HGTV Star Cast

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David BromstadplayedHimself (S01 Winner | Host 2012-present) (36Eps.)
Vern YipplayedHimself (Host 2010 | Judge 2006-present) (63Eps.)
Genevieve GorderplayedHerself (Judge 2009-present) (38Eps.)
Tanika RayplayedHerself (Host 2011) (9Eps.)
Candice OlsonplayedHerself (Judge 2009-2011) (32Eps.)
Clive PearseplayedHimself (Host 2006-2009) (25Eps.)
Cynthia RowleyplayedHerself (Judge 2006-2008) (25Eps.)
Martha McCullyplayedHerself (Judge 2006-2008) (25Eps.)
Yuki NorthingtonplayedHerself (Contestant - S07 | 1st Eliminated) (1Eps.)
Jordan CappellaplayedHimself (Contestant - S07 | 2nd Eliminated) (2Eps.)
Luca PaganicoplayedHimself (Contestant - S07 | 3rd Eliminated) (3Eps.)
Bex HaleplayedHerself (Contestant - S07 | 4th Eliminated) (4Eps.)
Miera MelbaplayedHerself (Contestant - S07 | 5th Eliminated) (5Eps.)
Kris SwiftplayedHimself (Contestant - S07 | 6th Eliminated) (6Eps.)
Stanley PalmieriplayedHimself (Contestant - S07 | 7th Eliminated) (6Eps.)
Rachel KateplayedHerself (Contestant - S07 | 8th Eliminated) (6Eps.)
Mikel WelchplayedHimself (Contestant - S07 | 9th Eliminated) (7Eps.)
Hilari YoungerplayedHerself (Contestant - S07 | 3rd Place) (8Eps.)
Danielle ColdingplayedHerself (Contestant - S07 | 2nd Place) (9Eps.)
Britany SimonplayedHerself (Contestant - S07 | Winner) (9Eps.)
Natalee CallahanplayedHerself (Contestant - S04 | 1st Eliminated) (1Eps.)
Amy SklarplayedHerself (Contestant - S04 | 2nd Eliminated) (2Eps.)
Jen GuerinplayedHerself (Contestant - S04 | 3rd Eliminated) (3Eps.)
Tashica MorganplayedHerself (Contestant - S04 | 4th Eliminated) (4Eps.)
Jany LeeplayedHerself (Contestant - S04 | 5th Eliminated) (5Eps.)
Nathan GaluiplayedHimself (Contestant - S04 | 6th Eliminated) (6Eps.)
Jason ChampionplayedHimself (Contestant - S04 | 7th Eliminated) (7Eps.)
Torie HalbertplayedHerself (Contestant - S04 | 8th Eliminated) (7Eps.)
Lonni PaulplayedHerself (Contestant - S04 | 3rd Place) (8Eps.)
Dan VickeryplayedHimself (Contestant - S04 | 2nd Place) (9Eps.)
Antonio BallatoreplayedHimself (Contestant - S04 | Winner) (9Eps.)
Trish BeaudetplayedHerself (Contestant - S03: 7th Eliminated) (9Eps.)
Tracee DoreplayedHerself (Contestant - S03: 5th Eliminated) (7Eps.)
Mikey VerdugoplayedHimself (Contestant - S03: 6th Eliminated) (8Eps.)
Michael Stribling (2)playedHimself (Contestant - S03: 3rd Eliminated) (4Eps.)
Matt LockeplayedHimself (Contestant - S03: Runner Up) (9Eps.)
Jerome ScottieplayedHimself (Contestant - S03: 1st Eliminated) (2Eps.)
Jennifer BertrandplayedHerself (Contestant - S03: Winner) (9Eps.)
D. Paul DerouenplayedHimself (Contestant - S03: 2nd Eliminated) (3Eps.)
Kim MylesplayedHerself (Contestant - S02 - Winner) (8Eps.)
Todd Davis (2)playedHimself (Contestant - S02 - 2nd Place) (8Eps.)
Will Smith (2)playedHimself (Contestant - S02 - 3rd Place) (8Eps.)
