If Only - Recap

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In New Jersey Louis watches Cara swimming. He gestures for her to comes upstairs where the two make out, and eventually go to bed together. Louis asks her what her birthday is, then asks what her father's birthday is. Afterward Cara tells Louis that the two of them are going to perfect together. When she falls asleep he writes down the birthdates in a book so he can remember them.

Andrea talks about her upcoming interview with Jessica's father with Jessica. Jessica suggests that Andrea come up with some television show ideas for her father, or ideas to improve the network.

Daniel and Claudia take a walk on the beach. Claudia tells him that she wants their relationship to move slowly, she feels like her and Christoph moved too fast, so she wants to move slower with Daniel.

Cully tells Louis that Gamarra is coming. Louis wakes up Cara and has her sneak out of the room via the second floor. She jumps into the pool to throw her father off. Vincent finds her at the pool and tells her she can't marry Louis, it isn't fair.

Jessica and Alex talk, and Jessica tells him that she would have never gone for him if Louis hadn't told her that Alex loved her. Jessica tries to convince him to continue dating her, but Alex declines, telling her that he can't love her the way she needs to be loved.

Andrea interviews with Jessica's dad. The two discuss the show "Food For Love", he asks for her suggestions about the show, and she tells the story of her dinner locked in the kitchen with Alex. Impressed with her ideas Jessica's father decides to hire her.

Jessica and Andrea drink to help Jessica get over Alex. Jessica asks Andrea not to ever go after Alex because 'sometimes he looks at her".

In bed Suzy and George discuss Kate. Suzy tells George that she thinks he is the only person who had a motive to kill her. George promises her that he has nothing to do with Kate's death.

At the TV station Andrea convinces Jessica's father to let her bring Alex in for an audition for the show.

Louis convinces Cara to take him to the game room so Cully can try the combinations in the safe.Cara thinks they are just playing pool, Cully sits on the couch and tries combinations while they play.

Joey finds Cara and Louis in the game room. He sends Louis back to his room and tells Cara he is still a prisoner.

Andrea asks Alex to audition to host the cooking show. When Alex tells his parents Rita tells him that Andrea is off limits to him because she is Louis's girlfriend.

When Peter and Rita leave Andrea comes in to talk to Alex. Alex tells Andrea Peter is his father.

Vincent confronts Cara about her encounter with Louis. As he manhandles her Cully walks in and says 'that's no way to treat a lady, especially the mother of your child".

Alex and Andrea talk before his audition. They discuss how they had such a huge connection. Andrea tells Alex about the note Louis write her (which is copied from Alex) and what Louis had said about Alex and Jessica.

Cully comes to visit Louis and tells him that Cara's baby is Vincent's.