If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Recap

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As word of the plague gets out, Alak broadcasts passing on information about the fever. Irathients carry the disease but aren't contagious, and the flu is spread by touch. Amanda and Nolan check with Yewll, who has set up a ward for treatment of everyone that is infected so far. Yewll says that all they can do is make the sick comfortable until an antidote arrives from San Francisco where another Indogene developed a cure to a similar outbreak. As Yewll goes to check on a patient, Nolan starts to sweat and tells Amanda that it's hot.

Alak and Christie spot an E-Rep caravan setting up a barricade outside of Defiance and notify Nolan and Amanda. They confront Connor at Need Want, and he tells them that Earth Republic is setting up a quarantine even though they've already caught and killed the patient zero responsible for the plague. Once everyone dies, Earth Republic will roll in and take over the town and the mines. Nolan wants to break through the barricade, but Amanda points out that they can't risk exposure. The town council gathers and Amanda goes off to meet with them, insisting that there's still hope. Nolan stays with Connor, who warns the Lawkeeper that Amanda is wrong and there is no hope. He suggests they get drunk but Nolan turns down his offer.

Irisa finds the Castithans attacking the Spirit Riders, blaming them for the disease. When one of the Riders, Nizar, prepares to fight back, Irisa disarms him and tells the Castithans to go home. Nizar and Rathus tell her that Surak are is still in a coma, and they can't go back to their camp because of the quarantine. They ask Irisa to pray with them and she says that it will be an honor.

The Town Council demand answers from Amanda, and Rafe and Datak both agree that the Irathients have a reputation as being plague carriers. Rafe says that they should put the Irathients in the mines and warns that they can't be trusted to stay in their homes voluntarily. Amanda tells them if they start imprisoning healthy Irathients then they could have an armed uprising. The other councilmen disagree and Datak calls for a vote. The vote passes in favor of quarantine of the Irathients.

Irisa join the Irathients in prayer but they are interrupted when Rafe leads a squad of miners to take them to the mines. He calls on Irisa to keep the peace and she realizes that Rafe didn't tell Nolan what he had planned. She shoves him back and tells the Irathients to gather up the others of their kind while she holds the miners back. However, they soon overwhelm her through sheer force of numbers. Nolan and Amanda arrive and Nolan orders Rafe to let her go. When he threatens to shoot miners if they don't let Irisa go, Rafe threatens to shoot Irisa. Amanda tells the Lawkeeper that it's best if the Irathients are out of sight, and calls upon Irisa to ask Nolan to surrender. She reluctantly does so but Nolan insists that he won't let her down. Irisa repeats her request and Nolan finally holsters his weapon.

Nolan returns to the Lawkeeper station and Amanda goes with him, explaining that they both have to accept the council's decision. He says that he and Irisa live together and die together, but Amanda figures that he's delusional because of the fever and trying to make it up to his daughter for killing Sukar. As they argue, Yewll comes in and plays a message she received from San Francisco. They dumped the meds using an old ICBM missile. Nolan and Amanda go to find Connor, explaining that the missile landed in the Badlands and they need him to talk their way past the quarantine. Amanda starts to collapse from the fever and tells them to go before it's too late.

As the miners capture Irathients, Quentin goes to see Nicky at the diner. He asks what she knew about his mother Pilar's death, and Nicky tells him that she isn't dead. She tells Quentin to bring him the gold artifact and she'll tell him where to find Pilar.

The miners take the Irathients to the mines and Irisa confirms that Nizar and some of the others escaped. Rathus believes that the miners will gas them, remembering how the Castithans did the same back on their homeworld. Irisa insists that Nolan won't let it happen, but Rathus points out that Nolan is one man.

Quentin goes home and gets the artifact, and the spirit of his dead brother warns him not to do it. Luke says that Quentin will never see Luke again without it. As they talk, Quentin gets a call and leaves.

At the ward, Christie is brought in with the disease. The pain medicine has run out and Datak offers Rafe an opiate from his personal supply. The miner eyes it suspiciously and Stahma insists that he take it for Christie's sake. Rafe agrees and gives it to Christie, who wonders if she'll recognize her mother when they're reunited in death. Amanda is brought in, ill with the plague, and Yewll tries to treat her as the mayor goes into stage two.

Nolan and Connor drive out to the Badlands and Connor notices that Nolan is sweating. The Lawkeeper tells him to ignore it and Connor explains that he served in the rear echelon for three years with Intel during the Pale Wars. The E-Rep says that he was with Amanda for three years and wonders why Nolan is so interested, and Nolan figures that Connor cheated on her. Connor finally explains that he got Amanda pregnant and wanted to help raise the child. However, she got scared and aborted the baby without telling him.

