Ghost in the Machine (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with Paige, Spinner, and Craig standing around a used red car at Jeremiah Motors, with Craig and Paige suggesting nicknames for the car. Finally, Spinner decides to name it the "Love Mobile", and they christened it with a bottle of water. Joey comes over, and reminds Spinner that he hasn't bought the car yet. Spinner, with a wad of $2,700 he earned at The Dot in his hands, reluctantly gives Joey the money, and Joey gives Spinner the keys to his new car. Spinner and Paige then goes on a ride through the city. After a while, Spinner takes Paige home, and they make plans for the evening, but a police car shows up. The police officer walks up to Spinner's vehicle, and asks for Paige. He hands her a clipboard, and it informs her that she's due to appear in court, because she filed a sexual assault case two years prior, a few months after she was raped. Paige wasn't expecting this, and isn't sure that she's ready to face her rapist.

Later that night, Spinner, Paige, Marco, Jimmy, and Hazel go to a drive-in movie in Spinner's car, and see a horror movie. Paige is in the front passenger seat, with Marco in the driver's seat, and the two of them are really frightened and disgusted by the film. In the back seat is Spinner, with Jimmy & Hazel who are making out. Spinner can't see, so he decides to go with Paige to the concession stand. He tries to kiss Paige, but after someone gets their head cut off in the film they're watching, Paige backs off, and has Marco go with them, because she doesn't want Marco to be alone in the front. Spinner, who is disgruntled by the fact that Paige is spending more time with Marco, then with him, is furious.

The next day, which is Labor Day, Marco, Paige, and Spinner help Dylan move into his college dorm. Paige and Marco are enthusiastic while discussing the upcoming dorm parties they'll be invited to, since Dylan is at the University of Toronto now, but Spinner is less than enthusiastic. Spinner is still upset that Paige didn't spend much time with him the previous night, and complains to Paige that they never have any alone time. Paige promises everything will change after the trial is over, but their discussion is cut short when Dylan asks one of them to get the pizza they ordered, and Paige decides to get it. While walking back to Dylan's place, Paige sees her former rapist, Dean at his car with a group of peers. Paige remembers the night it happened, and is horrified at the sight of him, and quickly tries to walk away from him. He notices her, and wants to talk to her about the trial. He tells her that it would be horrible, telling all the details in front of her family & friends, and tries to talk her out of it. Paige tells him she has to go, and he asks her to think about dropping the charges, and forget it. She then walks back to Dylan's place silently and slowly.

Summer vacation is now officially over, and school begins the day after Dylan moved in. Spinner arrives at school, and shows off his new wheels, and Emma, Liberty, and Toby catch up, and find out that Emma broke up with Chris, Toby broke up with Kendra, and Liberty broke up with Towerz. Paige also arrives at school, and tries to be friendly with Ellie, but Alex doesn't like her, so she tells Ellie not to speak to her. Manny and J.T. see the younger students, and remember what it's like to be short and afraid of Degrassi.

Craig arrives at his locker, and sees that somebody decorated his locker, because it's his birthday. Ashley bumps into him, by accident, and Craig begins to think it was her who decorated it, but when Marco appears a few seconds later, he finds out that it was him who did it. Craig thanks him, and they walk to class. Jimmy and Spinner are looking in a magazine for pictures to hang in their lockers, and when Paige shows up, Jimmy asks why she isn't at her trial. She tells the guys that it's suppose to be the next day, and she's not even going to go, because "she doesn't see the point". Spinner is angered by the fact, and tells her he can't do this anymore, and Paige asks him what "this" is, and Spinner tells her them. After he leaves, Paige wonders if that means he dumped her.

Spinner goes outside to his car to leave, and Paige chases after him. He reminds her that she said after the trial, everything would be normal. Paige said she's over what happened, and that later that night, it'd just be the two of them. He accepts her offer, and forgives her.

Craig, Joey, and Angela are watching a video from Caitlin, who is in Thailand, and she wishes Craig a happy birthday, and that these are the best years in his life. Angela, however, is more focused on the cake, and Craig wants to open his gifts. Joey gets Craig's gifts off an end-table, and hands Craig a letter. Craig opens the envelope, and to his amazement finds a $10,000 check in it. It turns out it's from his late father's estate, and Craig just sits an awe.

Paige and Spinner are in his car, alone, and making out. Paige keeps picturing Dean in her mind, and hesitates when Spinner kisses her some more. Spinner asks if she's okay, and she says she's fine, so Spinner starts to feel her up, but she has another vision of Dean, and tells Spinner to stop. Paige starts to freak out, and tells him she said no. He asks her if she's okay, and she say she isn't. Paige realizes she has to go to the trial in order to get over it, and Spinner comforts her, and tells her he'll come with her.

The next day, Paige and her mom walk to the courthouse, and she tells her mom she just wants this to be over, and her mom reminds her that Ms. Suave, the counselor, told her this wasn't just for justice, but for closure. Spinner arrives, and he greets Paige and her mom. All three of them watch as Dean gets out of his vehicle, and Paige's mom tells her to ignore him. Paige's lawyer asks Mrs. Michalchuk if she could talk to him, and Paige tells Spinner he should probably go home, because she doesn't want him to hear the details, and says he'll dump her if he heard them. He told her he's staying, and says that she's brave for doing this. Ready, Paige and Spinner walk inside the courthouse, along with Dean, and his family.

Paige is on the stand, and is being questioned by Dean's lawyer. The lawyer asks Paige various questions, including what her intentions were, if she thought her client was attractive, and how many times she had sex. Paige's lawyer objected to the last question, but Paige wanted to answer it. She said that it was her only time, and that she want to loose his virginity to a guy she knew for only an hour upstairs at a party.

Back at school, Craig is doodling in his notebook when Ashley comes up to him, and apologizes for being weird earlier in the day. Craig says she wasn't weird, and that she only ignored him. Ashley tells him that she was hoping that they could move on from last year, and be friends again, but when she saw him, everything from last year flashed back into her mind. Craig understands, and tells her about his gift from his dad. Ashley, like Craig, was amazed at the amount of cash. He says it's pathetic how is dad is "still trying to buy him" even after he's dead, and that he's just going to rip the check up. Ashley tells him to keep the cash, and have fun with it instead.

After the jury deliberated, the judge walks back into the courtroom. The judge tells the courtroom that Paige's testimony was very compelling, and that they should applaud her for having the courage and strength for doing what she did. The judge says that these are the kind of cases that keep her up at night, but because there was no eyewitnesses, and no physical evidence, that Dean was found not guilty. Dean hugs his lawyer, and winks at Paige, while Paige just sits in her chair, afraid and worried, in a state of shock.