Burn Baby Burn - Recap

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Lin walks around the car Vincent and Cully set on fire. Hawkins arrives and tells Lin he thinks they killed Louis and hid his body, case closed. Hawkins uses a crowbar to open the trunk against the wishes of the others working the case.

In the hospital Andrea apologizes to her father for causing his heart attack. Kate arrives and brings Andrea a sandwich that Alex sent.

At Andreas house Andrea and Alex talk about her father. Alex tells her that she will do a great job with the business when Andrea expresses concern about having to take over her fathers business in her father's absence. Alex receives a call from the police letting him know the car that Louis was in was found. Alex heads to the police station.

At the police station Lin tells Alex, Rita, and Peter that they found a car that matches the description of the car that took Louis. The show the family a watch with blood on it that belongs to Louis, they indicate to the family they think Louis is dead.

Victoria visits Harold in the hospital. She tells Harold she needs his money to survive and is going to get it.

Alex goes to the restaurant and tells Andrea and Jessica what the police told him.

In New Jersey Cara approaches her priest and asks if he will hear her confession. In the confession Cara tells her priest that a lie she told may have cost someone their life. She thinks that it is too late to save Louis.

In the locker room at the restaurant Andrea tells Alex that Hawkins is a dirty cop and took a bribe to cover up Penelope's murder. Alex begins to wonder if Louis could be alive and that Hawkins is taking another bribe to cover up something else.

Alex visits Lin at the police station and tells her what Andrea told him about Detective Hawkins is dirty. Alex tells Lin he isn't there to get Hawkins in trouble he just wants to make sure Louis's case isn't getting covered up as well. Lin tells him that the evidence does support Louis being dead. Alex asks Lin to not give up on Louis.

Vincent and Cully arrive at Joey's house and are greeted with hugs from the mob boss.

Detective Hawkins comes into the office and finds Lin looking through evidence. He tells her that there is nothing to look for and the case is dead. Hawkins tells Lin to stop sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong, or he will make her life at the station a living hell.

At the restaurant George comes looking for Suzy at the bar. Suzy tries to seduce George. George gives in and takes Suzy home, sleeping with her in the living room. He goes up to take a shower, and Suzy goes through his wallet. Suzy finds a business card in George's wallet with phone numbers on it. Suzy calls one of the numbers on the card and Vincent answers.

Alex comes to visit Andrea at the restaurant. Alex tells Andrea that he went to talk to Lin about Hawkins taking bribes. Alex tells Andrea that Lin told him that the evidence supports the thought that Louis is dead. Alex tells her he thinks Louis is still alive.

At Peters house Peter brings Rita some tea. Peter tries to convince Rita that Louis is dead but she says she will never believe it.

Jessica and Kate talk tell Suzy that Louis may be dead. Kate suggests that someone might have tipped them off and Suzy starts to put together that George is involved in Louis's disappearance.

Louis is tied up in a dark room. Vincent tells Louis he had hoped to kill him himself, but Joey wants to do it personally and is on his way. Joey arrives just as Louis says he doesn't know why Joey wants to kill him tells Louis he wanted to kill the man who forced himself on his daughter. Louis tries to stop him as Joey raises a run to his head