Robb MarianiplayedHimself (Contestant - S02 - 8th eliminated) (8Eps.)
Christina Ray (2)playedHerself (Contestant - S02 - 7th eliminated) (7Eps.)
Josh JohnsonplayedHimself (Contestant - S02 - 6th eliminated) (7Eps.)
Adriana NussbaumerplayedHerself (Contestant - S02 - 5th eliminated) (6Eps.)
Scott CorridanplayedHimself (Contestant - S02 - 4th eliminated) (5Eps.)
Josh FossplayedHimself (Contestant - S02 - 3rd eliminated) (4Eps.)
Neeraja LockartplayedHerself (Contestant - S02 - 2nd eliminated) (3Eps.)
Lisa MillardplayedHerself (Contestant - S02 - 1st eliminated) (2Eps.)
Alice FakierplayedHerself (Contestant - S01 - 2nd Place) (8Eps.)
Tym De SantoplayedHimself (Contestant - S01 - 3rd Place) (8Eps.)
Temple McDowellplayedHerself (Contestant - S01 - 7th eliminated) (7Eps.)
Donna MossplayedHerself (Contestant - S01 - 6th eliminated) (7Eps.)
Teran EvansplayedHimself (Contestant - S01 - 5th eliminated) (6Eps.)
Vanessa De LeonplayedHerself (Contestant - S01 - 4th eliminated) (5Eps.)
Teman EvansplayedHimself (Contestant - S01 - 3rd eliminated) (4Eps.)
Joseph KennardplayedHimself (Contestant - S01 - 2nd eliminated) (3Eps.)
Ramona JanplayedHerself (Contestant - S01 - 1st eliminated) (2Eps.)
Alex SanchezplayedHimself (Contestant - S05: 8th Eliminated) (8Eps.)
Blanche GarciaplayedHerself (Contestant - S06: 1st Eliminated) (1Eps.)
Bret RitterplayedHimself (Contestant - S06: 4th Eliminated) (4Eps.)
Casey NobleplayedHerself (Contestant - S05: 10th Eliminated) (10Eps.)
Cathy HobbsplayedHerself (Contestant - S06: 6th Eliminated) (6Eps.)
Courtland BasconplayedHimself (Contestant - S05: 9th Eliminated) (9Eps.)
Dan FairesplayedHimself (Contestant - S05: 4th Eliminated) (5Eps.)
Doug HinesplayedHimself (Contestant - S06: 3rd Eliminated) (4Eps.)
Emily HendersonplayedHerself (Contestant - S05: Winner) (10Eps.)
J AllenplayedHerself (Contestant - S06: 2nd Eliminated) (2Eps.)
Julie KhuuplayedHerself (Contestant - S05: 1st Eliminated) (2Eps.)
Karl SponholtzplayedHimself (Contestant - S06) (7Eps.)
Kellie ClementsplayedHerself (Contestant - S06) (7Eps.)
Kevin Grace (2)playedHimself (Contestant - S06) (7Eps.)
Leslie EzelleplayedHerself (Contestant - S06) (7Eps.)
Mark DiazplayedHimself (Contestant - S06) (7Eps.)
Meg CaswellplayedHerself (Contestant - S06) (7Eps.)
Michael MoellerplayedHimself (Contestant - S05: Runner Up) (10Eps.)
Nina FerrerplayedHerself (Contestant - S05: 5th Eliminated) (6Eps.)
Stacey CohenplayedHerself (Contestant - S05: 6th Eliminated) (7Eps.)
Tera HamptonplayedHerself (Contestant - S05: 2nd Eliminated) (3Eps.)
Tom VecchioneplayedHimself (Contestant - S05: 7th Eliminated) (7Eps.)
Trent HultgrenplayedHimself (Contestant - S05: 3rd Eliminated) (4Eps.)
Tyler WislerplayedHimself (Contestant - S06: 5th Eliminated) (5Eps.)
Classification: Reality
Genre: Design/Decorating | Family | How To/Do It Yourself | Lifestyle
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: HGTV ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 23, 2006
Ended: July 21, 2013
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