The two men arrive at the roadblock and get out to talk to the soldiers. Connor asks to talk with their commanding officer, and Colonel Marsh and Olfin Tennety step out. Nolan explains about the payload of missiles and Olfin offers to bring it to them, but Nolan doesn't trust them. Connor points out that they can get the medicine and stay within the range of Marsh's snipers, but Marsh refuses. Nolan tells them that if they keep him from getting the medicine then the townspeople will know that E-Rep stopped them from getting the medicine, and will oppose any alliance. Olfin orders her people to shoot and Nolan draws his gun, but Marsh orders everyone to stand down. He tells Nolan and Connor to get the medicine and the two men drive on. Nolan gets increasingly worse but concentrates on carrying out their mission.

In Defiance, everyone stays off the streets to avoid the plague. At the ward, Stahma tends to the infected. Amanda warns her that Rafe is the senior member and will serve as interim mayor while she recovers. At the mines, the captive Irathients pray for the humans. The miners objects and one of them, Gail, barges in and knocks down their small shrine. Rathus attacks her and one of the miners shoots him. Irisa confirms that her friend is dead and climbs up the fence, screaming.

Quentin returns to the diner and gives Nicky the artifact. She then tells him that when Rafe came to Defiance, Pilar suffered from a bi-polar disorder. There was no medicine, but Nicky was a quartermaster during the war and could find it with Datak's help. The lithium eventually stopped working and Pilar became dangerous. Nicky was having an affair with Rafe at the time, and knew that if he killed Pilar then the guilt would have consumed him. She convinced Rafe not to kill Pilar, which ended their relationship. However, Pilar survived and Rafe sent her to Mendocino. Nicky takes Quentin's key card and says that he won't need it because he'll be heading west.

Come nightfall, Connor and Nolan drive into Defiance. Nolan starts to pass out but refuses to stop. Their tire blows out and Nolan gets out and confirms that someone left a road trap. Nizar and his remaining Spirit Riders capture them both and demand that Nolan call the mayor and have her release the Irathients first.

At the ward, Alak holds Christie's hand and puts his wedding ring on it. As Datak and Stahma look on, Rafe holds his daughter. Amanda's assistant comes over and informs them that Nolan is on the line, and Stahma tells Rafe that they'll deal with it while he stays with his family. Stahma informs Nolan that Datak is in charge and Nizar threatens to destroy the medicine if his demands aren't met. He demands to speak with Rathus, and the miners inform Datak that Rathus is dead. Stahma suggests to Datak that they release all of the Irathients and Datak gives the order.

As Nolan passes out from the disease, Connor begs Nizar to give the Lawkeeper the medicine. Datak bursts in and demands the medicine now that they've met Nizar's demands. However, he has to tell Nizar that Rathus is dead. Datak then talks about the plague as a gift from the Votan gods, sent to wipe the humans out. The Castithan suggests that they destroy the cure, picks up a can of gasoline, and pours it on the medicine. Once it's soaked in gasoline, he invites Nizar to go to the door and set it on fire. A sniper kills Nizar but Nizar's lieutenant Kuhza grabs Datak and prepares to kill him. Connor knocks her down and Datak grabs a gun and kills her, furious that she laid hands on her. Connor tells him that it's over, and Datak apologizes for letting him see that... and then shoots Connor dead. He confirms that Nolan is unconscious and didn't see what happened, and figures that it's for the best that he didn't have to kill two humans. He plants the weapons to make it appear that Connor and Kuhza shot each other, gives Nolan a shot of the antidote, and then radios in to say that it's over.

Later, the people decontaminate the town. Irisa sees to Nizar's burial, while Amanda watches as they burn Connor's body along with the others.

Quentin leaves home, walking out on his father.

Amanda throws away the flowers that Connor sent her.

Irisa approaches Nolan and tells him that he's an idiot, and then hugs him.

Later, Amanda and Datak address the town over the radio. Amanda thanks Nolan and Connor, and then thanks Datak for stepping in and recovering the medicine. Datak talks about how he didn't want to take on the burden, but Stahma insisted and taught him how to understand community and service. Amanda tries to cut him off only to discover that Alak has cut her off. Meanwhile, Datak announces that he is running for mayor of Defiance and Amanda has no choice but to congratulate him.

Nicky is listening to the broadcast from her car. Yewll joins her and warns that she stopped working with her because she's too reckless. Nicky tells her that Birch is dead and Yewll realizes that they're the last two survivors of the old gang. She begs the Indogene to work with her again, explaining that she got her hands on the Golden Knot, one of the Kolovan. Yewll tells her to destroy it immediately, but Nicky refuses and invites her to join with her and reshape the planet... but admits they may have to destroy it first.