School's Out! - Recap

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Wheels, Snake, and Lucy's class have just graduated- even Caitlin, who took extra classes to graduate early. Poor Joey is stuck at school for another year, but he goes ring shopping...for Caitlin. When Wheels comes and tells Joey and Snake that he lost his virginity, they both are embarrassed, and try to lose their. Snake gets a job at the beach as a lifeguard, thinking he will get some ladies. Joey finds Caitlin, and asks her to marry him, but she says no. Upset, Joey goes home, but runs into Tessa, who goes home with him. Both upset, they have sex, and the next day Joey tells Snake, and Joey and Wheels make fun of him for still being a virgin. Frustrated, Snake threatens to tell Caitlin about it. Caitlin, feeling bad the previous day wants to tell Joey she still loves him, but she isn't ready to get married. She even thinks about asking Joey to have sex with her, thinking they both are virgins, so they could lose it together. When she gets to his house, Snake is yelling at Joey and Snake about his virginity, and how Joey cheated on Caitlin, and slept with Tessa. Caitlin overheard, and cursed at Joey, and ran out, deeply upset. Joey is sad, but thinking he still has Tessa. The next day is Joey's birthday, and Tessa got him a t-shirt with ironed-on letters. Joey doesn't like it, and leaves her. Heartbroken, Tessa leaves. While on lifeguard duty, Snake rescues Allison, who almost drowned when she and Amy tipped the boat. Deeply smitten, she and Snake make love, and get ready for Bronco's big party by the beach. Everyone is invited. Joey goes, but both Caitlin and Tessa ignore him. Wheels drinks beer-after-beer until he is drunk. A big fight between Wheels and Snake breaks out, and Wheels is mad. Trying to get him away from the party, and not realizing he was drunk, Lucy asked Wheels to drive her to the drug store. Joey tries to apologize, but that doesn't work. When Wheels was driving Lucy and him back to the party, they crashed into a car, leaving Lucy blind. Wheels didn't get seriously hurt, except a few scratches. Wheels is arrested, and Lucy is taken to the hospital. Joey visits Wheels in jail, and it turns out that Wheels also killed a boy. Wheels is upset, but Joey is almost disgusted, shouting at Wheels for past events. A few weeks later, Tessa finds out Joey got her pregnant, and she gets an abortion. Finally, to end the summer, Alexa and Simon got married, but Simon, unfortunately, has a bad hair day.