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The Bride Wore Black - Recap

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At Need Want, Alak is celebrating his bachelor party. Alak is sparring with another Castithan and trading taunts. Alak finally takes his opponent down and goes after the next one, while Tirra poses as Christie stands in a cage and begs Alak to defeat all comers. When he triumphs, he unlocks the cage and Tirra comes out. She offers herself but Alak says that his real bride would have a problem with it. When the other Castithan teenagers taunt him for mating with a human, Alak finally attacks one of them and knocks him down. As they fight, they knock a hole in the wall and see a dead man's hand inside. Ripping open the wall, they find the corpse inside.

Stahma comes to the McCawley home to see Christie. Kenya is there, helping Christie with the dress that the Need Want owner is supplying for the wedding. Once Kenya leaves, Stahma offers Christie something borrowed to wear for the wedding ceremony. She gives the girl a telo to place on her head and calls her "heart daughter." Christie discovers that the telo fits over the eyes, and Stahma explains that in Castithan tradition the bride is blind until her betrothed removes the headpiece at the end of the ceremony.

The next day, Tommy and Irisa are walking to work and he talks about how the town could use a party. Irisa considers the idea of weddings stupid and Tommy talks about how some people like to be together with others. He asks if she's going and invites her to be her date, and Irisa explains that she doesn't date because she's from the Badlands. Tommy points out that he was nothing but a card hustler when he came to Defiance and he changed, but Irisa calls him an idiot and walks away.

At the hospital, Nolan and Yewll examine the body as Tommy and Irisa arrive. The murderer drove in the victim's skull with a blunt instrument, but didn't take the jeweled ring on the corpse's finger. Tommy recognizes the ring and says that the victim is Hunter Bell, the former owner of Need Want.

Tommy is gambling at the bar with Datak when Hunter catches him cheating. Datak takes offense but Hunter tells him to back off and has Kenya, a waitress, brings the Castithan a free round. The owner then takes Tommy outside and asks what he's thinking. Tommy figures that he can take the Castithans and asks what Hunter plans to do, and the owner tells him he's not as slick as he thinks. He then takes him to the Lawkeeper station and tells the Lawkeeper, Garrett Clancy, to give Tommy a job.

Tommy admits that Hunter helped him and he owed him. Hunter went missing seven years ago, three days after Tommy started his job as deputy.

Kenya comes to the Lawkeeper station and tells Tommy that her husband, Hunter, is missing. Tommy checks out the bar and finds one drop of blood. However, Garrett isn't impressed and figures that the owner hightailed it out of Defiance when he ran afoul of some rivals. Tommy doesn't believe it and insists that someone killed Hunter.

Nolan wonders why Kenya has never mentioned a missing Hunter. He goes to talk to Kenya and shows her the ring and the HB belt buckle. Tommy points out that Kenya took over, and she notes that it was in the will. Nolan tells Tommy to back off and Kenya tells the Lawkeeper that Hunter would never run off. He asks if they had a good thing and Kenya, remembering the times when Hunter beat her, simply says that she misses him a lot.

Nicky comes to see Amanda at the mayor's office. Amanda admits that she feels odd officiating at the marriage now that Datak is running against her, but Nicky assures her that it's good politics. She assures her successor that she has her full support and a strong track record. Nolan and Tommy arrive and tell Amanda that they've found Hunter's corpse and that he was murdered.

Amanda is talking with her sister when she notices the bruises on her arm. Kenya is drinking heavily and insists that she caught her arm in a drawer, but Amanda doesn't believe her. She insists that Hunter will never change and that he'll eventually kill Kenya, but she points out that Amanda's own choices with Connor and her baby haven't gone so well. Amanda refuses to let anyone hurt Kenya and vows to do whatever it takes to make sure Hunter never hurts her again.

