Stealing the Show - Recap

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In LA Rita beats off the intruders and locks herself in a bedroom. She screams for Peter who is still outside and hears her. Peter busts into the apartment and saves her. He tells her she and the boys should come live with him.

Andrea lunches with Kate and Jessica, and talks about being locked in the kitchen with Alex. Kate tells Jessica that Andrea has "stolen her man".

Alex talks up behind Rita and startles her. Rita says that the sooner they are able to get out of their apartment the better. Louis enters with a bag full of pepper spray for his mom. Rita tells the boys they are great sons.

Erica is laying in her underwear in George's bed. George tells her to get dressed; he needs her to do him a favor. George tells Erica he wants her to catch Alex "stealing money from the register". Erica agrees to set Alex up.

At Peters house Peter shows Alex and Louis around. Louis gets angry with Alex for breaking their pact and going after Andrea. Louis says the pact is now off and they can both go after Andrea

Cara and her friends are sunbathing. They talk about Louis, and one of the girls asks if Cara sleeping with Louis had anything to do with their restaurant being blown up.

At the restaurant Erica puts money in a paper bag in Alex's locker. Louis catches her.

Erica approaches Andrea and says that there is some cash missing from the register. She says she saw Alex standing by the register, and suggests they search his bag.

In New Jersey Joey talks to his goons. They say they have gone through half of the list of Peter Evan's and have six more to go. Joey tells them that when they find him not to kill him, he wants to deal with him personally.

Andrea approaches Alex and has him follow her into the locker room. Andrea asks Alex if he took the money from the cash register. Erica asks if she can check his locker. When she begins to check his locker Louis walks in and gives Andrea the money. He tells Andrea that he saw Erica put the money in Alex's locker, and that Erica was trying to frame him

Andrea threatens to fire Erica. Erica tells Andrea that George put her up to setting up Alex.

Andrea confronts George about framing Alex. She tells him she has plans to have her father fire him, or he can resign first.

In the kitchen Andrea approaches Alex and apologizes for thinking he stole the money. She offers to make it up to him by taking him out to dinner. Alex says he is free that evening and they decide he will pick her up at 6:30.

Alex asks Peter to borrow his car, Peter gives him the keys and Alex heads out to pick up Andrea.

At home Andrea asks Harold to fire George for framing Alex. Harold says he will not fire George, that love will make people do strange things, and that Andrea should give him a chance to cool down.

Louis follows Alex home via cab. While Alex is in the bathroom getting ready Louis sneaks in and takes all of Alex's clothes, as well as the keys to Peters car. He gets in the car with the suitcases and drives away.

Louis arrives at Andreas and bumps into Jessica. Louis tells Jessica that Alex is smitten with her and can't stop talking about her. Louis suggests Jessica stop by their house and try to hang out with Alex that evening.

Louis knocks on the door and tells Andrea that Alex sent him to tell her he was sick. Louis asks her if she would like to go get something to eat since she is already dressed up.

Jessica walks in on Alex changing and tells him Louis told her to surprise him.

Before they leave Andrea asks Louis if she can call Alex. Louis dials Alex's number for her, and we see Alex's phone ring, inside the car Louis took.

At dinner Andrea tells Louis she has the check. Louis says he will pay the check, that his mother raised him with old fashioned values. Andrea excuses herself to call Alex on the phone. When she returns to the table she orders the pasta special and water.

Outside the restaurant Joeys goons get Peter Evans, a waiter to come outside. They begin to beat him up and ask about his son when two police officers arrive. The officers arrest them. As they are being put into a police car one of the goons sees Andrea and Louis leave the restaurant.