Degrassi Unscripted: Melissa McIntyre (Ashley) - Recap

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The episode begins when Melissa first shows off her new apartment, with her toy poodle Morris in her arms. She starts by showing the kitchen, which she just started painting. Melissa then moves on into the dining room, which she says needs the most work of all the rooms. She wants to replace her current chairs with authentic movie theater seats. She wants her dining room to have a movie theater/old Hollywood feel to it. After that, she goes into her living room, first showing her couch. Her boyfriend Colin is sitting there on the couch. Melissa takes out her new electronic drill, which is her new "toy" from Colin, which she used to drill holes with. Then she goes to her entertainment room, where her television is and her pet rabbit Harold. Also in the room is a play crib, where Morris sleeps and plays when Melissa is at work. Unfortunately, Morris can get out of it. Finally, she shows off her bedroom, where her comfy bed is and her make-up. Childhood pictures are shown. Her mom Christine and her talk about her childhood and how she became an actress. They then talk about how she got the role as Ashley Kerwin on Degrassi: The Next Generation, even though she auditioned for the role of Paige Michalchuk.

Melissa arrives at Epitome Pictures, where Degrassi is filmed. She goes onto the set and goes into the hair and make-up department where she gets her make-up put on. Executive producer Aaron Martin, Associate Producer Nicole Hamilton, and Executive Story Editor Shelley Scarrow, along with Melissa talks about Melissa's character, Ashley, and how she's developed throughout the years and her different hairstyles. Melissa then shows her wardrobe off, and cast members Adamo Ruggeiro and Stacey Farber talks about her and how she makes Ashley a good character. Shane Kippel talks about how Melissa and him met and Stacey tells how Melissa introduced her to the cast and made her feel comfortable when she first joined the cast. Miriam McDonald, Aubrey Graham, and Lauren Collins also comment about her. Shelley talks about why Ashley is such an intriguing character. Melissa, Aubrey, and Jake Epstein talk about the set of Ashley's bedroom, which has since been removed. Melissa then gets ready and Jake and her film a scene inside the Joey's garage set.

A sneak peak of an upcoming episode of Degrassi, "West End Girls", is shown (at the time of airing).

Melissa is back at her apartment and wants to buy new stuff for it. Melissa and her boyfriend got to her car, whom she named Cindy. They go to downtown Toronto to go shopping. They first go to an antique store, where Melissa ends up buying an antique door knob for her bedroom. They then go to another antique store, and then head to a third store, where she buys a table. Melissa (and her dog Morris) goes to a recording studio and meets with Jim McGrath about a song called "Nothing at All" which she will perform with Jake for the episode "West End Girls" during a prom scene. Melissa then records it, and a clip from that scene is briefly shown. Melissa talks about how she would love to be a lounge singer someday. Melissa gets a CD of the recording, and leaves.