Amanda assures Nolan that she's fine, and he asks Nicky for some time alone with Amanda to question her. Nicky offers her condolences and leaves, and Nolan asks what Hunter was like. She describes him as rich and charming, but admits that he was a bully. However, Amanda tells Nolan that Hunter never bullied Kenya. As Tommy and Nolan leave, Tommy is sure that Amanda is lying either to protect herself or Kenya. The deputy asks what Nolan is going to do about it and the Lawkeeper says that he's going to go to the wedding. Tommy is shocked but Nolan insists that his job is to keep the peace, not chase down old ghosts. When Tommy asks about justice, Nolan tells him to wear a tie and walks away.

Rafe talks with Datak at the diner and tells him that Christie won't wear the telo. he points out that he's footing the bill and that Christie will wear what he wants her to wear. Datak dismisses him as a primitive human and Rafe wonders why he's letting his son marry one. The miner figures that Datak is getting something out of the wedding and explains that his mines are going into a trust when he dies, for the benefit of the Irathients. Datak says he doesn't care what he does with them and Rafe leaves, saying the breakfast is on him.

When Datak returns home, he's furious and says that the wedding is off. He tells Christie what Rafe has done but she suggests that her husband wait until Rafe has a grandchild and reconsider. Datak vows to become mayor and find a way to get the mines, and Stahma points out that Alak may disagree. Her husband insists that Alak is more pliable than they were when they ignored their parents' wishes, and Stahma briefly snaps at him, saying that she wants Alak to avoid the hardships they endured. Unimpressed, Datak says that a Castithan girl will be sufficient for their son. When he prepares to call the priest, Stahma suggests that Datak tell Alak first.

Back at Need Want, Tommy examines the hollow in the wall while Irisa looks on. She considers the whole thing a waste of time but reaches in and finds a Liberata whisker caught in the boards. Tommy remembers that the bartender, Jered, was working at Need Want when Hunter owned it. They go to the Liberata's home and discover that the door is locked. Irisa casually breaks in and they find Jered dead on the floor.

Nolan arrives and confirms that Jered's throat was slit, just like Elah Bandik. The corpse's fingers are blue, possibly from nitrogen deprivation, and Nolan figures that it was a Castithan hit.

Datak explains to Alak how when he was a teen he had just won passage on one of the arks. His father refused to leave home and chose to die inside the temple with the holy scrolls, even in the face of death. Datak explains that his father had made the promise to his own father. Alak doesn't get the hint and Datak explains that he knew letting Alak marry outside their race was a dishonor, but he let Alak and Stahma convince him. He apologizes for letting it go so far but refuses to let their Castithan blood be diluted. Alak refuses to accept Datak's decision and Datak warns him that he's nothing but a street haint. His son reminds him that Datak was a street haint who pulled himself out of the mud and says that he's going to marry Christie. Datak gives him time to cool off and walks out.

As Datak walks down the street, Nolan and Tommy place him under arrest for the murder of Jered and Hunter.

Alak goes to the McCawley home and Christie tells him that she decided to wear the telo because she knows that her dream of a perfect marriage can't happen. He finally tells her that he can't marry her. As Rafe comes home, Christie runs up to her room, crying. The miner finds Alak in the kitchen and asks what he did. Alak explains that Datak is trying to stop the wedding and insists that he can't live without Christie. Rafe realizes that the boy loves Christie and says that's all that matters.

Nolan and Tommy take Datak to the Lawkeeper station and show him a cane they found at his house. The handle matches the impact pattern on Hunter's skull, but Datak insists that he's never seen it. The Castithan admits that he was in business with Hunter.

Datak asks Hunter for a stake in the bar that he helped to build. Hunter reminds the Castithan that his money made him, and Datak grabs him and suggests that he reconsider. Hunter shrugs him off and attacks him, and Datak fights back. The two struggle until Hunter goes for his knife, cutting Datak across the stomach. Rafe arrives with a shotgun and tells them to break it up. As Datak staggers away, Rafe offers him a cloth to staunch the wound and goes with him. Datak warns him that he's made a powerful enemy and wonders why he did it, and Rafe says that he believes in a fair fight. He also says that Hunter plans to make a move on his mines, and suggests that Datak ally with him against Hunter. Amused, Datak buys him a drink.

