Touch of Grey - Recap

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Emma and Kelly are outside their dorm room, and because Liberty and Manny are gone, Emma jokingly wants them to go back to bed and cuddle, but Kelly doesn't want to miss a boring-yet-important lecture, and Emma reluctantly agrees. As they leave, a girl, Becca, stops them and tells Kelly how funny he was in a class the day before. Vicki, the dorm adviser walks by with Manny and Liberty, talking about the upcoming Floor Olympics, and says hi to Kelly and Emma, but calls her "Blond Emma", despite the fact that Emma dyed her hair brown, which makes Emma mad. Emma is also disappointed that Manny and Liberty are helping with the Floor Olympics, but she isn't', but they tell her she can help. Kelly's Frisbee buddy, Dyson, stops by, says hi to Kelly and Emma (who he calls "girlfriend of Kelly"), and thanks Kelly for helping him with his history paper, which he got a C+ on. The two high-five each other, and Dyson gives Kelly a thank you card and a gift. Emma is upset that she has been at Smithdale this long and nobody knows her as just Emma.

Emma and Kelly walk into their class and Emma tells Kelly that Manny has her drama posse and Liberty has her own stuff, and that everyone loves him. He tells her she needs to get more involved. Kelly opens his thank you card from Dyson and is excited to find a joint inside the envelope. Emma asks if Kelly smokes, he tells her he does sometimes. He asks Emma if she has ever and she tells him no, because she likes to be in control. He tells her she

Clare and K.C. are in gym glass playing basketball. Clare complains that they still have to have gym in high school and that she'll never do a layup in real field. K.C. tells her layups are easy, and shows her how. She shoots and make the basket. She asks him if he played at his old school, but he changes the subject by passing the ball to Connor, who wasn't paying attention, and the ball hits him. Connor tells Coach Armstrong that strange noises are coming from the stage, and he opens the curtain to find a bunch of kids playing hacky sack, and tells them to get back to class. He tells one kid, named Reese, to clean up his behavior. K.C. tells Connor to ignore them and insults them, and they do it back. K.C. glares them down, and Coach Armstrong asks K.C. if he's going to try out for basketball. Connor tells him he will and goes in for a layup and misses. K.C. isn't sure if he can and says he has to check at home.

Vicki brings a giant bag in the student lounge and gives directions to people helping with the Floor Olympics, but doesn't have anything for Emma to do. Emma goes back to her room, to check on Kelly, where she finds two girls, Becca and Gwyneth, at her door. Becca asks if Emma has any weed and she shakes her head no. Emma sighs and decides to take Kelly's joint and asks the girls if they want to blaze up.

K.C. is in his room, playing basketball. A guy walks in and tells him that the school called. K.C. panics and tells him that he's been good. The guy gives him permission to try-out for the team, but tells him that because he is on probation, any violence will send him to juvi. K.C. promises to be good and he shoots a quick basket.

Emma and the two girls walk up a stairwell and they stumble around, high. Emma talks loud and doesn't think she is high enough, and begins acting paranoid. Becca thinks Emma is funny and asks her to be her teammate for the Floor Olympics and the girls decide that Emma needs and new nickname and come up with Blaze.

At basketball try-outs, K.C. and Reese almost begin fighting, but are broken up by Coach Armstrong. In anger, K.C. storms out of the gym and knocks over the basketball cart.

Emma goes into her dorm and wakes up Kelly and tells him she borrowed his joint the night before and that Becca thought she was so funny. She asked where Dyson gets his pot and wants Kelly to share with everyone at the Floor Olympics. Kelly tells her that you can't smoke in res, and so Emma tells him she'll bake weed brownies.

The Floor Olympics begin with a opening "ceremony" and Manny declares that the games have begun. Becca takes Emma's nickname and takes a marker and writes Blaze over it. Emma opens a container of brownies and Becca takes one. Emma goes around and offers everyone brownies and people participate in various events.

Later that night, Emma and Kelly laugh on the couch. Liberty confronts Emma and asks what she was thinking. Emma tells Liberty that she is jealous because Emma made the fun happen and she didn't. Liberty walks away and Dyson tells Emma not to listen to "Soberty" and tells her what she did was radical. Kelly tells Emma everyone knows who she is now. Becca is passed out on the coach and Kelly says she needs to sleep it off and wraps a blanket around her, and the two of them go to bed.

K.C. is on his bed and finds out he has a guest - Connor. K.C. asks how he found him and Connor says he looked him up. K.C. says he is done with basketball and Connor asks him to ignore Reese. K.C. tells him he is done and asks K.C. to swear he won't tell anyone wear he lives. Connor does, but tells him he is his only friend at the try-outs, and K.C. says he'll go.

Emma hears noise outside her dorm and sees Becca being pulled away in a stretcher. Kelly tells her Becca will be okay, and they go back inside.

Clare and K.C. walk down the hall and Clare tells him how strong he must be, when Reese tells K.C. that a little birdie told him that K.C. lived in a group home and stole a car. K.C. becomes angry and tells him to shut up. K.C. says Connor is "so dead" for telling them and Clare stares at him, confused.

Vicki tells the floor that everyone should check for medical bracelets and that Becca was in a diabetic coma and had an insulin problem, which caused her to forget to take her medicine, and would be in the hospital for a few days. Vicki says that the culprit was marijuana brownies and that anyone caught with it will be removed from residence. Kelly tells Emma they should get rid of the brownies.

In the locker room, K.C. glares at Reese and as they leave, K.C. asks if Connor told the other guys about where he lived. Connor says he looked up the address and figured you had to do bad stuff to live there and wanted to scare Reese. K.C. tells him he doesn't want people to think he is a bad kid and now everyone at Degrassi will think of him differently, even his friends, and they will write him off.

In class, Emma asks Dyson if he heard about Becca. He told her he ditched his stash when he found out the narcs were doing searches, looking for Becca's hook-up. Emma calls Kelly and tells him he didn't get rid of the drugs and tells him to get rid of it all. As Kelly exits the room with the drugs, he runs into the campus police and is taken away.

In the room, Manny freaks out, worried they will all be kicked out. Liberty is mad that Emma put them all at risk, and Emma says she'll tell them that it was her fault, when Kelly returns to the room.

K.C. is at his locker and Clare asks him how try-outs were doing, and then asks K.C. if what Reese said and K.C. tells her that he did, and wanted her to think he was a good guy. Connor comes up to them and tells K.C. they both made the team, but Clare notices that his lip was cut, and immediately accuses K.C. Connor quickly tells her it was an accident at basketball and K.C. walks away, upset, as Clare tries to apologize.

Kelly packs away his stuff and Emma tries to make it better, by asking if she could tell them, and get kicked out instead, but Kelly tells her they would both be kicked out. She asked if he forgave him and he did. Kelly says that now Emma can enjoy dorm life without being his appendage and kisses her goodbye and tells her she'll see him in class. Kelly waves goodbye and Emma waves back, looking sadly.