War - Recap

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Frank comes to visit Andrea and Alex on the set and tells them about Suzy’s confession. Andrea and frank plead with Alex to not retaliate against George on his own, and to let the law handle it. Alex tells them he has to confront George on his own, and Andrea decides to go with him.

In the hospital a doctor comes and tells Cara that her father didn’t make it. Cara, who is still dressed in her wedding dress covered in her father’s blood is devastated and cries in the arms of her friends.

In the waiting room at the hospital Marco and Lucio discuss Vincent. Vincent is next in line to take over the family, but after his display at the wedding they are not sure he still is.

After some surgery Vincent is stabilized. The doctor tells them he thinks Vincent will survive.

Lucio and Marco go out into the hospital parking lot and discuss Vincent. Marco thinks Vincent should take over the family, without a strong leader the other families will come after them.

Cara and her friend talk at Vincent’s bedside. Her friend suggests that since she is carrying Vincent’s baby and is Joey’s rightful heir that she should take over the family.

Alex comes to Bella and tells Peter that George played a part in Louis’s death. Alex plans on going and confronting George. Alex wants peter to join him, but Peter tells him that he thinks he should stay with Rita instead.

Victoria meets with her accountant and finds out that their fortune will be gone within months, she then decides to arrange a public auction of the restaurant in order to free up some funds.

Louis sells Cully’s wounds with a cigarette lighter, the two talk about now that Joey and Vincent are dead they may be able to simply live and not have to hide their identities.

Suzy stops by George’s house and tells him that she plans on testifying against him unless he gives her a large sum of money to disappear, or marries her. While she is there Alex and Andrea show up, and Victoria tells George to go to the study and get the gun. When George can’t find the gun he exits out the study window followed later by Victoria.

Frank shows up at George’s house just in time to hear Suzy deny knowing anything about George’s involvement with Louis’s death. Frank reminds Suzy that he recorded their conversation, Suzy unfazed leaves. Andrea decides that she is going to stay in the house that was stolen from right under her.