The Castithan figures that someone planted the walking stick in an effort to frame him. Nolan releases him and Tommy demands to know what's going on. The Lawkeeper explains that if Datak had killed Hunter, he would boasted of it to anyone. Nolan figures that Datak will lead them to the real killer. Tommy realizes that Nolan knew the whole time, and Nolan claims that Tommy would be more convincing.

Datak goes to Need Want and confronts Rafe, who is dressed for the wedding. When Datak accuses Rafe of killing Hunter, Rafe says that he had nothing to do with it. Rafe doesn't know or care and says that he has a wedding to attend to. When Datak says that the wedding is off, Rafe says that their children love each other and he'll look out for his son-in-law. Datak goes for his knife and Rafe flashes his gun. Amanda comes in and says that the ceremony is about to begin, and Rafe goes with her. As Datak looks after them, Tommy watches from the shadow.

Nicky goes to see Yewll at the hospital in response to her marriage. Yewll tells her to lock the door and tells Nicky that Jered was killed with a Casti charge blade. Nicky claims that it was Datak, but Yewll knows better. Reconsidering, Nicky says that she had no choice because Jered was the only one who knew they killed Hunter. When Yewll points out that Jered has never said anything, Nicky insists that she couldn't risk exposure a second time.

Yewll checks Nicky when she complains about the pain in her arm and leg. As they talk, Hunter storms in and asks for some salve for Kenya. He claims that his wife slipped, but Yewll orders him out and the man turns and leaves. Later, Nicky and Yewll arrive at the renovated Need Want and Hunter says that the townspeople would be interested to know their mayor isn't human. Nicky admits that she's a camouflaged Indogene and that she's there for something important in the town. She admits that she and Yewll are there to protect Earth for everyone. Hunter demands a hundred g to keep their secret and Nicky clubs him down with her cane and then beats in his skull. As Yewll checks the body, Jered comes in and sees what happens. Nicky casually asks him to help clean up the mess.

Nicky tells Yewll to relax because everything is cleaned up. The doctor injects Nicky with a paralytic and admits that she came to Defiance to right her wrongs and start a new life. The Indogene points out that Nicky has killed and will sacrifice everything for the greater good. Yewll says that she can't trust her with a genocidal weapon and then injects Nicky with a second drug. As Nicky dies, Yewll apologizes for what she has to do... but says that it's for the greater good. She closes Nicky's eyes and says goodbye.

At the mayor's office, Kenya helps Christie into her wedding dress and assures her that everything will be fine. She tells Christie to never let her husband treat her as anything less than an equal. Stahma comes in and says that instead of the telo, she has made an old world bridal veil for her. The Castithan sings a family song to her and they go to the wedding. A Castithan choir sings as Nolan looks on. Tommy arrives and tells him about Datak's confrontation with Rafe, but neither one of them believe Rafe is responsible.

Datak comes in and reluctantly stands by his son. Stahma takes her son's hand and leads him to the altar. Meanwhile, Nolan asks Kenya if she's okay. She admits that weddings are weird for her and he hugs her. Irisa comes in, over-dressed for the occasion, and sits down next to Tommy. He's impressed that she's left her knives behind, until she reveals that she has one strapped to her leg... and takes his hand.

Rafe brings Christie in and Datak wonders why she's not wearing the telo. Stahma innocently claims that she doesn't know. As Christie comes down the aisle, Nolan notices that Nicky isn't there despite mentioning earlier that she would be. As they talk, Nolan remembers that the Liberata breath nitrogen, not oxygen... and that Jered must have died of oxygen poisoning.

Later, Nolan finds Nicky in a sealed car, apparently dead of self-inflicted carbon monoxide poisoning. There is a confession written out where Nicky admits to everything and decides to end her life. Yewll puts Nicky's body in a bag and tells Nolan that Nicky used to be good people. He notes that good people sometimes do bad things, and congratulates Tommy on solving his first case. Tommy is surprised that Nicky is the killer, and Nolan tells her that sometimes people are a mystery even to themselves.

At her office, Yewll seals the Kolovan away.