Everything Is Broken - Recap

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The next day, Nolan and Tommy track Irisa into the forest and notice that she's bleeding. Nolan discovers tracks showing that someone else dragged Irisa off, and Tommy says that it wasn't right that Datak forced Nolan to leave. The ex-Lawkeeper insists that Amanda fired him and Tommy asks if they're going to leave, and Nolan says that they need to find her first.

Alak is broadcasting from the Arch and reminds everyone that the polls are still open. He says that he'll be voting for his father and that it's a vote for the future of Defiance. At the campaign tent, Datak complains that Alak is being too excessive and tells an aide to call his son and tell him to stop. He then snaps at his aide, telling him to make sure that every street is covered. Stahma comes to his side and Datak worries that he could lose. She takes him to a back room and they make love standing up to help him relax. Once they're done, he's surprised that she's doing it for the first time and Stahma assures him that she's always looking for ways to please him.

Amanda and Kenya casts their votes as Datak and Stahma come in. As Stahma casts her vote, Kenya comes over and suggests that Datak keep an eye on Stahma. Datak points out that Kenya is the only one who did what Stahma just did, and tells his wife that he knows she betrayed him. He threatens to gut her right there but says that a vote is a vote and leads her to the polls.

Yewll is at the hospital examining the x-ray of Irisa when Colonel Marsh comes in with his men.

At the Irathient settlement, Irisa preys to her god to let Sukar wake up as Rynn looks on. His hand moves briefly but Rynn dismisses it as an involuntary motion. She blames Nolan and says that she's heard things about him, just as Nolan arrives and addresses her in Irathient. He thanks Rynn for patching Irisa up, and the Irathient woman says that she did it for Sukar. When Nolan asks Irisa why she ran, she says that she was following someone who she thought could answer her questions.

Marsh tells Yewll that while the Earth Republic will have the mines thanks to Datak, he wants the Kaziri, the Votan ship with a powerful weapon system hidden in the mines, Yewll tries to deny it but Marsh knows that the Votan have been looking for it for three thousand years. He tells Yewll to give him Irisa and the artifact hidden inside of her. When Marsh's aide Jonah Keller says that they have men looking throughout Defiance, Yewll offers to make a deal. Marsh tells Jonah to make Yewll's artifact look like an accident, but the Indogene says that there are two keys and they're both hidden inside of Irisa. When she refuses to say where Irisa is, Jonah explains that he's a "special consultant" known as Black Jonah. He admits that he enjoys his work and Yewll assures them that she's there to help.

Nolan takes Irisa out into the woods and tells her what Yewll explained him about the weapon ship. The cult needed someone to hold the keys that would trigger the weapon, which is capable of wiping out everyone on the planet. Nolan apologizes for not taking her visions seriously, and Irisa explains that the cult called her "The Devouring Mother." Her adoptive father assures her that she is the one who determines who she is and what she does, and that she was a little girl in a bad situation.

Stahma goes to Kenya and tells her about Datak's threat. The Castithan warns that Datak will kill Kenya as well, despite her claim earlier that Datak didn't know. When Kenya wonders why she doesn't go to Nolan or Amanda, Stahma says that it will set off a bloody war and advises Kenya to leave like she is. She invites Kenya to come with her and Kenya points out that if she cared at all for her, she would have stopped Datak from hurting Amanda. Stahma admits that she isn't as brave as Kenya and tells her where she can find her that night before she leaves.

Nolan tells Irisa that they'll find a real doctor and get the keys out of her body, and then head south for Antarctica like they planned. Jonah and a squad of mercenaries drive up to the Irathient settlement with Yewll locked in a cage. Nolan watches and realizes that they're working for Earth Republic, and recognizes Jonah by reputation. The mercenaries capture the Irathients and Jonah orders them to turn over Irisa. When Irisa prepares to attack them, Nolan warns Irisa that there are too many to fight.

Tommy comes out and objects to their presence, and they capture him and force him down with the Irathients. Realizing that Irisa is nearby, Jonah calls to her. When she stays put, Jonah shoots the Irathient kneeling next to Tommy. He then puts is gun to Tommy's head and prepares to shoot. Irisa tells Nolan to get clear, but he reminds her that they live and die together and goes down with her.

The town council counts the votes and Councilwoman Bailey announces that Datak has won by a narrow margin. Marsh hears the news and takes his men over to the mines to get it over with.

Jonah has his mercenaries take Irisa to the roller. When Nolan objects, a mercenary knocks him down. He hears Jonah receive a report that the regular army has secured the L-7 mine, and then Jonah tells one of his men to stay behind and "clean up." Once the others drive off, Nolan grabs the man and breaks his neck, and then runs off.

