away, and walks out.

Later at the hospital, Yewll calls Irisa in and explains that Sukar is in a coma and won't be coming out of it. She explains that Sukar was infested with nanites from the metal fragment that impaled him. The Ark-Brain in them linked with Sukar and acted on its primary mandate to preserve Votan life. The nanites repaired the damage and showed Sukar how to build the device to redirect the fragment. However, they went dormant once Defiance was saved. Yewll tells Irisa to prepare herself for the fact that Sukar is gone, insisting that Irisa didn't receive visions from Irku. Nolan tells her to back off and then tells Irisa that they need to see to Sukar so he can be with Irku. Irisa angrily says that he doesn't believe in Irku and threatens to kill anyone who touches her friend, and Nolan leaves to give her some space.

Kenya and Stahma share tea in bed. Stahma admits that it's nice to have a secret for herself and kisses Kenya. Kenya wonders what would happen if Datak could see them now, and Stahma warns her to never let her husband find out because he would kill them. Despite that, Kenya laughs it off and kisses her lover again.

Irisa takes Sukar back to the Irathient encampment and kisses him goodbye. She assures him that Irku flows through them both, and Nizar promises to take good care of him.