As Amanda's election staff leaves her office, Kenya tries to comfort her sister. She assures Amanda that she was a great mayor and a really good sister. Kenya thanks her for her sacrifice and Amanda realizes that something is wrong. Her sister dismisses it as nothing and hugs her, and then leaves.

Later, Kenya meets Stahma in the field and the Castithan says that she has a roller ready so they can both head to Chicago. She offers Kenya a drink to keep her warm and Kenya asks if it's drugged or poisoned. She throws the flask back to Stahma and tells her to drink it. When Stahma refuses, Kenya draws a gun on her. Stahma refuses and Kenya orders her to walk to the roller. As they go, Stahma explains that she had to show her husband that she would pay penance for what she did. Kenya informs her that she will use her as a hostage to force Datak to leave Defiance, and Stahma warns her that Datak will never agree. She turns and asks if Kenya ever cared for her, or if she was just a client. Kenya says that all Stahma was a client, and Stahma says that it was a new and exhilarating experience. As she talks, Kenya collapses and Stahma tells her that the poison was on the flask. She lowers Kenya gently to the ground and tells her to go to sleep while she takes care of her.

Jonah and his men take Irisa and Yewll to the L-7 mine, and Yewll informs Marsh that Irisa's body has completely absorbed both keys. Marsh's human doctor concurs and tells Marsh that they can run an electrical charge through Irisa to draw them back together. When Yewll objects, Marsh overrides her.

Datak goes to the mayor's office that night and sits behind the desk. Marsh comes in and congratulates him, and Datak points out that Marsh blockaded the mines without tell him. The colonel assures him that he'll make it up to him, but Datak realizes that there's something else in the mines. Marsh refuses to tell him and dismisses him as a nobody.

Yewll checks on Irisa's condition after the soldiers tie and gag the Irathient to a gurney. The Indogene whispers to Irisa to do the same thing she did to Yewll at the hospital, and then wheels her into the operating room.

Stahma visits her husband in the mayor's office and tells him that she's done as he asked. Datak thanks her and she says that they're looking for Marsh downstairs. Her husband gestures to where Marsh is lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Stahma removes the bloody letter opener from Datak's hand and sets it on the table, and he warns her that they're no longer the masters of their fate. He holds her and says that he misses home, and Stahma says that she feels the same as the E-Rep soldiers burst in.

Yewll triggers the electrical charge and the key tendrils start to animate. Irisa sees the young version of herself at the entrance to the room.

Nolan, Rynn, and Tommy go to the mine and meet Rafe, who tells them what's happening. Irisa screams and Nolan runs in, opening fire. The tendrils emerge from Irisa's back and Yewll nods in satisfaction. She turns up the power and the tendrils lash out, attacking the E-Rep physicians. Nolan comes in and frees Irisa, who explains that the keys are back inside of her. Tommy, Rafe, and Rynn run in, seeking cover, and Rafe takes a couple of shots in the shoulder. Tommy tells Nolan to get Irisa out while he covers them, and Irisa grabs a gun and tells Nolan not to worry about her.

Father and daughter go out and look for a roller to get Rafe back to town. They gun down the attacking soldiers but Jonah manages to shoot Nolan before he can shoot back. Irisa refuses to leave him, reminding him that they live or die together, but can only watch as he dies and whisper that she loves him.

As Irisa runs to the mines, she sees Sukar standing there. He tells her that it's impossible to escape her destiny and that Irzu wouldn't let Nolan take her. The Irathient says that there is a great evil in the mine and Irisa must face it and make her choice. Irisa wonders if her destiny is to set it free, but Sukar merely looks to the mine. After a moment, Irisa goes in and runs to the central chamber. The girl is there and tells Irisa to call her Irzu. Irisa insists that doesn't want to be there, and the girl tells her that it will cost her everything if she wants to save Nolan. The girl wants Irisa to become her weapon and offers to show her the first step. After that, Irisa must take the next. The girl calls her Little Wolf, and Irisa winces in pain. The symbols in the walls glow and the tendrils emerge from her body, forming into the two artifacts in either of her hands.

Irisa steps forward to the weapon and the wall parts to let her through. She drops the artifacts into the abyss and power surges throughout the machinery entombed within the walls. Irisa says Nolan's name and then falls into the machinery below.

Outside, Nolan comes back to life and calls for Irisa. He realizes that she's done something to resurrect him and calls out to her. Meanwhile, the Earth Republic soldiers drive past him and march into Defiance, announcing that they now control the town.